Tracey Morris reveals the truth about Abe…and herself


This was posted by Ella on several TGR video comment pages today. We believe them to be tweets. I’ve highlighted the most revealing parts, namely Tracey saying that Ella should have had RD assassinated by the Russian Mafia (!!!) and explaining how Abe brainwashed Ella and abused the children while Ella stood by and watched!

Belinda Mckenzies new spokesperson [Tracey Morris], currently staying at Belinda’s house on the run from Irish authorities with her children…

Tracey Morris:

  • Abe did not sexually abuse these kids but he did physically, emotionally, and  
  • Pyscologigally abuse them wile Ella stood by and let him.
  • Ella will never get her children back even if she came back, as for Abe if he puts foot on British soil. He will go straight to prisons he wil be charged with the abuse of the kids and it’s only when or if he got to trial.
  • That’s why she will never get her kids back and she knows it.
  • If they had of took them kids to the Russian Mafia when they recorded the videos and handed it over to them
  • Then this just wouldn’t be happening today
  • It was Abe who master minded all of this he thought he was being smart at that time
  • Little did he know he was digging all their graves but he very quickly found that out and that’s why he has brain washed Ella
  • in his selfish eyes if he can’t come back he will make sure she doesn’t either
  • If Ella can’t come back here alone and tell her story as well as fk him right off and see it’s his fault she will never see her
  • Kids again then she deserves all she gets, but if she dares to come on radio stations to cry about it she will be sorry
  • Yes this is all true he has brain washed her u can see that she is a easy target thats why ricky was with her-


  • Yes this is all true he has brain washed her u can see that she is a easy target thats why ricky was with her

Tracey Morris:

  • If their mother had of took them to her own country with the videos and went to the Russian Mafia instead of listening to Abe
  • They would all still be together and the Russians would of dealt with dearman and his cult and Ella knows that

It’s also intriguing that Ella wants us to know about this stuff. Is she finally starting to see through her abusive, manipulative boyfriend? If so, well done to those among you who actually predicted that some months ago 🙂

In the meantime, these tweets confirm our suspicions about Tracey Morris being dangerous (based on her “We’re coming to get you” rant). She’s on the run from the authorities and believes that Ella should have had RD bumped off by Russian mobsters? Nice lady, eh! And fully supported by Belinda McKenzie, of course.


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36 thoughts on “Tracey Morris reveals the truth about Abe…and herself

  1. We were all saying this ages and ages ago…Abe is an abusive disgusting creep and Ella is only just finding out ???!!! We told you so, what about the numbskulls that insist that Abe is not an abuser, EGG ON FACE TIME


  2. Tracey, I am shocked and disgusted…Your spelling is a fucking disgrace! “Pyscologigally”? WDF?!


    • LOL, I was going to remark on that too! I’ve been sitting here chuckling about it.

      But on a more serious note, why is Ella doing this now? Especially with the court case in progress, does she not see that she’s shitting in her own nest?


      • I’m wondering that too.. seems strange she would be posting this all over videos. Hmm…changes afoot? Interesting.


  3. I haven’t seen reports on Abe & Ella but I believe they may be quite damning Bottom line here
    Those children where sexually abused & there is a medical report to prove it & I don’t think any are saying Abe is responsible for that
    & all the people involved are asking for is this report to be examined & accepted as evidence & a criminal inquiry to take place & if the children are proved to be telling truth there would be very few who would say Rricky Dearman shouldn’t be shot in the head but I would be one of them, preferring to see a long drawn out death in a lonely prison cell if he is found guilty & my mind is set & only a proper investigation will change it
    The children are telling the truth & even in the boys retraction you could see that he couldn’t lie & it was torture to watch it !!!


    • @Door2Door
      That crap about the medical report is getting old now.

      Firstly, the report has been discredited by a whole load of independent medical experts.

      Secondly, it categorically does not confirm abuse. It confirms minor anal scarring, which can be caused by various innocent factors, e.g. constipation. Remember, we’re talking about kids who claimed they’d been arse-raped hundreds of times a week for years. Minor anal scarring? Pffft.

      Thirdly, how does any of this prove that an entire school shuts down once a week for an orgy without ever getting caught and that thousands of babies have been cooked and eaten at a busy branch of McDonald’s?

      As for no one saying that Abe physically abused his kids, he admitted that himself, several times. Belinda and others have also mentioned it. You even admit it yourself when you say the kids are telling the truth, as they have categorically stated that Abraham beat them, kicked them, threw the against walls, subjected them to semi-naked water torture and threatened to murder them. Perhaps you should listen to the children instead of trying to defend their abuser.

      And as for your veiled, ambiguous death threat to RD, you should be very careful, as the Police already know who you are. What’s the weather like in Gateshead tonight, by the way, James McMenamin?
      IP address =


      • Hot & sunny in Gateshead today bud
        As for the police, I’m not worried by them as I’ve nothing to hide
        I used my own name & posted my picture & location so I’m hiding from no one
        As you said, the medical report is old now & still can’t understand why the police ignore it & I think you’ll find the anal scarring is more substantial than you would like to let on & it would appear that’s why the authorities refuse to acknowledge it
        The only crime I’ve committed is to believe the children & I haven’t disputed that Abe has physically abused the children & depending to what extent he should be intervied & charged if he’s found guilty & Ella too for that matter & all the emotional abuse that would have to happen if the story is proved to have been coached, I’d certainly jail them but without a proper investigation we’re back to he said she said & that’s just not good enough with these aligations being so serious
        I’ve been calling on Ella & Abe to return & prove this isn’t a hoax by their conviction to stand up & face down all the lies, if lies they be
        The longer they stay away the more conviction that gives the sceptics & naysayers & if I thought it was a hoax I’d also see their absence as a sign of guilt because the fear of going to prison doesn’t wash with me when so much rests on this
        So if you’re reading this Ella & Abe
        It’s better to stand in the light for a minute than to hide in the dark for eternity


          • The only proof is the testimony of the two children
            & it’s mad to think that still to this day children are still being ignored when making these serious aligations
            It’s actually against the law to ignore the children’s claims & there will also have to be yet anther ivestigation into @MetPolice & their rufusal to fully investigate crimes of sexual abuse against children “period”


        • James, please tell me why you believe the children regarding the claims of SRA, but choose NOT to believe the children’s retractions, when they admitted that Abe had told them what to say?
          Does your belief lie in the medical reports? Which, I may add do not show signs of repeated sexual abuse as the children claimed.


      • If the Trout is OTR (on the run) from her (clearly) native north of Ireland ,then you DID think to call the PSNI on 02890650222 and help them out as to her forwarding address ,(care of Bellenders Basement ) DIDNT YOU???


        • Mate, she’s been served an injunction. The Police are perfectly aware of where she is.

          Listen, I appreciate your spirit and can even turn a blind eye to the aggressive way you asked that question but you’re making a lot of very basic errors tonight and posting a lot of misleading information (Chris Spivey being Danielle la Verité’s father, for instance!). With all due respect, may I ask that you go and bone up on the basics of this case before commenting? Thank you 🙂


    • Do you not think a ‘fact finding hearing’ is an investigation? Why do you make assumptions, when you were not able to see or hear all the evidence within that investigation? For example, if you heard evidence which conclusively proved time and time again that the mother is a liar and fantasist, and repeatedly falsely accused her former partner RD in the past, ie that she has form for this kind of thing, and that other professionals were already aware of this long ago, would that change your mind? What you know is a sliver of the whole story, and one that is completely biased. What do you think you might think if the other side, RD, were to have no morals, ethics, law abiding qualities,and released all that evidence in order to set the balance straight? But he hasn’t, because he has qualities that are important for the well being of a child, ie good impulse control, reasoning, forgiveness, patience. What if he released all the information and evidence that he has available? Where would that leave his kids? Without him! It is a very difficult position to be in, to be lied about but to have to swallow that because you actually love and care for your children and want the best for them. Think about that.


      • As I’ve said, I would certainly charge Ella & Abe if that’s where the evidence goes
        But I certainly wouldn’t be saying there is no evidence because if the put RD on trial on the children’s testimony alone
        “Go to jail, go directly to jail” & stay there for the rest of your days & many go to jail on a lot more shakey testimonies than A&G’s


  4. “•If they had of took them kids to the Russian Mafia when they recorded the videos and handed it over to them •Then this just wouldn’t be happening today”…

    HOLY CRAP !!
    Can there really be a person this dangerously naive?
    “Blue Orchid” was only oned of several child pornography rings runs by the russian mafia, between 1990 and 2005. The blue orchid creeps actually traveled around stealing little boys out of orphanages – at gunpoint if necessary – that they fancied for their “stable”. All of the boys in their videos were also for sale to their pedo customers in other nations.

    Take the kids to the Russian mob – and all of the child sex abuse accusations would really have come true.

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  5. @DoorToDoor (James McMenamin)

    So you listened to the children when they reracted their statements and told of Abraham’s abuse, then? Oh wait – no you didn’t, because you were too busy defending their abuser.


    • I listened way too long to the police trying to turn him & if that was my son being interviewed & having his claims dismissed & his mind being toyed with
      I would’ve kicked that door in & destroyed that policeman & showed the video of him torturing my some & claim justification for my actions
      Be interesting to know what any child psychologist would make of the interview
      The BBC would’ve been better to that than waste their time ask Ricky if he’s guilty of not & Victoria Derbyshire will also have some explaining to do if the children are proved to be telling the truth
      I’m sick of all the bollox but unless Ella & Abe get back here, I’m affraid that your version of events will probably win the day but none will know what really happend, apart from those personally involved & so far only A & G seem like honest brokers


      • You’d have “kicked the door in and destroyed that policeman”?! Right, that’s it – you’ve now used up your death threat quota on here, McMenamin. You’re blocked, me old son.


        • Thanks Scarlet!
          Seems a good time to remind people, that North American truther-loonies have morphed into cop-killing domestic terrorists:

          Link 1

          Link 2

          Link 3

          So, anything that smacks of being a death-threat aimed at police should be reported to your local constabulary. Could be a joke, could be false bravado, but maybe you save someone’s life by reporting it.

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          • Thanks, Justin. We’re in regular contact with the Police and the task force also read this blog for info’ 🙂


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  9. Ella was warned by me about aby he also beat and did the same thing to my family but this time I hope he does not get away with it I wrote her an email telling her to keep away from him and told her he was a dangerous man and she still took her children on holiday with him she does not deserve her kids back


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