Belinda addresses Democrats & Veterans Party conference

Many thanks to the kind anonymous reader who sent us this gem: an unlisted video of Belinda McKenzie’s closing address at the recent party conference of the Diarrhoea and Vomiting Democrats and Veterans Party, held 14–15 September in Barnsley.

We recently noted Belinda’s presence at the conference, as she introduced ex-police officer Jon Wedger to the podium. At that time we wondered what role, if any, Belinda was playing in the newly spawned party; in this video she (more or less) explains all.

The video is a veritable cavalcade of jaw-droppery.

‘A political party with real teeth’

What I particularly liked [about the D&V Party] were two things: direct democracy, and the other one is the fighting element of this party. Because I regard us as at war. I’m at war, anyway. And I’m fighting for the children, and our future. And so we need a political party with real teeth, to save our nation…

One has the sense that she is not speaking in metaphors here.

‘It doesn’t matter what I say…’

Noting that she was “usually on the streets with a megaphone”, and that her rants were usually blown away into the wind, so “everything I say blows away in the wind and never gets heard by anybody, so it doesn’t matter what I say”, she said that she’d initially dithered over whether to accept this opportunity for a more public platform, where her words would presumably be not only noticed, but recorded for posterity.

We’d take issue with Belinda’s belief that her words don’t matter. In fact, we can think of a particular community and many individuals whose lives have been altered significantly by Belinda’s words, whether spoken by herself or by her minions.

‘I started my life as a small child…’

I am absolutely against child abuse, that’s the number one thing in my life. 

I started my life as a small child [Unlike all the other people in the world?—Editor] detesting cruelty, and detesting injustice in about equal proportion, because I couldn’t stand it….It just didn’t feel right….

I was so bothered by the cruelty that I decided to read Japanese at Oxford University. 

When we regained consciousness, we replayed this bit and discovered that Belinda had been so perplexed by the “cruelty of the Japanese” during the Second World War that she felt she had to delve into that language and culture. She does not reveal what, if anything, she discovered.

We’ll just leave that hanging, and let you make of it what you will.

The loneliness of the long-winded ‘activist’

Belinda continued to riff on the topic of child abuse:

A baby is the most disabled citizen in our society, with apologies to the disabled community, because the disability is right throughout its body. It’s tiny, it’s got no speech, it’s got no—apart from crying—way of communicating, it can’t walk, it can’t fight, it can’t do anything!

It’s completely and utterly helpless. And yet babies are abused. And that’s an abomination. And trying to get inside the mind of a baby as it’s suffering the kind of experiences that too many of them in our world suffer has been the cause of many sleepless nights and much agony. 

In a sudden about-face, she pointed out that her online reputation would appear to preclude her from pursuing her life-long passion for child protection:

I am a charity scammer. I am an MI5—secret MI5 closet agent, undermining the alternative community. I am a paedophile protector because I stood up once or twice for people who are accused of being paedophiles, when they absolutely assured me they weren’t. 

In point of fact, Belinda’s paedophile friends weren’t merely accused, they were convicted. But if they “absolutely assured” her that they weren’t, well, that’s a different matter. Obviously.

Belinda admits that she caught flak not only from the public, but from her family for inviting her paedophile friends to her home. To which she responded that she had not been satisfied with the level of scrutiny at what they had done.

Makes perfect sense to us: why trust a police investigations and court judgment, when the convicted person is willing to “absolutely assure” her of their innocence?

Despite the fact that Brian Pead, the “Lambeth Whistle-blower” was caught red-handed, Belinda remains convinced that he is a “very noble and decent man”.

Iran Aid: Rewriting history

In this version of Belinda’s career as a campaigner, she claims that after she retired, she knew she wanted to do something to counter cruelty against children.

So there was a charity up the road from me, and it was an Iranian children’s charity, and it was looking after children who were victims of the murderous Iranian regime. …

Apart from the campaign to save the Iranian charity, which then led me into a campaign to try to get the Charity Commission to use its powers more reasonably and more charitably, and more proportionately towards charities, and I headed up a little group called the Association for Charities. 

Not only does she fail to actually name it, but Belinda manages to reduce her involvement in the highly questionable Iran Aid “charity” to a single phrase: “Apart from the campaign to save the Iranian charity…”

Well-played, Belinda. Very well-played.

The Scottish hoax

Similarly, she managed to get through a description of the Hollie Greig hoax without naming it, in order to avoid running afoul of any court injunctions.

However, those familiar with the case might choke a bit at her description:

A very brave gentleman called Robert Green was suddenly arrested on the street for being about to—he hadn’t actually got to the leafletting part—but being about to start leafletting in the centre of Aberdeen, on 12 February, 2010, on the subject of paedophile rings in the locality. 

Belinda conveniently managed to omit the fact that the leaflets Robert Green was about to distribute in certain neighbourhoods of the city contained names and personal information of people who’d been falsely accused by the mother of a young woman with Down syndrome. And the neighbourhoods he was targeting were the neighbourhoods in which those people lived.

So gosh, no, no idea why he might have been arrested for doing such a thing.

Belinda gets befuddled

Belinda gets a bit muddled around the issue of the Elm Guest house:

There was the Elm Guest House inquiry, and a witness there, a guy called Nick, that in the course of the abuse that he suffered at the hands of a certain MP, Harvey Procter, I think it was, he’d not only been gang-raped by these men, but he’d also had to lie on a table, he had knives go through his arms as he lay, and then the men got on the table and gang-raped him. So it’s the sadistic element sometimes that sticks in your throat and your mind. …

The worst of it is that I think he’s now been sent to prison for giving false evidence.

Not even close, Belinda: “Nick” was not involved in the Elm Guest House allegations.

And as far as we know, his court cases are currently sub judice, no sentence having been reached. We have heard rumours that he is no longer in this country, but that is all.

‘Not everyone reading this is human’

Belinda treats us to the theory of the Nephilim, “as reported in Genesis”, who were clearly from another planet or star or something, and started “mixing their genes with ours….This was Cro-Magnon, maybe Neanderthal…”

So…did the Book of Genesis take place in Europe, then? Because so far as we know, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal were the first known European examples of the Homo sapiens.

Never mind, she glosses over it and launches into her theory of paedophilia, which she describes as “cultural, and I think politically cultural”:

Paedophilia and…sodomy are politically convenient….It’s a tool of blackmail, it’s a resource for blackmail, and it’s also a way of creating a particular kind of political class. Because what happens when a child is sodomised, and particularly a young child? 

She breaks off to assure us that she does have some “very nice homosexual friends”, so don’t worry, she’s not homophobic or anything. Phew, we were getting concerned for a moment there.

‘The umbilic region of the brain…’

When a small child is sodomised, it is a very painful, acutely painful experience. And when the acute pain of that traumatic experience happens, something happens lower down the spine…

(Oh dear God, she’s not going into Abraham Christie’s mystical magickal bum-f*ck theory again, is she?)

…and some people have described that it’s like a sort of lightning storm in the brain, flashing lights, and the trauma is so great, something happens in the brain. And I think that’s the whole point of it, because what then happens is that some of the brain’s centres sort of…blow a fuse. 

And particularly this very delicate one, this umbilic region in the centre of the brain, where the emotions and the feelings are centred. Whereas the intellectual, the memory and the calculation and all those faculties are all on the outside…

The what region of the brain? The umbilic region? Is that anywhere near Shatner’s bassoon?

In any case, Belinda contends, stimulation of the umbilic region represents an attack on the victim’s ability to empathise and experience feelings like a normal person. Then, these people with their damaged umbilic regions feel compelled to anally rape children in order to restore their own feelings of self-esteem, which is how child sexual abuse is passed down through the generations.

“Emotional feelings are shut down, self-esteem is damaged, but the intellectual faculties are enhanced,” by anal rape, Belinda says. “Paedophilia, buggery, and child torture are somehow fundamental to political life in this country”.


We wonder whether Belinda has ever run this interesting theory past her ex-husband, who we believe is a psychiatrist. Or perhaps she already has, which might help explain the “ex-” part.

Big round of applause for Belinda, everybody!

In any case, shortly after these fascinating revelations, she was given…we don’t want to call it the bum’s rush, for obvious reasons. The vaudeville hook? A whispered invitation to wind up her speech and let these nice people go home?

She goes, but not without a mention of her short-lived “Children’s Party”: she admits that she got “absolutely nowhere with it” and says that she was “in the clouds”, imagining that she could start a real political party.

Wait, was that a quick flash of self-awareness we just saw? Blink and you’ll miss it.

Belinda ends by noting that children have no political power, and so “I’m rather hoping that DVD…er, not DVD, DVP! will be a vehicle, whereby their voice could be better heard in society, and I’d like to be part of that”.

Wild applause and sighs of relief all round. Belinda McKenzie 2018-10-02

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  1. the theory of the Nephilim, “as reported in Genesis”, who were clearly from another planet or star or something, and started “mixing their genes with ours….This was Cro-Magnon, maybe Neanderthal…”

    The Star People invaders used their genesplicing technology to breed a hybrid race – the Nephilim / Neanderthals – to act as overseers and keep the Cro-Magnon labour force properly subjugated.
    I am not making this up.

    The overlap between this theory and L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth” is merely coincidental.

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  2. The eyes- those “windows to the soul”. She’s f*cking bonkers. No wonder she identifies with Robert Green. He has the same madness in his eyes. Unlike some who are just probably in it for the cash (without mentioning names although Angela comes to mind).
    Why would anyone even bother to start a political party in the UK?. You need £multi-millions. And it’s not like, say Australia where even if you lose but get a small but reasonable vote you get about $3 per vote thus it’s worth it to keep pounding away.

    It’s all a past-time for these people. They go from one fantasy to another. If it’s not “McKenzie Friends” or a children’s “charity” it’s now a political party for children. And Mr. Wedger is now a fully paid-up member of the Fruitloop Mob. I’m over him already.

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      • I didn’t listen to her speech but as always relied on EC’s superb report. Did she say that?. I must be psychic then. But her eyes blaze with that madness.


      • Right that`s it Rhys Oakes and this blog. I am not at all happy about this at all.Well I was happy at first because apparently no news is good news,even very bad news is good news ,well not even very bad news actually because sometimes even slightly bad news or bits of news that are not even actually actual news at all because you imagined them or made them up to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend apparently not that I want a boyfriend because i`m not like that.I just want to be very,very clear about that.OK?

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  3. Great write-up, EC. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry watching that video (especially the alien woo-woo stuff, the wriggling over Iran Aid, Holliehoax and her associations with convicted child abusers).

    By the way, I can think of quite a few Hampstead residents who also “absolutely assured” Belinda of their innocence but for some reason it didn’t seem to matter in their case 🙄

    Anyway, kudos to the DVP organiser who effectively told her to get the f*ck off the stage after 26 minutes. Mark Steele was allowed to speak for 40 minutes, John Rees Evans for 39 and William Keyte for 58. Take a hint, Belinda 😏

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  4. At war. fighting for the children. fighting so they can be given enemas and put on extreme diets and kicked and hit with spoons. fighting for convicted childmolesters to be running foundations. fighting for the wrong uns. Nasty piece of work.

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  5. 4:49 – I think this has been mentioned before but there are serious questions around why she allowed a convicted paedophile to stay in her home when she had a vulnerable learning-disabled daughter for whom she had a duty of care.

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  6. 11:29 – “…the Down syndrome young woman, quite well known name, but again the campaign has been shut down so I can’t mention her name, you know, there’s a court order, although…it wouldn’t take you very long to find it on the internet if you Googled ‘Aberdeen’ and ‘paedophilia’.”

    Ooh, you nasty old woman, Belinda.

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  7. I nodded off listening to her but yeah, I thought the same TR, with all her talk of safeguarding children, she put her vulnerable daughter in danger plus wanted one of her wacky friends to ‘cure’ her with something, can’t quite remember who, but I remember we discussed it before.

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  8. On a slightly different topic i bought 4 paperbacks of Enid Blyton’s famous five books yesterday. lots of queer goings on in caves and underground caverns. not to mention the gypsys in their smelly caravans or unshaven coves in dirty boats. i expect there’s a satanic element if you read between the lines.

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    • Were these old copies?. I read every one as a kid and loved them. Didn’t French & Saunders and some others do a mad send-up of them?. You know lots of lettuce sandwiches with lashings of butter and so on. There was always a rather creepy old uncle type wasn’t there doing something in those caves. Usually smuggling. Or was that code for something else?.

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        • I say, you’re rather well developed for a ten year old.

          give me some chocolate cake and ginger beer old woman.

          that man’s foreign. i expect his name’s golliwog or tarzan. we’d better call the police.

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      • They’re seventies paperbacks and rather nasty editions so fifty pence each, to charity, is a fair price. i couldn’t justify the cost of vintage works. these are fine for reading. they have covers based on the tv show. the five go mad shows were the work of the comic strip presents. for some reason i imagine belinda being like that as a child. I was watching the comic strip stuff recently and the five go mad ones really amused me. so when i saw the Blytons i grabbed them.

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        • Gawd they were really racist. A bit like Midsomer Murders with no black people in the villages. I always imagined I was one of them. Probably Anne.
          Loved the Aunt Fanny character who was just like Diana Dors. That film isn’t an exaggeration-it’s just like books.

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          • I went back and bought two more and two of the modern spoofs. she wrote loads. 21 famous five and dozens of similar ones by the looks of it. i heard old Enid was a thoroughly wretched woman who hated kids almost as much as foreigner and gypsys.

            i wonder if this could be the germ of a concept for a spoof i could do on a blog. five go to hampstead.

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          • Really Grobnob, you think you could write stranger fiction than the Hampstead truth?

            Good luck with that, you are going to need a ton of very good drugs.

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        • Five go on mad on the Heath could be a good way to bring the case to a wider audience and show it from a child’s perspective with lashings of ginger beer and the nasty foreigners ella and abraham sent to prison along with the wicked aunts. it’s high time these queer goings on were dealt with by plucky middle class children who are provenly more capable than the police.

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  9. it seems that Cat’s blog is coming back, albeit on a different platform, because “WordPress are cunts”. Not sure what WordPress has done to provoke her ire – she can’t be arsed to explain – but let’s just say it’s satisfying to hear 🙂

    By the way, check out Cat’s whinge about trolls knocking her blog stats down at 5:48 😂

    Oh and try not to laugh/cry/move to the Moon at 8:02, when she says – and I quote – “I’ve pretty much conquered the World with my blog.” 🙄

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    • If conquering the world is the same as wendy jean-charles’ landmark legal victory and robert green’s nobel prize then it’s hardly unprecidented as they’re a notorious pack of liars.

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      • Plus I hope Cat cleared that claim with Seven before announcing it, seeing as Seven created the World and holds the intellectual rights to it.

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          • You didn’t invent bank robberies though as I previously explained were the result of an ancestor of mine being shot dead in the early 1800s in Ireland when he was being held up ( you cannot find any records of bank hold-ups before then).
            All rights to bank fraud belong to me and not only that, I believe his ancestors probably invented banks and the copyright was stolen by the Rothschilds. Hence it’s true that there is a direct link between the Kray Twins, the Rothschilds and Jimmy Savile.

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    • I don’t know why she bothers with her ghastly blog or inept attempts at making videos. she’s got nothing to say and barely any capability to say it. the only purpose she serves is as a laughing stock when she goes from one failure to the next. she’s the most incompetent fool you could imagine, aside from her dim witted cousin. last i saw she’d marked it as private to avoid us lot sniggering at it.

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  10. 9:27 – “Well, of course the Nuremberg trials really made it illegal to wage war at all.”

    Hmm. Not really

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  11. 2 Oct 2018 8pm: At stolen home at 3 Peel Drive, IG5 0JR, UK – We finally got access to my son’s motorbike, only to find it smashed up, tyres and seats slashed, wing mirrors and wind shield hammered, wires and cables cut –
    And this is despite being charged over £60,000 for the man and van and dog security services 24/7 since 20th July 2018 to 14 September 2018 – who claim they have no idea how all this happened to the motorbike in the locked brick shed that had the door stolen by Clearway Services to be replaced with metal shutters (Clearway claim to secure unsecured buildings but were seen battering my front door with a battering ram on 9th jan 2018… is anyone or anything safe in the UK????

    Here is the proof the bike was intact on 20th July 2018 at 6am at 17min 47sec /watch?v=jdgm19R784M

    when 22 thugs forced entry to steal my home and destroy the contents in a ruin fraud against the Mass Remedy Process in a Power Boast by the Corrupt officers in UK State, UK Law Courts & UK Parliament — at Neelu Berry & London Office of Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis.

    Police REFUSED to come in CAD7026 (or4) of 02 Oct 2018 8pm saying there is “no injury to life or limb”
    is anyone or anything safe in the UK????

    Then I bumped into my Councillor Gurdial Bhamra in Tesco at 8.30 pm and I asked him what he did for me over the last 18 years when I told him of the State Terrorism against me and my family by Redbridge Council ultimately resulting in the theft of my home on 20th July 2018, whilst he, an ex Police Officer has done nothing but make things worse
    to which he said
    “What has your lawyer [Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis] done for you?” – whom he met when he dropped leaflets through my door with his daughter as the next MP for Redbridge
    I said, “Oh he is sorting it out with Teresa May”
    I then gave him formal Notice of his personal Liability in the theft of my home –
    to which he replied
    “Have you told your MP?”
    to which I replied,
    “oh, Wes Streeting, you tell him, he has personal liability, he is your runner boy, you are the Mason”
    to which he said smilingly
    “I can assure you I am not one of those” to which I replied “Oh, you don’t get to be the Mayor of Redbridge unless you are a member of a secret society”
    at which point he burst into laughter and hurriedly walked away… I told him “Oh you want your daughter to be the MP for Redbridge whilst you are a Treasonous Criminal”.

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      • Actually, the bike does appear to be intact in her eviction video-or at least the windscreen is. It’s not beyond the realms of possibilities that someone has trashed it deliberately by the look of the damage.
        Another reason not to be so rude to everyone who is occupying the property.

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    • I then gave him formal Notice of his personal Liability …
      “oh, Wes Streeting, you tell him, he has personal liability

      Is there anyone whom Garbage Lady hasn’t assigned Personal Liability for bad things happening to her? Other than herself, of course.

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      • She’s like Responsibility Oprah. “You get a Personal Liability, and you get a Personal Liability, and you get a Personal Liability…”

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    • It’s unfortunate that his bike is damaged but you have to think he was ill-advised to leave it there when all the drama was happening. Why didn’t he take it on the day of eviction?. Does he believe Neelu’s Nonsense?. Not another generation?. What a nightmare for the local councilors.

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      • Case law still implies a duty of care, but determined on a case by case basis. It would absolutely be arguable that the bike should have been moved but if she’s lucky she may be able to get a few grand knocked off the fees she is being charged in compensation because at this stage it’s not really worth the time to argue about it.

        But in answer to your queer about whether her son believes her nonsense, I refer you to: “It’s family sabotage, to make my son, obviously, upset with me about what’s going on.” Clearly he’s started to have a go at her for her stupidity.

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      • They should get compensation if the bike has been damaged in storage. But … it didn’t need to get like this. So many opportunities to avoid all of this nonsense and all of them rejected in favour of this ludicrous carry on. 😦

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    • It would be interesting to see if they were accompanied when they opened the shed, not that I am saying she would do it herself buuutttt…..
      Well yes I am, she is that nuts, and she is imho certainly capable of doing something like that in her vendetta against the police, the courts, the government, the courts, the security company- basically everyone and anyone….
      Even if she didn’t, I have no doubt that she is loved and adored by her neighbours…. coughs, no sorry, can’t keep a straight face anymore- I have no doubt that anyone could have done it, and despite the fact that I don’t like that it was done (poor innocent bike cant help it- it was BIKENAPPED!!!) the people she accused (security company and the bank) are actually the ones least likely to have done it, they have their livelihood to maintain, and any security person caught doing that would lose their job on the spot….
      Where the number of people she has accused, annoyed, berated, belittled (well you get the idea, I don’t want to go to Z lol) is probably in the thousands by now, certainly her neighbours must be well and truly sick of her and her shenanigans by now… probably hoped the sale of the house would restore some normalcy to their street- no more towtrucks, no more bailiffs, no more police cars, no more police…. BLISS!

      Unfortunately she is STILL insisting its her home, no neelu, it is not- the bank took repossession, it went to auction and was sold- it has an actual owner now-, and that person is NOT YOU….
      So I have no doubt that there will be at least a few more visits by the police before the new owner gets a restraining order on her…

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        • I know some are suggesting that she’s a nut but she has nothing to gain from damaging the bike either. If it was to discredit the security guards then far less but repairable damage like just slashing the tyres would have been sufficient.

          I think this is a case of Occam’s razor slashing the bike 😊. It was sat there all through the summer and has all the hallmarks of vandals breaking in and not being able to remove the bike, so they trashed it instead.

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      • Stands to reason.
        Norman was a YUGGE star in Albania, home of the Shtriga, a type of Albanian vampiric Witch : “a shtriga feeds on the life essence of a person and can feed on anyone, however they prefer THE YOUNG”
        Mr. Wisdom obviously sold his soul very early on for fame and feasted on the occasional bub after Satanic Orgies on Hampstead Heath (probably with Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath..clue: how do you think Ted got the name HEATH !…think about it).

        #Nursie says I must put my straight jacket back on. Satanic bitch.

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  13. A lot of people are scared of the possibility of an AI ‘taking over the world’ and hold up things like google and facebook’s algorithms as showing how advanced they are…

    Yet I continually get things like this

    where a human would quickly recognise that I consider them the scum of the earth, facebook thinks I would want him as a ‘friend’…

    AI has a loooong way to go…
    Thank dog

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    • Steved
      I get the same kind of thing. If you research cults and grifters you will receive recommendations based on what you have watched previously. It can actually be helpful sometimes in terms of identifying links between apparently disconnected cults or other businesses. Sometimes I have discovered important links by following recommendations and then looking for nodes and connections between the recommended material and the stuff I am already studying.

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  14. John Rees-Evans has said he’s been to various places (including Africa?) to raise money for the DV Party. I wonder if making some nice donations gets you a platform at their meetings/conferences to spout rubbish. Just a thought.

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  15. Did we see the bike in it’s damaged condition?
    Or could it be another cause of terminological inexactitude from Neelu? Remember her line about being covered in bruises about 60 seconds after being escorted out of the auction for her old home.

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    • She has photos up on her facebook of it, and it has been damaged (smashed windscreen and both mirrors, cut wires, torn seats)- poor bike never deserved that 😦

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        • Behave with the re-cycle-d puns. i won’t take it, norton my watch. i’m growing tyred of these gags. Stop pedaling in cheap jokes, on your bike.

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          • Give it a brake, mate. Any more of your cheek and wheel need a spokes-person to defend Sam so he doesn’t get piston.

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        • If she carries on with her behaviour it could kickstart criminal charges that could mean prison. Do you think she could handlebars on the window ?


  16. Interesting video and write up EC 🙂

    The “cruelty” of the Japanese that Belinda refers to is probably to do with Unit 731, a Japanese medical unit that conducted horrific experiments against mostly Chinese citizens.

    Anyone who is interested in the history of psychopathic doctors and of unethical / criminal human experiments (and students of the satanic panic and of cults might well be interested in such subjects) would do well to research Unit 731. While in the west we know about the experiments of Dr Mengele most people are completely unaware of the history of Unit 731. Also, very importantly, it is important to be aware of what happened after the unit closed and what happened to the data generated by the unit. Obviously the subject matter is extremely distressing and disturbing so the research is not for everyone. Be warned that if you search youtube for videos about Unit 731 you will probably see videos and photographs of human beings being experimented on that are very traumatising to witness. For most people who are interested in the subject it is probably better and less traumatising to avoid watching videos and read articles instead.

    It seems to me that, given that the hoaxers spend so much time and energy giving credence to insane claims about mind control and human experimentation, that it is also important to possess at least some rudimentary knowledge about real abuses regarding mind control and human experimentation, whether in relation to cults such as NXIVM, unethical experiments carried out on impoverished communities in developing countries or historic war crimes.

    Most ordinary people in the west know about Nazi war crimes but not about Unit 731. One of the reasons I have posted so much about Colonia Dignidad and am posting now about Unit 731 is that they teach us something about the evil that humans are capable of, but they also teach us about how history is selective and can be manipulated depending upon where we live and which news channels we use and trust.

    Anyone spending any time at all reading about the abuses committed against vulnerable adults and their families, e.g. Carol Felstead, Jenny Hill and Roma Hart may, quite reasonably start to wonder whether some psychopathic mental health “professionals” have used their positions to experiment upon and abuse their clients / patients.

    Anyone who has researched cults will understand that some cults are involved in unethical human experimentation, NXIVM being just one well publicised example.

    Also, for the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting for one moment that Bellender is someone to take seriously. I believe she is many of the things she accuses others of being, an abuser of vulnerable people, a paedophile protector, a shill. If Charlotte Ward’s description of Belinda’s daughter being the subject of one or more exorcism ceremonies at the Highgate is accurate the Belinda could also reasonably be considered a perpetrator of “ritual abuse”.

    Something else I am interested in thinking about.

    EC you said
    “We wonder whether Belinda has ever run this interesting theory past her ex-husband, who we believe is a psychiatrist. Or perhaps she already has, which might help explain the “ex-” part.

    According to the blog of a former tenant of Belinda’s

    “Judge Cryan had before him a statement from Dr Nigel McKenzie, Belinda’s ex-husband and a consultant psychiatrist, stating that our flat is required for somebody. ”

    Also, from the same blog
    “We were evicted from our previous flat on 14 March 2013 because according to our then live-in landlady’s ex-husband, Dr Nigel McKenzie, a consultant psychiatrist in Highgate Mental Health Centre, our flat was needed for somebody with a mental illness.”

    Whatever has happened here it seems to me that there are some boundary issues involved.

    Firstly, should a consultant psychiatrist get involved in an eviction dispute involving his former wife and use a mentally ill patient as a pawn in such a dispute? I don’t have a problem with a psychiatrist writing a letter to assist a vulnerable patient regarding housing, but if the patient is going to be housed by his ex wife then there would seem to be a conflict of interest surely?

    The other thing I am wondering is whether the mentally ill person might be Belinda’s daughter, the one who was subjected to exorcisms? If so surely there are other boundary issues and conflicts of interests involved? Is it usual for a psychiatrist to treat his own daughter or to use his professional title as a psychiatrist to advocate on his daughter’s behalf as a patient? Surely not.

    Relevant Hoaxtead post here

    For the avoidance of doubt, I am not saying that the mentally ill patient definitely was Belinda’s daughter. I think that the whole issue of Belinda’s relationship to her ex husband needs to be thoroughly examined, especially as, whoever the mentally ill person who needed a room actually was / is, surely it is extremely concerning that an NHS psychiatrist who is working in a secure until with extremely vulnerable people would actually write a letter supporting the Highgate hub as a suitable home for a mentally ill person to reside.

    I will also throw this into the mix, according to this PDF report, in 2008/09 Dr Nigel McKenzie was involved in the Mental Health Informatics Special Interest Group (MHISIG).

    according to their twitter account
    “MHISIG is a special interest group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK and promotes the use of information technologies in mental health care & training.”

    more here

    As someone who has studied the interface between information technology and cults and how criminals use the internet to harvest compromising material and as someone who also has serious concerns about the rise of online and virtual counselling and psychotherapy services, the MHISIG is of significant interest to me.

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  17. To the Democrats and Veterans Party. You should ask Belinda the following questions:

    1. She says she’s sometimes out with a megaphone. ‘Everything I say blows away in the wind and never gets heard by anybody’. That’s not true because she gets filmed and it’s on You Tube. You should ask her why she feels it necessary to ‘name’ innocent people in the street using a megaphone?

    2. To be a children’s rights campaigner is commendable, but why did she attend a particularly nasty protest outside Christ Church, Hampstead, where innocent people were harassed and publicly harangued? I know if I’d been at that protest I would have walked away when I saw what was going on. Belinda didn’t leave, and despite her standing in the conspiracy community, she didn’t call the dogs off. Why was that? The ensuing Hampstead campaign caused considerable fear and some families felt their only option was to move house. The school had to buy security, funded by the council, i.e. tax payer. Why was she an active participant in this campaign and how does she feel about the lives that were disrupted in Hampstead? How does she feel about the children who were frightened going to school?

    3. She mentions she has been called a ‘paedophile protector’. She says she ‘stood up’ once or twice for people who were accused of being paedophiles ‘when they absolutely assured me they weren’t’. This is possibly the stupidest statement I’ve ever heard her make. Does Belinda think that when paedophiles are caught they ‘fess up’ and take responsibility for their actions? Is she so naive that she thinks her (convicted) friends would admit to her that they have a sexual interest in children and have committed offences against them? I have news for Belinda. Paedophiles lie about their behaviour. They lie in person and they lie in Court. Doesn’t she realise this?

    4. Belinda mentions Robert Green. Does she think it’s ok for him to distribute leaflets that name innocent people and does she think it’s ok for him to post letters to residents on a street, telling them their neighbours are paedophiles? Does she think a legitimate course of action for the those maligned in this way might be to take the man to Court with the expectation of justice? Do people who make false allegations of this kind, and do so repeatedly, deserve some kind of punishment?

    5. Belinda says ‘Why do types in our society do these things to small children?’ She then goes on to talk about what it says in Genesis. Does she think that most rational and informed people are going to take her seriously when she goes to the Bible for information and ignores the plethora of academic literature on the subject?

    6. Belinda’s description of what happens to children who are anally raped is ludicrous. It has no scientific basis and she proves that she knows nothing about neurology. Why does she feel entitled to get up and spread what is clearly pseudo-scientific nonsense?

    7. It’s notable that when Belinda describes her involvement in various campaigns she doesn’t mention her involvement in the Starchild project. She was an active supporter of Lloyd Pye who owned a skull he claimed to be of alien origin. The skull was in fact human and hydrocephalic. Does Belinda still think this skull was alien? Will she provide scientific evidence for this?

    8. My understanding is that Belinda is subject to a legal Order of some kind. I’m not sure if that Order is still valid. You might want to ask her about this before you invite her to speak at another of your conferences. Political parties like yours stand no chance if they’re occupied by those types who attract police and Court attention.

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    • John Rees-Evans is an old fashioned Anglican apparently. I had wondered how he felt about an innocent Anglican priest being chased up the street with shouts of ‘PAEDOPHILE’. Not saying that abuse hasn’t gone on in the C of E but what the nutters did to this particular priest (an old man with a chronic illness) was disgusting. No evidence against him or anything and the kids that made the accusations retracted and were shown to have been forced to make allegations in the first place. But Belinda persists in her belief….and then gets (buys?) a platform to spread her eccentric notions.

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      • Thank you. How long do these things last?

        Thought it was interesting that she wouldn’t name names re the Scottish fiasco. She says there’s a Court Order preventing this? She should tell Robert Green this because he still talks about it and he may therefore be breaking the law. Perhaps the police need to be alerted to this.

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  18. Now the Democrats and Veterans Party is registered with the Electoral Commission which means that they come under their regulation.
    1) All people donating MUST be on the electoral register and given the number of Freeman on The Land types there that could be doubtful!
    2) All donations MUST be from the UK, so I hope he wasn’t raising funds overseas.

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      • From what he says he isn’t fundraising abroad but doing ‘deals’ – might mean he makes enough money re business to do what he wants to do himself.
        That’s the democratic process folks – if he wants to try and take over the country he’s allowed to try!
        I’d say ‘good luck’ to him but I don’t agree with him. 🙂

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      • Thanks. I have reported the Democrats and Veterans Party to the Electoral Commission. They do not accept anonymous complaints, but if anyone else would like to make a similar submission…

        What is a donation?
        A donation is money, goods or services given to a party without charge or on non-commercial terms, with a value of over £500.
        Some examples of donations include:
        • A gift of money or other property.
        • Sponsorship of an event or publication.
        • Subscription or affiliation payments.
        • Free or specially discounted use of an office.

        A permissible donor is:
        • An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
        • Most UK-registered companies.
        • A Great Britain registered political party.
        • A UK-registered trade union.
        • A UK-registered building society.
        • A UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK.
        • A UK-registered friendly society.
        • A UK-based unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.


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  19. Yay Belinda! Parroting Abraham Christie’s deeply offensive view that rape inevitably turns children into irrevocably damaged mind controlled evil slaves who will abuse in turn.

    “There is controversy over the use of the term limbic system, with scientists such as LeDoux arguing that the term be considered obsolete and abandoned.[36] Originally, the limbic system was believed to be the emotional center of the brain, with cognition being the business of the neocortex. However, cognition depends on acquisition and retention of memories, in which the hippocampus, a primary limbic structure, is involved: hippocampus damage causes severe cognitive (memory) deficits. More important, the “boundaries” of the limbic system have been repeatedly redefined because of advances in neuroscience. Therefore, while it is true that limbic structures are more closely related to emotion, the brain can be thought of as an integrated whole.”

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    • Seriously angie???
      roopee is now a ‘maverick genius’????

      (how the nutcases see themselves)

      (the truth)

      I suppose it’s a step up from ‘citizen journalist’…

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    • I had you down as a Cradle of Filth fan. Which reminds me, Christian Death have reformed. Ah, the good old days!

      If any Satan Hunters are looking out for me, I’ll be at the Shepard’s Bush Empire on All Hallows Eve watching Fields of The Nephilim. Gothtastic! Snakebite and black all round.

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          • OT: That be John Carter then which means i probably saw him in 2008. They still play Mourning Sun live, but to be honest I’m pleased Tony Pettit is back in the band!

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          • Yeah its John. I understand why you would be glad that Tony’s back as its the classic lineup but John Really saved that band from the early 90s onwards. Carl cant really write music or play instruments, he’;s the face of the band and the driving force but it was John that wrote all the music and played all the instruments on mourning sun and quite a bit of stuff before that too. His contract from Carl was a rip off, it said “no more than £1000 per song” in reality he got nothing. I even sold some guitars to get him the money to buy instruments to make the record.


      • Gothtastic! Snakebite and black all round.

        Oh fuck, you are giving me flashbacks to the late 80s.
        Now if only the Nephies would play a cover version of ‘Adrenochrome’, it would complete Belinda’s bingo card/


    • Thanks for bringing this band to my attention James.
      The combination of stolen / appropriated sacred items from indigenous cultures and neo-Nazi symbolism means that they are relevant to my interests.

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    • I like Ghost. very melodic with some great hooks and pop sensibilities. they’re incredibly musical in an era that’s all about dance moves and auto tune. so very real.

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  20. Belinda was married to a psychiatrist ? blimey. i knew it couldn’t have been a dentist, hairdresser or lawyer.

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