Tracey Morris exposed by her own side


If you check Sabine’s Whistleblower blog, whence this comment came, you’ll see that Anon is one of Sabine’s regular sycophants. But not a fan of fellow rabid Hoaxteader Tracey Morris, it seems:


London = #ChildAbuse Capital of the World: trafficked by gangs, prey to pimps, #paedophiles and #murderers #ChildSnatchUK #PaedoBritain


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  1. What a ghastly person and even more so for jumping on the Ivan Geffen case, Dorset’s disgraceful attempt to fit up an innocent solicitor much hated by local police. I know the case very well from my time working with unions.

    Geffen was arrested in a blaze of publicity that may have been a forerunner for today’s sensational cases. The common talk among his thousands of local supporters who were the beneficiaries of his often free legal work was that one female complainant, under the threat of theft charges, was leaned upon by the cops to complain that Geffen had historically abused her.

    The police used maximum publicity when raiding Geffen’s house and made much of removing computer equipment, announcing that child pornography (innocent family photos) had been found. This matter was quietly dropped.

    Then began the police trawl for more ‘victims’, who eventually came forward after the police mentioned that compensation would be available.

    At Geffen’s trial the claimants’ evidence was gradually shredded, with most claims being proved to be impossible to have taken place as regards time, location etc. He was found not guilty of the majority of the allegations and prosecutors chose not to pursue the three remaining charges, which the jury could not agree on after the judge had roundly criticised the whole escapade.

    Whoever this Tracey Morris is, she is yet another of these ghastly false accusers who seem intent on building some sort of phoney career on not only falsely accusing innocent people (as in Hampstead) but also re-accusing those already found to be innocent.

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  2. Nasty mouth on her ….you have to feel incredibly sorry for her children. …After all there ARE genuine cases for the S’S taking children to safety. ..and Tracey Morriss’s children have to be high on the list for being at risk.

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  3. What do you think of Abe and Ella’s latest interview, Scarlet? Yet more conspiracy babbling!!!! LOL!
    I’ve heard them mention the children once!.. and it was only to say that the children are “scared” at the thought of having to live with their Father! What a load of tosh. This couple are evil through and through.
    The vitriol they’re spouting about Sabine and Belinda too…pfft! Nobody should touch Abe and Ella with a barge-pole! They turn against everyone in the end. The entire interview is laughable.

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  4. Abe and Ella can be judged by their actions, which is they are inviting braindead slaves to join their twisted cause, be used and abused, then when no longer needed, thrown under a bus. Abe and Ella should come with a health and safety warning, because like fire they burn anyone they come into contact with. There will always be dumbos who will answer their crusade, some who will end up in jail based on a fantasy that those two drug-addled idiots have spun.

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  5. They may well be scared. They haven’t lived with him for a long time. I hope they’ve settled with their foster carer but their lives have been through awful upheaval and another move may be scary for them even if it is to their father. They have had some awful stuff about their father put in their heads. That must be hard for them to deal with. The conflict between their parents is long standing. They are just little children. I also bet they even miss their mum, even if it is just a little, sometimes. They’ve had to move from all that is familiar, school, friends, home, family through no fault of their own. I would be surprised if they weren’t scared. I imagine they have some very skilled people working with them to resolve this and address their fears, slowly slowly. So heartbreaking for them.

    That Ella sees their fear as proof their father is bad rather than the result of her actions is the problem.

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  6. Hard to listen to it without concluding that Abe is mentally ill. He’s seriously paranoid and deluded and extremely manipulative. And Ella’s not brainwashed by him, she’s in it up to her neck. And did you see how that annoying American couple swallow everything they say as fact, without question? Like human foetuses being a delicacy in China! It’s so depressing to think we’re the same species as these idiots, isn’t it.

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  7. Is she in touch with the children then?.. I mean, how was she even aware they were scared?

    I’m sure they wouldn’t be scared. They said on video their Dad was was lovely to them. I would think they would be happy to be leaving foster care to be with their Dad at last. The past year has been dreadful for them and all caused by Ella and Abraham.

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  8. He was not innocent. He was just not found guilty. I speak as someone who was abused by him but unaware of the brave people who spoke up until recently. He most definitely was interested in grooming poorer families with children and then abusing or attempting to abuse young girls. I KNOW this is the truth because I know this happened to me. I have no interest in compensation, but I do wish his victims had seen justice before his death.


  9. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences.

    The issue I have is not about what this man has done, but actually about Tracey’s claims about her role in this man’s prosecution. I have posted elsewhere about this.

    I certainly do believe that it was possible he was acquitted but was still in fact an abuser. And I’ve said so before.

    I commented here about Tracey Morris, if you wish to look.

    If you know Tracey Morris did in fact bring Ivan Geffen down. Please tell me. At the moment I believe she just makes stuff up. You can see why I think that on the comments.

    Thank you for visiting us.

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