Belinda and Sabine: Same wine, new jug

We note that Belinda McKenzie has resigned as Director of the now-dormant and completely non-charitable Knight Foundation, and has pulled down the Knight Foundation web page.

Meanwhile, however, Sabine has built a brand new blog for herself and Belinda: McKNews, where the stated aim is ‘Creating and Promoting Positive Stories for Mainstream Media’.

McKNews-tagline 2016-05-08

Let’s ponder that for a moment: this is a new direction for Belinda and Sabine, as their implicit audience has always been the conspiritainment circuit. Clearly that’s not paying off as well as they might like—it is, after all, a bit of a niche market.

Plugging their material to the ‘mainstream media’ would mean opening up a huge new growth opportunity…if they can persuade the MSM to believe their loony ideas, that is.

That’s a big ‘if’.

Have a look at how they’ve set up their ‘About’ page on the new blog:


A few points:

  1. As mentioned, Belinda isn’t Director of the Knight Foundation—and that link leads to a dead page.
  2. Belinda seems to have found a new sidekick, one David Machin, whom she describes as ‘an accredited National Union of Journalists reporter and producer’. He appears to be a professor of semiotics in the journalism department at Cardiff University, so it’s possible he does have some actual reporting/producing skills.
  3. More alarmingly, it seems Mr Machin will be in charge of Belinda’s ‘new North London recording/broadcast studio’, as well as their ‘documentary programming projects’.
  4. Belinda is offering Mr Machin’s services to produce ‘public interest documentar(ies)’.

All of this hints at Belinda’s new direction: she’s trying to make her new venture look legit by dressing it up in an air of professionalism.

Belinda uses honeyed words: “Together, we aim to build bridges between the life and passion inherent in grassroots and those professionals who choose to make a positive difference for tomorrow’s world’.

Let’s translate: for ‘passionate grassroots’ substitute ‘lunatic fringe nutters,’ and for ‘those professionals who choose to make a positive difference for tomorrow’s world,’ substitute ‘people gullible enough (or desperate enough for copy) to buy Belinda and Sabine’s arrant nonsense and broadcast it’.

A quick look at the blog’s recent posts points in the same direction: the 5 posts published since the blog’s inception in April 2016 all feature discussion of the European Parliament and its supposed support for Belinda and Sabine’s agenda:

McKNews-recent posts 2016-05-08

Why highlight the EU and European Parliament? Well, when you’re targetting the MSM, you’ll get further with these topics than you will with screaming headlines about ‘Satanic ritual abuse’ and the like. It’s more professional, more likely to cross the desk of an actual journalist (and we don’t mean Christopher Booker).

Of course, Sabine, Webmaster Extraordinaire, characteristically tries to make each heading ‘tweetable’ by including Twitter addresses—a clumsy attempt to ensure that when the post is shared to Twitter, it will be sent to the subject of the post. (We won’t get into how she’s actually limiting the audience of each post, but one of our team members assures us that this structure almost guarantees Twitter oblivion.)

The blog’s sources, too, look as though they’re intended to appeal to the MSM:

McKNews-sources 2016-05-08

Of course, that’s only if the MSM don’t actually look too closely.

If they do, they’ll discover that 7 of the 9 ‘resource’ blogs are actually published by Sabine; one has been removed from the internet; and one is run by a psychologist who seems to believe some very peculiar things indeed. Let’s put it this way: the top article on that blog is the text of the speech the author delivered at Maggie Tuttle’s ‘Children Screaming to Be Heard’ conference last weekend.

So, while Belinda and Sabine seem all set to launch off in a different direction, we are left to hope that their new target, the MSM, sees through their pathetic efforts to ‘go mainstream’.

And hey, at least they’ve traded in the execrable Terence Ewing. That’s got to count for something, right?

Belinda, Terence Ewing, Sabine copy


44 thoughts on “Belinda and Sabine: Same wine, new jug

  1. So that’s David Machin’s academic credentials down the toilet.

    Associating with a bunch of defamers & false accusers who have been silenced by the High Court of the UK but repeatedly breach that injunction even though it specifically refers to publishing. Clearly a journalism teacher who knows fuck all about British law and how journalists must steer clear of breaking it. A distinct lack of ethics there. I wonder if his students understand?

    Of course he may have innocently just met these two con artist ratbags in a coffee shop for a discussion and now finds himself intertwined into their latest dodgy enterprise. It’s up to him to extract himself before these 2 destroy his career.

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    • I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Mr Machin to know whether he’s aware of what he’s got himself into, but I fear you’re right. He does seem to have some academic reputation–he’s co-author of a respected book on deconstructing media messages, I believe–but if he sticks with Belinda and Sabine he’ll quickly find his reputation in tatters.


      • I am fairly certain that the David Machin named on Sabines web site is NOT the same David Machin who is the author of several noted books. That David Machin is currently the senior lecturer at Örebro University, Sweden.


        The person who was the video cameraman at Maggie Tuttles conference can be seen clearly in several mobile phone recordings of the event – its certainly not the same person.

        Is Belinda using a “similar” name to try to gain credibility (as she did with the name “The Knight Foundation”?)


        • well that sounds just typical of how they deliberately confuse. If so I apologize to the Cardiff David Machin but he does need to be warned.

          Hardly what a journalist law expert needs : associating with a dodgy charity scammer and a person on very serious charges.

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          • I believe the Cardiff / Leicester / Swedish university David Machin are all one and the same person over a period of time.

            As of yet that persons seems to have ignored request from various people to confirm or deny that he is the right David Machin, who is now working with Sabine and Belinda

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        • Crikey. I thought the University at Orebro rang a bell – it is where Linda Arlig is/was based. She has ‘done research’ to prove that SW lie all the time about everything; I wrote about it on CPR site if interested

          Her ‘Rhetoric Case’ is often quoted at me by various capaigners against the Evil Secret Family Courts, including McNeill and John Hemming.

          No news yet from Cardiff contact but a journalist friend has not heard of David Machin as a journalist.

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  2. Sabine has indeed been busy, one is left wondering why she continues to act in such a way (with a pending criminal trial) Personally I do not intend speculating over the merits or possible lack of merit in some of the things that she has published – that is of course for a Court to decide.

    However I do feel it is appropriate to highlight the publications, so that hopefully the appropriate authorities can decide if they need to act.

    Looking at the twitter account of Sabine shows her latest post (at approximately 11.45am on 8th May).

    Its entitled: #GoFGYourself @FierceGraceYoga From Bikram to FierceGrace: starting my 10th Year of Hot Yoga

    Now at face value that seems pretty innocent. Sabine appears to want to Twitter about her her experiences with yoga…

    However following the links gives a different picture:

    The third paragraph of her page about yoga includes a link in the text

    The wording is copied below:

    “Last year I had traumatic reasons for being in Berlin: I needed to flee from prosecution and imprisonment in a secret family court, after I exposed the worst of all child abuse cases. Hence I could go back to doing Bikram for nearly six months.”

    The link is from the text: “worst of all child abuse cases” it is in fact a hyperlink to the following page:

    Without doubt that is yet another website of Sabines.

    The link gives you a page with content that seems linked into her current problems (hence why I think its best not to speculate about it – its a fact that it exists)

    Part of the wording of that page states as follows:

    “YouTube has deleted oodles of videos, but they can still be found.

    This page is for Newcomers who may want to believe the children but who cannot understand why and how this can be happening. The case is the worst of all child snatching cases, as it concerns:

    20 ‘special’ children who seem to have been adopted for the purpose of abuse;
    60+ children who remain at risk;
    120+ named abusers (you need to scroll down) under the auspices of their father, the leader of a satanic cult, including teachers, parents, clergy, Social Services, Police, CAFCASS;
    16 Police stations and 20 individuals;
    8 schools and a church.”

    In Sabine’s website the wording above contains a hyperlink from the words “120+ named abusers” that link is

    Indeed it contains many names and allegations. Some seem directly linked to the ongoing case against Sabine and Neelu Berry, other matters seem directly in breach of the Mandatory Court Injunction in place regarding certain named individuals and children


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  3. Sabine published this post approximately ONE month AFTER she was given a Court Injunction – The Court must be very impressed

    Part of the wording of the Injunction:

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    • is clearly authored by Sabine McNeil as you only need to scroll down to where she says : “04 August 2015: Appeal Hearing when I was arrested” and she links to her arrest in the court.
      The website is a clear breach of the injunction.

      The other website seems to have been authored by ‘General Sands’ and we know who that is.

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  4. My take on this is: Belinda thinks she’s going to be the next Exaro, who are bankrolled for an astonishing amount of money by an investment fund manager. There’s millions of pounds right there being pissed away on “holding power to account”, or, to be accurate: harrassing elderly men on say-so of a pathological liar, though they wouldn’t put it like that.

    Even someone as intransigently stupid as Sabine and Belinda have discovered that when your flush is busted all the little people move on to something else. And when the donations from the peasants are totted up…. they were never the kind of money which can pay off a large mortgage in any case.

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    • Yes, the Exaro thing has definitely been a cash sink (for the investor), and the smell of money has likely enticed Belinda. She does seem to have a nose for that sort of thing. The question remains as to whether she can pull it off. I’m going with ‘no’.

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      • My thoughts exactly but…from pals still in the newspaper business there is a lot of talk that Exaro may be sued by not only the innocent persons harassed but by the false accusers as well, on the notion Exaro encouraged them to exaggerate their tales. Talk is the Exaro backer may soon pull the plug.

        ## and another insider scoop : Exaro sold their VIP Pedo Ring tale to the Australian 60 Minutes who have come unstuck over their attempt to snatch some kids in Beirut. They dramatically broadcast the Exaro claims which have now been demolished with the collapse of Operation Midland.Apparently the TV Network who own the 60 Minutes franchise in Oz are fuming and heads will soon roll over the Exaro purchase.

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        • Oh, good! That entire 60 Minutes thing seems to be run by cowboys who care more about ‘getting the scoop’ than about who gets hurt in the process. Reminds me a bit of the NOTW phone hacking issue (and no, this is not a prelude to another round of NOTW commentary). 🙂

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        • Good to know Sam. Though ostensibly a respectable news outlet, they’ve acted like Hoaxteaders in their promotion of abuse scares. As far as I can see they’ve exploited vulnerable people, including the accusers they handled.

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  5. I think it would be extraordinary if there were not some conflation between the recognised academic and whatever random wannabe McKenzie has enlisted to her latest scam. It IS ‘the McKenzie way’ after all! – However, I believe a fellow Journalist is currently trying to ‘reach out’ to the real David Machin. We’ll see what emerges from that.


  6. Most semiotics professors are just embracing postmodern weirdness because they have no ideas for proper research. I can only guess that this guy’s associated with BM is ironic.

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  7. the plot thickens because Yolande Lidbridge want to be knows as the “side kick” Of belinda and Sabine.
    [Zimbabwean teen] Case resolved by having Mother and son flown to Zimbabwe.
    another case Involves a crook who was selling MMS (chloride or plain bleach) [name redacted].

    The Social services removed his baby because the Mother was planning to feed with MMS (bleach) to the baby. the social services told the mother to leave the father and she can have her baby back.
    What the father did next? Open a gofund me account asking for donations!!!!!

    It is unfortunate that Sue reid in Maggies conference has supported this case.

    [Comment edited to remove names/identification of persons in ongoing legal cases]

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  8. It seems that’s perhaps not the same David Machin in the newspaper / TV article –

    The Daily Mail article is better!! (Than the BBC’s article -in my opinion at least!)

    “The incident bears similarities to the case of the two executives – married, but not to each other – who were dubbed the ‘mile-high couple’ after losing their inhibitions over the Atlantic in October 1999.
    Amanda Holt and David Machin faced court action and public opprobrium after their display of wanton exhibitionism, fuelled by free drinks, in the quiet atmosphere of a business class cabin.
    Mrs Holt, 37 at the time and a sales manager from Bacup, Lancashire, was stripped to her underwear and grappling with her new-found friend, a 40-year-old logistics manager from Wakefield, West Yorkshire with three children, under a complimentary blanket.
    They continued with their activities despite the complaints of other passengers and it was only when police boarded the American Airlines aircraft and arrested them that they began to sober up.
    The pair lost their jobs and company cars and later pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft. Machin was fined £1,250 and Holt was fined £1,000 as they both faced the task of explaining their behaviour to their spouses.”

    Read more:


  9. I think the David Machin of Cardiff Uni & the David Machin of Orebro Uni are one and the same person as both have co-authored books with the same person. However if you search all personnel at Cardiff his name does not come up so perhaps he has now moved to Orebro.

    That deathly silence is the sound of Mr Machin backpedaling at a 1000 miles per hour now he’s realized he has stepped into the Viper’s den with McKenzie Devils.

    Before he goes I wish he would explain the concept of SD Metrics and “Professional life with zest” along with “social life with meaning”.

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  10. I’m glad the Knight Foundation website has disappeared. I contacted the relevant authorities when I saw the website had published the following:

    “URGENTLY NEEDED: Knights-of-the-Gun (Police & Military Knights) to break ranks and step forward in support of the children – please contact us preferably via our confidential mailbox.”

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