Hoaxteaders fail to grasp witchcraft child abuse

A couple of days ago we were amused to note that ‘Anonymous #OpHampstead’ had posted an article from the dreaded BBC, with the comment, “People like James Hind would rather you not read this…doh!” (James Hind, as many of you know, is the Facebook name of regular HR commenter Satanic Views).

We had to laugh at the article identified, though:

Anon OpHampstead-Jake Clarke-witchcraft 2016-05-18

In fact, alert readers might recall that this same article was discussed in our comments section a couple of days ago:

Child Witchcraft story 2016-05-18

Prophetic words indeed.

What is ‘witchcraft child abuse’?

The term ‘witchcraft child abuse’ doesn’t refer to deranged stories of children being abused by shadowy cults who eat babies and wear their skins on their feet while dancing with the skulls.

Rather, it’s a serious problem, stemming from a literal belief in witchcraft and spirit possession amongst certain faith communities. Children who are targetted as being ‘possessed by evil spirits’ have been beaten, had pepper rubbed in their eyes, been swung around by the feet to have the spirits driven out of them; some have been raped, threatened with death, or even killed and dismembered.

In a 2014 article in The Guardian, police noted a sharp increase in cases of religious or ritualistic abuse of children since 2004, when only 2 cases were reported; by contrast, in 2014, 30 cases had been reported.

The increase, said [DS Terry] Sharpe, who leads Project Violet, the Met’s response to concerns of faith-based ritual abuse, was the result of “mass migration and globalisation”. He added: “People bring their cultures and beliefs with them.”

Two of 27 such cases that were referred to the Metropolitan police involved children who claimed they were raped in attacks linked to witchcraft. One allegation involved a church pastor who was alleged to have swung a child around banging the youngster’s head to “drive out the devil”.

In recent years, the referrals have come mainly from the African Christian churches, he said, but they could involve other cultures and faith communities. “This morning we had a referral from the Muslim community” said Sharpe. “It is important that professionals are clear about the signs to look out for.”

In one case, a 15-year-old from Paris who was visiting relatives in London 2010, was murdered in horrific circumstances, after his sister and her boyfriend became convinced he was possessed by kindoki or evil spirits. Kristy Bamu’s case had echoes of the horrific torture and murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbié by her guardians in 2001, when they believed she was possessed by spirits, a case which led to big changes in child protection.

In 2015, according to the BBC article, 50 cases of child abuse cases involving witchcraft were reported.

The Musa Case

An early high-profile case was that of Bishop Gloria Musa and her husband Joseph, who had their 6 children removed from their care, and ultimately were jailed in 2012.

According to their eldest daughter, who dropped a letter out of her bedroom window in a last-ditch cry for help, “My mum is the worst mum ever because she can’t cope with five of us, her broken hand and being pregnant. She always leaves me out so I always starve and I am forced to work. If I don’t get enough house work done, I am beaten without mercy with the wooden end of a broom. I have scars all over me to prove it. I can’t stay here. I would like a new mum”. She also stated that her father had dangled her by her feet down the stairwell of the house, tied her hands behind her back and her legs together “to get the devilish spirits out”. She and her siblings showed investigators stick-shaped bruises on their bodies, and spoke of being left alone for hours, sometimes days, without food.

It might surprise some to realise that Gloria and Joseph Musa were championed by those crusading ‘children’s rights activists’, Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill. According to Sabine and Belinda, the Musas were deprived of their children for no discernible reason other than the malice of Haringey Council, and deserved to have them back forthwith.

Characteristically, in her blog dedicated to Gloria Musa, Sabine threw around allegations of child-snatching, jury-rigging, and human rights violations; but neither she nor Belinda showed any concern for the plight of the children, abused by parents who were convinced they were possessed by evil spirits.

So when ‘Anon OpHampstead’ tries to claim that “people like [us] would rather you not read” about witchcraft child abuse, we can’t help but laugh. If he or any of his Hoaxtead-pushing friends were honest with themselves, they’d see who is really afraid to address this issue.


Joseph and Gloria Musa; unknown; Brian Gerrish; Charlotte Ward; unknown; Belinda McKenzie; John Graham (Butlincat); Maurice Kirk. (2011)

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  1. Let me get this straight. You should always believe the children…..but not the Musa children? Is that right?

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  2. Ironic that they choose (or Jake does) a case that examples the very things we are fighting and twists it into the opposite of what is really happening. But then Jake really needs jumper leads to get his brain into action.
    There are great parallels here : the Hampstead hoaxers appear to be very extreme Christian fundamentalists just as these Witchcraft child abusers are.

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  3. An interesting photograph EC, again this was not an example of a successful case for McNeil and McKenzie. The parents were found guilty of awful examples of child abuse.

    Maurice Kirk who acted for the parents in the capacity of McKenzie friend was arrested during his involvement with the matter:


    PUBLISHED: 16:32, 14 August 2012 | UPDATED: 08:14, 15 August 2012

    Nigerian couple who beat their six children jailed after Coronation Street barmaid Michelle Collins gave evidence against them

    Couple beat their children with brooms, hoovers and wires, claiming they were possessed by evil spirits
    They gave their baby morphine overdose after her first birthday
    ‘I am beaten without mercy’, said an SOS note written by one of the children
    Parents alleged Miss Collins wanted to ‘steal’ their children
    ‘We are innocent, this is a miscarriage of justice’, screamed the couple as they left court

    Two cruel parents convicted of a decade long campaign of abuse against their six children were jailed for seven years each today.

    The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, were found guilty after Coronation Street star Michelle Collins gave evidence against them.

    They beat their children with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.

    Like a soap storyline: Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins took the children to the cinema ‘because she felt sorry for them’

    Five of the children were finally rescued after their eldest daughter threw a heart-wrenching SOS note out of a window.

    But it wasn’t until their one-year-old baby was given a morphine overdose over a year later that police reopened the case which led to their prosecution.

    The plight of the children was so bad that Miss Collins, who met them at a church lunch, took them to the cinema ‘because she felt sorry for them’.

    She gave evidence as a prosecution witness during the trial of the parents, both 40, who cannot be named to protect their six children.

    But the parents claimed they were victims of a conspiracy – and even alleged Miss Collins was involved in a witch hunt against them and wanted to ‘steal’ their children.
    One of the youngsters, a baby at the time, had been allowed to stay in the home despite the fact the five other children had to be rescued.

    Sentencing them to seven years behind bars each, Judge James Patrick described it as ‘shocking mistreatment’ that they had tried to cover up with a ‘web of deception’.
    Judge Patrick said: ‘No-one who sat through this trial could help but be moved by the fact that these intelligent, charming, fun, lovable children continue to love you despite what you put them through.’
    The married couple denied the allegations claiming they were victims of a racist witch-hunt but were found guilty of cruelty to a person under 16.
    They argued the children had been ‘brainwashed’ into making the allegations by the police, the council and Miss Collins who they said ‘wanted to steal’ them, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

    But Judge Patrick noted: ‘You alleged a conspiracy involving a well-known actress, who had done nothing but show your family generosity and kindness, a member of a housing charity, social workers and foster carers.
    ‘Those who had taken the trouble to support you were repeatedly accused of dishonesty, lying, and conspiracy to rob you of your children when the reality was that both of you were lying – in fact they ware simply seeking to give your children stability.’
    Baby P, a British 17-month old boy who died after suffering more than 50 injuries over an eight-month period
    Baby P, a British 17-month old boy who died after suffering more than 50 injuries over an eight-month period
    The abuse came to the attention of police in April 2010 when their nine-year-old wrote an SOS note and threw it out of her bedroom window.
    The heart-breaking plea read: ‘My mum is the worst mum ever because she can’t cope with five of us, her broken hand and being pregnant. She always leaves me out so I always starve and I am forced to work.
    ‘If I don’t get enough house work done, I am beaten without mercy with the wooden end of a broom. I have scars all over me to prove it. I can’t stay here. I would like a new mum.’
    It was found by a neighbour who called the police, and when officers attended the address they found the children living in messy conditions with ‘dirty’ and ‘dishevelled’ clothing.

    Revealing scars the eldest said her mother had hit her with a cable, a broom, and a hoover and her father had dangled her by her feet down the stairwell of the house, tied her hands behind her back and her legs together ‘to get the devilish spirits out’, prosecutor Emma Smith said.

    Her sister, who was seven at the time, had a stick shaped bruise of her thigh and after a few months in care, she drew a series of pictures showing her dad beating her and her being left home alone and including a speech bubble saying ‘I’m hungry.’

    Victoria Climbie, 8, died in a London hospital in 2000, having suffered months of horrific cruelty at the hands of her great-aunt

    The children were left home alone for hours, sometimes days on end, with the elder kids forced to look after the others.

    They had even been forced to lie to a charity and social services that they were living alone with their mother in one room and had no idea who their dad was so they could scam benefits.
    Even during the trial the eldest feared she had torn her family apart with her ‘devastating cry from the heart in the form of a letter which she threw from the window’, the judge noted.

    There was an investigation but no further action, and the five children remained in care until the parents once again came to police attention on 28 June last year, when they gave their baby an overdose.

    ‘But for the events of June 28 you would have gotten away with your crimes because of a merciful decision not to prosecute you’, Judge Patrick noted.
    The couple’s sixth child, a baby girl, was also initially taken into care but then returned to her parents. They took her to St Thomas’s Hospital just days after her first birthday last year.
    Without treatment she could have died but doctors managed to save the youngster, who it is believed was given morphine orally that morning.

    Jurors rejected the parents conspiracy theories.

    When they are released the face deportation back to Nigeria – despite pleas from their legal team that they have been ‘punished enough’ by having their children taken into care.
    As they left the court they wailed: ‘We are innocent, this is a miscarriage of justice.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188239/Nigerian-couple-beat-children-jailed-Coronation-Street-barmaid-Michelle-Collins-gave-evidence-them.html#ixzz4950ratrA

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  4. There are a number of backward practices coming into the UK from certain cultures, such as beliefs in witchcraft, demonic possession and female circumcision that will result in children being taken into care for their own safety, and people like Jake Clarke, Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie oppose that. The mentality of the people who believe in these things is trapped in the 17th century, and the Satan Hunter wishes our society to return to those backward times. Anyone who is born an albino in the cultures that believe in witchcraft are at immediate risk because the superstitious types want to kill them and use their body parts to ward off evil. A report of an albino who confronted a witch doctor dated 16 May 2016 via BBC.


    I have now twice referred the Facebook site that Jake Clarke runs Anonymous #OpHampstead to Facebook moderators – who have rejected my complaints. Jake Clarke is also paying for advertising to promote his abusive/harrassing site.

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  5. How heart breaking it is to read that letter from the little girl detailing her abuse and saying that she wished she could have a new mother. In my eyes her parents should also have been sterilised if the law allowed for it. So many awful things happening to defenceless children around the world, truly sickening.

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    • I agree, AF. I felt so sad reading the article. What those poor children suffered was inexcusable.
      Why does it not surprise me that Bellend and her buddies screamed “conspiracy” along with the parents and supported them? Truly shameful.

      As for Jake, he’s posted a link to something he hasn’t researched making himself look stupid (although he doesn’t have to try too hard on that..) I’m sure this post will be interesting reading for him… 😀

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  6. The parallels with Abraham’s abuse of RDs children is striking. Abraham also refers to RD as Tricky Demon, in true witch hunting fashion. The videos by Desmond During showing RD on the Victoria Derbyshire show, go as far as to try highlight actual possession.

    If only they used their energy and activism to highlight and expose problems like this in society. Instead they waste it on protecting the actual child abusers.

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    • Yes, exactly. It shouldn’t still astound me that these so-called ‘protectors of children’ seem to spend so much time protecting and apologising for the real child abusers, while casting blame on the innocent.


    • Abe’s take on the toothbrush incident was that the kids were some how Satanically influenced to do it and he was therefore justified in his violent reaction.

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  7. I hope that the toothbrush story was true as i like to believe that it shows the children still had some spirit and fight left inside them even after everything Abe and Ella put them through. This was the childrens one way they could think of for getting their own back on Abe.

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    • The daughter of RD had a strong fighting spirit, she suffered the worst of the torture and abuse as a result. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie forced the brother to persuade his sister to continue with the Satanic fantasy; the girl held out the longest and was the fastest to repudiate the claims when she felt safe to do so,

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    • On the other hand, Jake, I’ve lost count of the videos and screenshots that people have posted when I’d already posted them days before. I admit I can’t keep up at the moment due to work commitments and house-buying but it’s swings and roundabouts, innit.

      ~ Spiny Norman (currently posting under a pseudonym because everything I post is met with negative comments of some sort or another. Well, that worked out well!)


  8. Tracey Morris a blast from the past. Now getting donations via a friend, another person we know. This is for, as far as I can tell, her non existent charity Civil Rights Defenders.




    There is an actual NGO based somewhere called Civil Rights Defenders, but I don’t think that is the one meant.

    Tracey Morris DID have online accounts, but she used them for stuff like hurling abuse at a victim of rape, truly, and not the Hampstead case, and also got herself served with an injunction in relation to the Hampstead case.

    Why not be honest and say it is for travel to see people whose cases and lives she wants to poke her nose into?

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  9. Sorry I haven’t been around much, since I ascended to Cosmic Avatar of Good status. Who knew it was going to be meetings, meetings, meetings all the time – right? And at these meetings you have to suffer cosmic level bores like a 7-foot tall butterfly who complains that the crumpets aren’t toasted properly, and there’s tastier honey in the Centauri system, and drones on & on about Archon matrixes and the 72,000 sacred names for Gawd’s barber. I finally had to blast him to tiny bits with a holy meteror shower. He was back the next day – you can’t really kill imaginary beings of course. But you can put spells on them so their heads spin around perpetually, just like in The Exorcist! 🙂

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