Angie, Jake, and the Queen of Harts

A few weeks back, it seemed that this blog had become the All Angie All the Time channel—we were writing post after post about Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s charity scams, her propensity for turning on her erstwhile friends, and her seeming attraction to much younger men.

Then, abruptly, Angie went silent.

Instead of churning out Facebook posts like they were about to shut the place down in 5 minutes’ time, and producing excruciatingly self-righteous videos hand over fist for her YouTube channel, Angela has kept her lips zipped for nigh on 2 weeks. (Unless, that is, you count the posts she’s been making from her ‘Angie Power-Disney’ Facebook page to her primary page.)

But yesterday, Angie made a triumphant come-back.

Well, sort of. She and her latest young sidekick Jake (who seems to have forgotten that little talk he had with the police about slandering RD and the people of Hampstead) were guests on a YouTube interview with Christine Joanna Hart, who styles herself ‘Queen of Hart’.

Christine Joanna Hart interview 2016-05-05

No, we’d never heard of her either. Here’s what she says about herself on her blog:

Christine Joanna Hart ex NOTW and Sunday Times best selling author,comissioned by The Guardian and much by-lined in The Sunday Times features chosen shows from her ‘Queen of Hart’ radio show on Revolution Radio in USA. 

So, totes legit, apparently. Here’s her ‘About me’ blurb:

Christine Joanna Hart-blog blurb 2016-05-05

We’re sure Christine’s ‘interesting story’ about Monarch Mind Programming (we believe this is the fate that befell Roger the 8′ Butterfly, by the way) was only turned down by the large publishing houses because of ‘legals’.

As for Christine’s interview with Angie and Jake the other day, let’s just say it didn’t turn out quite as expected.

For one thing, Christine just couldn’t seem to stop talking…about herself. It was actually quite comical listening to Angie try to insert a word in edgewise, while Christine rattled on about how she’d had her soul pulled out of her body, before being ‘astrally raped’ (yep, she really did say that); and at one point she earned Angie’s ire by saying, in relation to Hoaxtead, that “the father seemed believable”. Heresy!

Eventually Angie and Jake managed to say a word or two; Angie revealed that while she wasn’t 100% certain what denomination Christ Church Hampstead is, she did take communion there during her attempt to ‘infiltrate’ the church. Jake was even more confused, referring to the church as ‘Anglican Catholic’, because apparently he slept through his lessons while they were discussing Henry VIII and all that.

Jake distinguished himself further by delivering a garbled set piece on ‘water consciousness’, and then went into a long and overly detailed description of the precise ways in which he imagines the so-called Hampstead cult sexually abuses children. At one point, he solemnly announced that the word ‘trolls’ comes from the word ‘controls’. We are not even joking.

The video hadn’t been up on YouTube more than a few hours when, in a sudden turnaround, Christine announced that she’d be removing it:

Christine Joanna Hart 2Well, that didn’t take long!

It reminded us of Abe and Ella’s ill-fated attempt to break into the U.S. conspiritainment market via Ed Opperman last Christmas-time; but we think Angie managed to alienate Christine even more quickly than Abe pissed off Ed.

Christine’s announcement was followed by this curious exchange:

Christine Joanna Hart 3

And then she subscribed to the McKenzies Devils YouTube channel. All in all, I’m sure Angie chalks this one up as an excellent outing.

Oddly, despite Christine’s allegations, Angela doesn’t seem to have posted her own copy of the interview on her wall, but perhaps she needs time to edit the audio first. After all, Christine claims she believes RD is not guilty…and there’s no way Angie would let that stand.

As for Christine, we’re quite certain it’ll be some time before she’ll allow any of the Hoaxtead mob on her show again.










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  1. Darn. I was looking forward to hearing Ray Savage do his Dowsing for Dingbats routine on Christine’s show.

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    • Last I saw before she ditched the whole thing, she was asking Hoaxtead opponents if they’d like a turn to tell their side! I suspect Angie and Jake didn’t make quite the impression they were hoping for.

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      • These amateurs really are ridiculous and have no idea how the newspaper publishing world- especially in the UK, actually works.
        “I have appeared on Ch 4 , 5, BBC & BBC World”. Yet she gives not one single link to her ‘appearances’ unlike any other journalist who always links – duhhh- to their previous work. Nor publishes on her own website or gives links to stories she claims to have published in those newspapers. Another unique oddity.

        I have a feeling here we have another Bill Maloney who also claims to have “appeared” on BBC Question Time. He was actually in the audience, screamed out some abuse about pedos and got turfed out of the studio.

        Or another rather harmless soul I knew who constantly claimed he had been ‘interviewed’ by all manner of BBC & ITV announcers on important world subjects when in fact, he was just a regular caller to talk back programs.

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        • Here she is on TV!

          I think she was a mainstream journalist some time ago? Doesn’t matter really. She saw the light where Angie was concerned and took the video down and, for that, she is to be commended. I wish some of the others would do the same.

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        • I think you’ll find the link to me talking about Andy Coulson on You Tube o’ envious one and Im in the process of getting a GMTV interview put back up. I’m curious though – why does it matter so badly to you eh? I also have been on BBC more times than I can count – no biggie it hardly means I’m Sharon Stone — a swanning Hollywood glamour model quaffin’ champagne with Sly Stallone – instead of just another hack giving their unimportant tuppence worth….and soon to be called as a witness against The Sun by the phone hacking victims lawyers which is going to be all played out on TV – again hardly Hollywood – but the fact you got so lathered up about it has made my day. P’raps I’m not a big a loser as I consider myself.


          • Hi, Christine, and sorry for the delay in moderating your comments. We moderate new guests routinely, as this blog can get a lot of trolls.

            I’m sure our regulars will have questions for you, and will respect your courage in entering the lions den. 🙂


          • The reason your bona fides matter to us is that Angie, one of your interviewees, is noted for her scamming ways. We were trying to ascertain whether she’d chosen to be interviewed by someone who, like herself, was not to be trusted.


          • Ah thank you for explaining. I for one was not ‘lathered up’ and don’t really care except that you gave a voice to people who are doing harm to innocent people. I’m glad you took the video down.


        • Thanks but sadly I have worked for NOTW – not that there is any pride in that. Mazher Mahmood Drugs Bust Tulisa Trial is on You Tube also. Other stuff not so much. Good day.


      • Yes,I read her almost plaintive invitation for someone from Hoaxtead to come on her show – she even had a specific time slot picked out ! I don’t know how familiar readers are with the old ‘one of these things is not like the other ‘ sketches on Sesame Street, but that would certainly characterize anyone on our side of the fence to a ‘T’ within the context of her ‘show’. Have you checked out her other guests and interviews, lol? It would be like inviting Lucien Greaves to sit on the couch beside Pat Roberson and have a nice cozy chat on CBN/The 700 Club ! Reason, objectivity and reality itself are clearly not the queen’s strong suits …
        Apologies in advance if this comes through as garbled – there is something very wrong with my phone. Took ages to type this. Anyway, great / hilarious post as always , EC, and massive props to Spiny Norm for his tenacity when dealing with her…it masterfully evinced how very flaky the queen truly is !

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        • You mean you’re waiting for someone from Hampstead to come on your show? I think it’s important to realise that when Hampstead residents have spoken out in public in the past, the witch-hunters on the other side have increased their attacks, both online and in person. You mention that you’ve had your tyres slashed, so I’m sure you know what it’s like to feel under siege in your own home.

          Most important, the children of Hampstead (who have been named and had contact details published by the sick people who promote this hoax) are at risk; some have already been approached by online paedophiles, as they’ve been publicly identified as ‘victims’. As you can imagine, their parents are terrified.

          Christine, while you’re here, could I ask you a question or two? I’m very curious about how Angela and Jake came to be on your show. Did they approach you, or vice versa? And has Angela actually published her version of the show yet? She does have a habit of recording people and then publishing the results, no matter how it might affect them.

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          • Someone rec Angela as someone who knew about H. I had no idea she had involved herself – I assumed she had just been following it in papers – I was clueless about it so anyone would have done to appease the owners desire for a show on it. To my horror the show went on as it did. She has it recorded yes but its illegal to record someone plus I believe its RR rights. There was defamatory stuff in there so I took it down not because I was fearing being trolled as someone suggested below. I have my trolls – Shady Pines seeing this post (I shared your wit on my facebook is now adding to the attacks on me.) I removed the slurs on Ricky Dearman made by Angela on my YT and indeed got the owner of RR to delete it from the archives so none can get it there. I selectively read newspapers so I had no idea (you have educated me) about the suffering of the people in Hampstead – its appallling and I will add them to my prayers.


          • El Dorado you strike me a a decent bloke. The person below saying they asked Nick Davies about me and he does not know me is a liar – I have even written about him in my book How Nick Davies Hired Me To Spy – its a selfie but its a copy of my pubished book In For The Kill – by C J Hart once published by Mainstream now passed to parent company Random House who have allowed me to do so. They own the rights I am on thier website as an author or was and they pay me cheques so I think I can say published by them instead of M that has now closed. FYI – In the back of his book Hack Attack my freind Nick Davies who suggested the title for my book when I had called it honey trap – lists me as one of the investigators who worked for News of The World. He refers to me as a ‘Queen’ in the listing as a joke between us. I also feature in the book as codenamed York – but not having abuse about ohh err I have asked a freind and they say York is not you. I do not lie about anything. I do not craft an image. I am an ex bad girl – ex skin head – working class – we do not do stuff like that. I want to be listened to and some of the stuff I say about the Vatican abuse is hard to swallow so do you imagine I would cobble myself by putting out a biog that isnt true?

            I am not proud of anything I have done in the past like the Shady Pines says being sexually abused is tawdry so so is my Hodder memoir Searching For Daddy – Im not proud of it – but if I can help just one person get over trauma then my life has been worth it and I have. El D if you want to meet for coffee I can bring a shed load of stories with bylines on in Sunday Times although nothing later than 2002 and I would be honoured to meet you and show you them and give you a free copy of my hardback Searching for Daddy. Bring Norman!


  2. Its hard to believe that there are people such as Angie and Jake, perhaps single figure IQ’s account for some of their behavior.

    Its interesting to see that “The Association of McKenzie Friends” and its principals have strong links to nasty pieces of work such as Stephen Green.

    It seems incredible that he was a guest speaker at Maggie Tuttles “Children Screaming to Heard Conference”

    The excerpt from Wiki describes him very well:

    “The leader of Christian Voice is Stephen Green, a former Chairman of the Conservative Family Campaign, who attends an Assemblies of God Church. In the early 1990s, Green was a prominent campaigner against homosexuality through the Conservative Family Campaign, and wrote a book called The Sexual Dead-End.

    In January 2011, Green’s former wife, Caroline Green, accused him of repeatedly physically assaulting her and their children, including one incident where he allegedly beat her with a weapon until she bled, and another in which their son allegedly required hospital treatment after having been beaten with a piece of wood. The couple subsequently divorced.”

    So a person who beat his son with a piece of wood is a guest speaker at Maggie Tuttles conference…

    Moving forward, Green’s exploits (that is through the organisation he leads) also includes the following:

    “In February 2005, Christian Voice was reported to have caused the cancer charity, “Maggie’s Centres”, to decline a £3,000 donation from the proceeds of a special performance of Jerry Springer: The Opera. The charity had been due to receive £10 per ticket for an afternoon gala but declined the donation after CV had threatened to picket their centres, which offer palliative care to cancer sufferers and their families.”

    Christian Voice / Stephen Green have been involved in other protests, Is support of the Hampstead Hoax going to be on their agenda?

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    • There are indeed all manner of pretty nasty characters out there- and Green seems like one – who appear to have swapped their homophobic hate by joining the ‘pedo’ and ‘child kidnap’ bandwagon.

      Most conspiracy nuts & followers are harmless characters possibly looking for reasons in a world that is pretty complex and difficult to understand at times given that there is so much hate between people & countries along with corruption.

      But the hard core like Green and as Angie would love to be (along with the McKenzie Devils) are most certainly either sociopath or have a narcissistic personality disorder so when they meet up it’s inevitable that they will eventually clash and end up bitter enemies.

      These are people who want to be in charge and cannot abide others they perceive have more power than them. It’s why they direct so much hate towards High Court judges or police and so on as they cannot bend them to their will.

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    • Thank you VERY MUCH for that comment. I have had recent dealings with Mr Green via email and he seemed quite sensible.

      However, anyone who is prepared to associate with Maggie Tuttle MUST know that she has strong and active links with those involved in criminal behaviour. I was not aware he attended that conference. That is very useful information if I have any further dealings with him.

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      • Its interesting to see who were the speakers at Maggie Tuttles conference – Sabine Mcneill seemed very active today (since before dawn) posting videos of some of those speakers.

        Sarah – Any advice on the best way to inform a Judge / Court of a breach of a mandatory injunction? What is the most effective method?

        You may also find the following media quote informative with regards Mr Green:

        From PinkNews 31/1/2011


        Christian Voice leader Stephen Green ‘a wifebeater’

        Stephen Green is a wife-beater, his former wife says

        The wife of Christian Voice leader Stephen Green says he beat her until she bled and does not believe in marital rape.

        Caroline Green, who was married to the anti-gay Christian extremist for 26 years, says she has come forward now because “the people who support him financially and morally should know what he is really like”.

        Mr Green, 60, who was recently interviewed by the BBC over his views on Elton John becoming a father, has approved of the death penalty for gays and lesbians.

        He was asked by the BBC for his views on the singer’s parenting skills but Mrs Green claims that he had attacked his own children with belts and broomsticks and punished them harshly for minor transgressions.
        Mr Green leads Christian Voice, which is a small protest group of around 300 members. The group rails against violence, abortion, immorality and drugs, although it reserves a special venom for homosexuality.
        But Mrs Green, 59, said that those who donate money to Christian Voice should know the “truth” about about her ex-husband.

        She told the Mail on Sunday that he had beaten her and her children, “brainwashed” them and forced them to live in a dilapidated caravan in remote Wales to protect them from the “evil” of urban life.

        Mrs Green described the incident which prompted her to leave him, recalling how he made a list of her failings as a wife and then beat her until she bled with a piece of wood.

        She said: “He even framed our marriage vows — he always put particular emphasis on my promise to obey him — and hung them over our bed. He believed there was no such thing as marital rape and for years I’d been reluctant to have sex with him, but he said it was my duty and was angry if I refused him.
        “But the beating was the last straw. It ­convinced me I had to divorce him.”

        She also said that he had beaten their eldest and middle sons with belts and broomsticks.
        She added: “It was almost like living in a cult. We were all subjugated to his will and cowed by him. Over the years he belittled us and made us feel worthless.
        “Whenever I watch him on TV spouting verses from the Bible, or see him quoted in a news­paper, it turns my stomach. I’ve decided to tell the truth about him now because the people who support him financially and morally should know what he is really like.”

        Mrs Green now lives in a small home in west Wales with one of her sons and her god-daughter Emily, who used to work for Mr Green.

        He has since married a Kenyan woman 25 years his junior and declined to comment to the Mail on Sunday.”

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        • When I reported John Hemming for breach of the injunction in the ‘Forced Caesarean’ case the order itself very sensibly set out in a preamble the email for a contact at the Essex LA who would investigate any breaches. So I emailed her – got no response, BUT Essex contacted mumsnet who locked down the thread so I assume my email got through!

          I am not sure to be honest what the best course of action is if you don’t have a named contact. I would email the court directly and refer it urgently to the Judge who made the injunction.

          The offending post (where John Hemming named all three of her children) was removed – Hemming claimed he had requested this himself (once he had sobered up I assume – this was his infamous ‘drunk posting’ that prompted such wonderful newspaper headlines in Jan 2014).

          But I am not aware that any other consequences flowed from such a flagrant breach of a High Court order. He attempted to minimise what he had done by saying it was published for only short time – but long enough for at least three people to send me a screen shot.

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      • “strong and active links with those involved in criminal behaviour”

        That’s one way to describe her conjugal prison visits!

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    • Green is a nasty piece of work, I’ve read. Hardly surprising, then, that he’d be involved with the McKenzie/McNeill/Tuttle cabal. Where do they find these people? Do they dredge the sewers for them?

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      • Without doubt the same man, slightly different hair and beard – but the stress of divorce often alters appearance. Only one Mr Green with the “Christian” extreme links and opinions.

        Violence, prejudice and controversies wrapped under a thin veneer described by him as christianity

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  3. I did a search ages ago on Christine Joanna Hart as well as speaking to the contacts I have in publishing.

    My News Corp contact says he has never heard of her and a search of the News Corp database shows no stories with the byline ‘Christine Hart’ in any News publication including the News of The World & especially in the Sunday Times. Co-incidentally there is a Times writer Christian Hart who is a respected contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. His byline is usually ‘C.Hart’, oddly the same as Christine Joanne Hart sometimes styles herself. Publications never allow 2 writers to use the same by-line but some use pseudonyms.

    My long-time Oz Penguin Books contact says there is no writer in their database named ‘Christine Joanna Hart” or any variation of that name. That is in the world-wide Penguin database – Hart claims she was published by penguin.

    The only known publication in any mainstream newspaper is an article she wrote in The Guardian for a (now defunct) section which accepts contributions from amateurs only (and not professional writers) about an interesting experience they may have had.

    No author needs to self-publish if they have had a “best seller” (how can you be a “Sunday Times best selling author as they do not publish books?), especially as the Time’s owner News Corp has it’s own publishing firm and utilizes their world-wide newspapers to promote their authors- especially “best-sellers”.

    By the same token I suppose I could claim to be a “best-selling author” having been published dozens of times throughout the world when working on many UK publications (although on the sales side I also came across numerous saleable material in the days Fleet Street splashed money around liberally) and once even successfully sued the News of the World for libel over a mistake of identity. Any hack writing daily tales could claim to be a ‘best selling author’ on the strength newspapers have huge circulations but they never do.

    This is another example of the World of The Internet where characters making inflated and often blatantly untrue claims, have collided. Hart seems sensible enough to have suddenly realised her brief association with the ridiculous charity scammer Angela Power-Disney and her toyboy Jake risked unraveling her carefully crafted image (not some huge crime but riddled with huge exaggerations) which indeed, it now has as this post will always come up in Google searches now.

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    • Not sure you’re right about this. Cursory glance at the first page of Google brings up a number of articles and books.


    • There is an interview with Christine and another journalist on YT regarding Fleet Street and the hacking scandal. And I think Miss Camden TB linked to an article focused on her meeting with Ian Brady. How could someone who has interviewed some of the most dangerously psychopathic murderers in history claim to be ‘scared’ of a small-time scammer like APD? Makes no sense . I am the type who never forgets a face, and I could swear I remember seeing a photo of her some months ago – one in which her double-chin is obscured by one of her hands supporting it- that identified her as a notorious conspirloon, which I assumed meant a pusher of the hoax. Wish I could remember the source video. Anyway, on the surface it appears she was once a mainstream journalist (albeit not a terribly prominent one) who became aligned with shady fringe figures like Miles Johnston at some point, then became preoccupied with ‘astral events ‘ and the like. I don’t know if you heard the whole video, but she describes a ‘devastating’ remote takeover of her mind and body by Michael Aquino, former Laveyan Satanist/ founder of the Temple of Set. Strains credulity that she would ever be embraced or perceived as an objective, rational writer / journalist again in light of outrageous claims like that….

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        • Ah, he just *pulled you out of your body*…my apologies, Christine; that sounds infinitely more plausible. (Yes, that was sarcasm. Forgive me if your claim sounds completely outrageous and indicative of the probability that you are a fringe fantasist.)

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    • Norman – you are deleting my posts so I haven’t got the right of reply. Play fair! Commenter – Not only did I work for News of The World (sadly) for over a decade – I have had bylines – I can send some here if you wish but as I was categorized as a private eye they hid me – this will all play out anytime soon – but if you look in my Random House book In For The Kill you can see a copy of a major investigation reprinted inside where they call me OUR GIRL. Also my own book about it I couldn’t get published for legal reasons is ‘How Nick Davies Hired Me To Spy On My Former Colleagues at the News Of The World’ – my details about Operation Weeting and spying for News Corps for over a decade. There is another You Tube clip of me in my garden talking about working with Mazher Mahmood – the news crew describe me as Maz’s team – so hoe they got that right. (Mazher Mahmood drug trial collapse/Tulisa) My Sunday Times best seller was with Hodder and Stoughton over 120k copies and it got into the charts – I am on their website not Penguin. I’m guessing this wil be deleted as Norman is deleting all my rejoinders. That’s ok. He got up with his coffee quicker than I did this morning.


    • Hey – I do not have a carefully crafted image – I have no want or desire to have any kind of image – I try to make people aware of Jesus Christ l – one does not need an image for that. Fact – I worked for News of The World for over a decade – up until 2001 – anyone connected with the paper Greg Miskiw – Neville Thirlbeck and Ian Edmonsen – and Mazher Mahmood will testify to me being there!!!! I’ve been interviewed on TV enough over it – and don’t need to prove myself – back then not much was online but if El Dorado wants to meet up with me I can bring my cuts along – I have them all and all have my name on including joint bylines with Liam Clakre – but so what – it does not make me special – 10000000 of hacks on the planet. As for Sunday Times best seller – ring Rowena Webb of Hodder and Stoughton and ask her why she put it on the cover of my harback. I assume it was because my book entered the ST charts and got to 15. I congratulate you on your writing sucesses. I always see myself as a failure as I wanted to be a novelist – I have not acheived that despite a lifetime of effort.


    • Why on earth would you go to police over a breach of copyright? No-where in the world do police handle what is a civil matter like that. Another sign of a deluded amateur who has no idea how publishing works or indeed, what a breach of copyright really is.

      I have no problem with this lot that set themselves up as broadcasters on these internet radio stations (it’s so easy to do-there are websites where you too can become a broadcaster overnight) but the ego-maniac ones really piss me off.

      So many seem to think they are taking the world by storm when their audience is probably the same mentality of the inmates at Broadmoor.

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        • What an infantile response Christine… Actually more of an evasion which does nothing to better-secure the tenuous thread by which any hint of your credibility hangs. And this, really, is true of each of your responses here. – If you expect to be taken seriously as a rational professional Journalist and Author at least have the common sense to present yourself and behave like one!

          It’s a fair and rational point. Please explain why you were (it’s alleged) planning on reporting a copyright breach to the police? I’m afraid Sam is right, and if the allegation is true it does indeed make you sound like a deluded amateur.

          Incidentally, thanks to Ian Chambers (a former commentator here, and a man who knows a great deal about stewarding intellectual property) I now have contact with a REAL investigative journalist who has had a weather-eye on many different scams hoaxes and (his word) delusionists for over 25 years. He knows your books and your name well but has asked to remain nameless. Suffice to say though, it took him about five minutes to outline matters which actually point to just another Mitty on the Conspiritainment circuit. And not a particularly original one at that.

          Perhaps you’d like to take the opportunity to explain the conflusion/conflation between Random House and a slightly obscure “snipcock and tweed” style publishing company (now defunct) based in Edinburgh? And possibly comment on how, just before its demise, it was made something of a laughing stock in the trade? – Now an IMPRINT of Random House, but not at the time your last load of childish fantasies were published.

          I’d draw readers’ particular attention to the reviews…

          Additionally, this “news agency” of yours… “Mara Global” – According to both Ian Chambers and my other contact it appears to simply not exist! – Some clarification might help your case.


      • Ego maniac? I merely issued the threat to Ange as I knew she was reading that interchange – I felt she had smeared Ricy Dearman very badly in the show I felt as If I was to blamme for letting her on my show – I isued a threat so she would not hang it and the dmage be inflcitd I belive he has suffered enough – yes. as for thinkijg I am taking the world by storm – I have about 20 listeners – a vey amatuer show I am not a trained braoodcaster – its unpaid – trying to do some goodin the world – its why I removed it. I doubt if anyone in Broadmoor is listening – it only goes out in USA. Maybe Rikers Island. )


    • Only because of the threats re copyright – I was reliably informed she said she was going to. She is misguided because she hasnt faced her own childhood past – once she does she will stop projecting onto others. Why sexual abuse sufferers are stalking HH is because they have not healed within. Everyone has to heal within.


      • I couldn’t agree more with you about some of the Hoaxtenders needing to heal. It’s been an issue for me that I don’t want to be too awful to people with mental health problems or ‘issues’ but at the same time they have to be stopped from doing damage and spreading their pain. It’s the reason some of us here report things to the authoritees.

        (I spelled authorities wrong to keep you company. Come on you spelling fascists – you can have a go at me now! Grrrr!)

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  4. In my experience the UK Police are very quick to tell a complainant that an issue is a civil rather than a criminal matter (thus saving them wasting time).

    This causes problems when a Civil Court order is breached, even if the order specifically includes “powers of arrest” for a breach. Often the police will be wary, It takes a complaint into areas of the law that many Police Officers are seemingly nervous of becoming involved with.

    As for the UK Police being even remotely interested in a breach of copyright – NO……

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    • Indeed I was involved for 5 years in a long complicated case over an association and my group finally won in the High Court and obtained an injunction against our opponents who were removed as members by a court order. But 3 months later they simply obtained access to our building & changed the locks and the police were absolutely useless when called. They were very skeptical about the Judgement Order which I always carried around and ignored my claims they were illegal trespassers. the local magistrate cursed them & said our opponents should have been arrested as trespassers at the least if not burglars. It took weeks for us to regain possession of the premises at great cost.

      Civil matters can be very hard to enforce and injunctions and court orders often mean nothing unless you take the offenders back to court to have them enforced. The only arrests in the Hampstead matter have come when people have allegedly breached criminal law.

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  5. By the way, Anglo-Catholicism is a real thing; “Anglican Catholic” is not as far as I am aware. Christchurch, Hampstead is quite high up the candle, as they say. It has a lot of Oxford Movement trappings, fancy altars, the Vicar referred to as Father, but it is under the control of the Church of England and not connected to the Vatican.

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    • Yes, Anglo-Catholic is the ‘high’ church in the Church of England. An Anglo-Catholic church would be called an ‘Anglican church’ but there’s no such term, as far as I know, as Anglican Catholic.
      The service is similar to a Roman Catholic mass and the main difference is there’s no pope and instead you pray for the Queen. I’ve heard priests/vicars say things like ‘We pray that Her Majesty understands the needs of the poor and takes kindly action to alleviate the suffering of the poor and homeless.” That’s for those of us who are republican and/or anti capitalist. 🙂 Anglo-Catholic priests/vicars (many are women) can call themselves what they like and I’ve only ever come across one who liked to be called ‘Father’. They’re usually called by their first name or Reverand something or other.

      Running alongside the ‘high’ church are all the others which go from a bit Catholic to basic no frills Protestantism and also Evangelical. They’re all Church of England but there’s a bit of a divide between say….Anglo-Catholics and the Evangelicals in terms of beliefs, with the latter usually taking the bible literally. There’s a wide range of approaches to Christianity in the C of E and most people look for a church that suits their way of thinking and how they want to worship.

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  6. So what gave Christine the idea that Angie was posting copies of the show online as none have appeared yet, unless as has already been mentioned Angie is busy editing the show before posting it. That wouldn’t surprise me as she and her toy-boy Jake hardly came across very well during the interview, Jake especially with his daft little comments here and there.

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  7. Oops this blog needs an editing feature after reading my post again or i should just write more carefully 🙂


  8. I noticed she had commented on Jeranism’s interview with Abe and Ella ,a couple of weeks ago. “Im from UK – if you want to come on my radio show let me know J.”

    With the J at the end I don’t know whether she was meaning Abe and Ella, or Jeranism.

    I doubt Angela would like being interviewed by someone that talks about themselves more than Angela does, and has an even more strange story (astrally raped). Though I did notice that in the above tv interview she commented that the Royal family had basically been “raped”, because their phones had been hacked. So she seems to throw around the word rape quite casually.

    If she commented that RD is believable then it at least shows she is not just jumping full bodied onto the hoaxtead bandwagon. What was her overall view of the allegations and who was to blame?…did she see RD as being believable, but still believed in a cult, or does she accept the children’s explanation that Abraham coerced them?

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    • Good questions, Dave. I don’t know, because I got halfway through the interview, went away to do something, came back, and there it wasn’t. However, as you say, hopeful sign that she found the father believable.

      Angie did say a few odd things in the part I heard though: she claimed not only that Ray Savage had ‘interviewed’ Ella for 3 hours and believed her story implicitly, but also that Savage had made a video interview with RD, which Angie unsurprisingly thought was rubbish.

      And she mentioned that there were ‘5 main leaders’ of the Hoaxtead publicity team. One was in Brazil (wrong; it was Suriname, but who’s counting?); one was her, in Ireland; and the other three were based in London, and are now all facing criminal charges. Very surprising, as I haven’t heard of any criminal charges against Belinda to date.

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      • The claim that Ray Savage interviewed RD is rather interesting. Though it is probably a case of Angie getting her wires crossed, as usual.

        So she includes herself as someone facing criminal charges?
        I didn’t realise Angela or Belinda were facing any charges, or is that why she has become far more quiet on the subject?
        Though she maybe just lying or exaggerating again.

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        • I think she referred to herself as being in Ireland, and the ‘three others’ as facing charges–so that’d be Belinda, Sabine, and Neelu, presumably.

          However, as you say, it’s likely sue was just getting her wires crossed (again).

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    • She claims to have done the undercover work for Nick Davies in exposing the hacking of the Royal Family & others but alas when I emailed Davies he said he hadn’t heard of her but was quite amused. Perhaps she was under Deep Cover.

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      • Oh ok lies – this is just bs. Nick and I are friends – hes a really nice bloke and he doesnt just laugh in a sarky way. If you want a battle of truths over that I have over 200 emails off of him I am willing to send to Norman to peruse – how about that!!! James Hanning editor of Independent on Sunday wrote about Nick and I in his book The News Machine. (see news story – Glen Mulcaire and Christine Hart – Indy on Sunday) I am mates with Nick and he just would NOT say this. I did like you Norman – respected you because you clealry are clever and are a talented writer – but this – just reams of envy over my pitiful life. I’m dissapointed in you and the fact you delete my rejoinders but I do have a mode of rejoindering – I am doing a show all about you and I on Monday. I took down the show a Angie had said RD has child porn on his IP address – a lie – not nice not truthful so I removed the video.


    • As an empath – someone who is astrally awake and has been a victim of childhoood sexual abuse and has met abusers in my position as a journalist – my humble opinion is that he is totally innocent.

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  9. Jake & the Lotus Princess have a new friend : Ashley Oldroyd Ellis who recommends you throw away your sunglasses and gaze at the sun for it’s health benefits, has raided a “human breeding farm” (with photos) , is bemoaning the lack of flies in London and apparently leaflets policemen with his thoughts which have had ” made a deep fucking impact on the system” (asking for donations here) and has found a couple of stray dogs who hasn’t once attempted to eat.
    Jake posts a link to the kid’s photos on Ashley’s FB page.

    Meanwhile in the Lotus Princess page some bloke claims there were no such things as dinosaurs- they are an Illuminati / Rothschild plot but sadly won’t tell us why they are fooling us about T-Rex.
    Care in the Community ?

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  10. “There’s always been an Oldroyd at Oldroyd’s mill and there always will be…” (sorry I lapsed into the Billy Liar script…quite apt really.)

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  11. Christine Hart has been trolling on Amazon for several years now. She has had numerous aliases. Her current one is “Whistleblower”.

    She has a fixation with successful author, Carol Ann Lees who has written a couple of Moors Murder books. Hart cannot cope that her tawdry little memoirs (where she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Ian Brady) have not sold in the record number she clearly expects them to.

    She routinely claims to have been a crucial player in the Phone Hacking Scandal, IRA undercover ops and other things she obviously is lying about.

    She must have picked up a fair few enemies as she is currently moaning daily on FB that her tyres are being slashed every couple of nights.

    For someone who is such a great believer in “karma” it doesn’t seem to have occurred to her she’s collected a fair bit of bad stuff, thanks to her being such an appalling human being.

    I’m so glad she’s giving herself enough rope for others to catch on to her general awfulness.

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    • Meant to say she trolls and heaps abuse on Alan Bennett, brother of Moors victim Keith.

      This is the level of putrid malevolence she regularly sinks to.

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    • God your sad. Lees trolls me. Get a life you envious loser. Hodder and stoughton best seller so sad it hurts. Lees Mainstream. Awwwww. You truly think your a good person. Judging me with lies in a cowardly way. Youre demonically.possesed.


    • You seem to know a lot about tyres being slashed and since we spun on an A road and had injury the police are treating it far more seriously then criminal damage – I will make them aware you are now posting on here. As for fixation on Lee – no I think Eric Gregory and Dr Chris Cowley will have something to say about being trolled by her – perhaps they are fixated by her too? As whether she is trolling me well as I told Mainstream – our publisher (yep sorry guys a subsiduary of Random House) I’d rather this went to court as it has got extreme. The comments on my son were passed to the cops last night as online troling of a minor may be considered grooming.


      • Seriosly Christine – don’t you have CCTV on the car. I’d certainly be getting it if it was me. Sounds bloody nasty what’s happening.

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        • If your tyres had been ‘slashed’ your car could not be driven… Spun out on an ‘A’ road? Sounds like porous alloys and ignorance to me.


        • I agree. I have been catching up on the shows on YouTube, some awful things have happened to Christine recently. Take care Christine, I wish you the best. I think it was very courageous of you to visit and respond here.


          • Ps, I was agreeing with Miss Camden Town Baths, Joe Kerr pipped me to the reply post! I’d listened to Christine describing what had happened to her car on her show, she seems to have a very nasty neighbour.


  12. Meant to say, she has been trolling Alan Bennett, brother of Moors’ victim Keith for about 5 years..

    She heaps disgusting abuse on him, her and some other nutjob called Erica Gregory “author” of a self published pamphlet about Ian Brady.

    All her comments and reviews are full of laughably bad spelling and grammar. She’s supposed to write for a living and be a “respected” journalist yet she cannot string a sentence together.

    She is a lying, trolling fantasist and deeply nasty with it.


  13. Alan, you need to take a deep breath. Firstly neither I nor Erica nor Chris Cowley nor Jean Rafferty – have heaped abuse on you – we once argued and I said I was sorry if I had hurt you in anyway – that was including writing to Ian Brady in my youth. Brady is a scumbag and my heart goes out to you your life has been ruined by him – clearly he was possessed like most of those big crimes that hit the headlines and that is my years of research – driven there because of my abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church and my adoptive father. That is how I know Ricky Dearman is completely innocent, sadly I have a life experience of these scum who hurt kids like my adoptive father. I literally can smell out evil.

    Alan you have had your life cruelly taken by these scum too – we should be working together. On the news when I spoke about your Mother I said you were my hero – remember!? you got angry said I dint know you – but yet we have been arguing for years now on amazon!! I have copies of it I can print here – maybe these people can hep us sort this out once and for all.

    Alan – I thought we had made friends – thought that you heard me when I said you were my hero for suffering pain and yet coming though without bitterness and bile. Last night I went to church and had confession for reacting when I see abuse to me and responding – I removed any rejoinders I made in anger – when we spoke before we together went over comments I had made re your gf under Raffertys book.
    When fake reviews are put on my book and I am told by other author on the Moors case that they have had the same abuse and who it is. I get quite cross. Who wouldnt!? I am not an awful person this is ugly and not nice in one’s life. Here is last one minor comapred to others who seem to like to target my 11 year old child.

    I paste ‘

    Aw, we (the book club) saw you on telly the other night, better hit that slim fast soon love. I thought it was brilliant they showed you for the sad Brady groupie you are, you must be so upset at how dog rough you looked 😦

    We got the wine in and laughed ourselves into a coma at your bizarre druid and tree talking comments. Bloody hilarious stuff.

    By the way, knock yourself out trolling Carol Ann Lees, I have absolutely no interest in her and watching you turn yourself inside out with bitterness and hatred is really, really funny. Especially when all the individual has been guilty of is being more successful than you, but that applies to 99% of the population in your case.

    Ah, looks like you’ll keep us entertained for many years to come:) xx

    I am then told by Cowley who writes about Brady – Erica who is a personal friend who writes about Brady (The Secrets Of The Moors) – who it is as they have had the same person relentlessly target them.

    As well as haivng my tyres slashed over and over which you gloat about above. Why are you reading my facebook daily? I can assure you I am no more fixated wiht Carole than Erica is. Listen up there is a saying – ‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME – AND STILL WATCH EVERYTHING I DO – BITCH YOU’RE A FAN.

    However – here is todays treat waiting for me.

    Cease and desist with the “I’ve reported you to the police” schtick, it’s beyond dull. There isn’t a force in the country who would take any of your constant bleating seriously.

    They might however be interested in your trolling and outlandish accusations and lies, not to mention all your spurious nonsense and false advertising re your non existent “career” as a “journalist”.

    No wonder you admire Heather Mills so much, she had to settle out of court for making false child abuse allegations…


    This has been going on for years on amazon to me others go on about – your genitals stink like haddock’ yes I have a copy of that in the file. The others mentioned above have now decided to take out a court case. The investigators will get who it is and since we spun the car when it blew out by the knife slit and stabbings and crashed its being treated severly than onlne abuse and criminal damage.

    I admire Heather Mills and she me and yes and I am helping her sue The Sun – yes when I worked for them after NOTW. Again not a boast its not a broadsheet and not real writing I know that. Her access to online cyber experts is next to none. I prefer however to let the police deal with it as some of the deleted stuff is abuse my son which police have interpeted as paedophile grooming. I know you would not do such a thing as hurt an 11 year old so when this looney is caught and behind bars I hope we can put all this behind us. Our lives are in middle age – not much time left to do good things – I know you want to do good things and I know you don’t mean the above. PS I don’t write for a living and also I don’t think tabloid hackery which is the only hackery I achieved is respected journalist that would go to broadsheet. Course my grammar is crap I’m working class. I get what the Hampstead people are going through – no one should have to put up with hatred. I will not and I am around for nay of them who want to use my radio show to fight back against theirs. However Revolution Radio is an American station and goes out over in the United States and why I delted the Angela show.


  14. I post here much against my own better-judgement, but at the request of Joe and Ian who think it better I write this up myself…

    @Christine J Hart

    Having been ‘on the radar’ of various hoax debunkers for over a quarter-century now, you’re doing your own credibility and reputation absolutely no good with this incoherent ranting Christine. The opportunity you have is to explain and redeem yourself. You should understand that this is something that needs to be done rationally and coherently. – Like a grown woman!

    If you struggle with the text boxes on this type of forum, as I know many people do (I’m dyslexic myself), the easiest and best solution is to type up your response in your word processor then cut-paste it into the text box and (possibly) adjust the paragraph spacing. But there is no good reason or excuse for someone in your (claimed/imagined) position to be littering a discussion board with absolute gibberish as you have…

    You make great claim in various places to high levels of education… Master of Arts (M.A.), Creative Writing from Southbank and a 2.2, BSc (Hons) Psychology from North London (which only existed between 1992 and 2002). You lay claim to having been a professional Journalist – a job you would simply not have been allowed to do without training and education. You also lay claim to training with the security services.

    Any training as a Journalist (let alone with the security services) would have involved completing at least one unit or module in basic law. In particular, Journalists need a basic working knowledge of copyright law, reporting restrictions and the Official Secrets act as it impacts on reporting. I can tell you this as irrefutable fact because I myself am a former C.I. lecturer who at one point wrote the teaching material for and delivered the media H.N. law (Scottish) unit. – And it has been this way for at least the 35 years I have spent working in the creative industries.

    The first question that requires a clear and direct answer then is…

    (A) With these facts established, please explain exactly why you apparently threatened to take a copyright matter to the Police?

    What exactly did you expect the police to be able to do and why did you expect them to be able to do it? As a trained Journalist, writer and former member of both the armed forces and security services you must realise how ridiculous the utterance of such a threat looks. As indeed does the very childish response to Sam’s original point.

    Next, my attention is drawn to the claim you make to run “a news agency – that regularly contributes to The Mail and The Sunday Express.” Having sought further guidance from individuals who are (variously) working Journalists, Paralegals and involved at various levels in newspaper editing; I am assured that any news agency that hopes to sell to any credible journal would be required to meet certain standards of probity…

    i.e. the team behind it would be properly qualified and all the correct insurances and quality-assurance processes would need to be in place and most-likely accredited.

    The fact is that – not only have NONE of the working Journalists I have spoken to ever heard of “Mara Global” – the ‘company’ of which you claim to have been ‘CEO’ since September 2009, there is no such company registered in the UK and certainly not in “Kensington London.”

    Given the risks and high-level indemnities involved in operating as a “news agency” it is unlikely to the point of being highly improbable that anyone could possibly operate such a firm as a sole trader. In fact many C.I. professionals who are doing no more than selling their own original material register dormant ‘shell’ companies to act as a buffer in case of legal strife.

    Many people are forced to wonder if you even understand what a news agency actually is and what it actually does? My next question then…

    (B) Please explain, in clear rational terms the position with this “news agency” of yours, its trading structure – company number and VAT registration status etc.

    With respect to Angela Power-Disney and your interview with her I’m afraid the picture that emerges is one of gross incompetence as a Journalist/writer…

    No, you are NOT a trained broadcaster… That much is obvious madam. If you were you would not be joining the ranks of the ‘televisually illiterate’ in producing yet another of these childishly-incompetent bedroom broadcasts that the halfwits of ‘moron land’ seem to imagine bears some sort of resemblance to actually producing a TV/radio show!

    Similarly, with an audience of 20 and such a level of non-competence – exposure on this ‘show’ is, quite frankly akin to a primary school child threatening exposure in a ‘newspaper’ they ‘paste-up’ in their jotter and have duplicated on the school Banda machine… Having sat and listened to part of your ‘show’ of the 5th of May you have, quite frankly, a damned cheek projecting the name “Weirdo” onto any other living human being on this planet!

    Your interview technique is incompetent, you have no sense of pace, timing or stewardship and almost two-hours of non-edited wittering is not any kind of presentation or production… And, while we have the subject of stolen copyright in mind, perhaps you’ll be good enough to provide some proof that you paid both Sena Mühürcü and the Turkish photographer for their rights in the image that you have ‘hijacked’ for your so-called ‘show’?

    Again – if you were actually what you claim to be you would have known better than to simply take someone else’s image and alter it (badly!) to your own ends like this.

    Likewise on the matter if Disney… There is such a thing, known to all legitimate Journalists and other professionals, as due diligence. ‘Research’ figures highly in the competent investigator’s armoury too.

    – Had you done any REAL research into this story it would have been almost-instantly apparent to you that not only was there a hoax in play here, but that the real abuse here is in the failure to protect the identities of – not only the children directly involved – but a whole raft of other innocent people, including other children whose lives have been seriously damaged by this farce. – Contrary not only to what the LAW demands (which, as a trained Journalist you should be well acquainted with!) but as simple basic decency and morality demands!

    Additionally, there is very real evidence that the two people you were about to promote on this ‘show’ of yours were (a) a serial-scammer, fantasist and complete fraud and (b) a young man with serious mental challenges made worse by having fallen under the spell of substance abuse…

    My penultimate question to you then Christine is why – as the highly trained and experienced Journalist, investigator and author you claim to be – you very obviously just didn’t do the legwork on these people and just ‘went to air’ with them anyway?

    Finally – the matter of your books and the bringing down of Mainstream Publishing…

    At the time your last book was published they weren’t just an imprint of Random House nor really a subsidiary, they were merely owned by Random house. Among the C.I. community in and around Edinburgh the opinion is often expressed that your last load of old pony – the infantile incoherent fantasy entitled “In for the Kill” was what brought ‘Mainstream Publishing’ down…

    I’m quite happy to reiterate the widely-held opinion that your writing was – and remains – a concoction of lies, fantasy and misrepresented imaginings. And having waded through this dross – even as a dyslexic and non-wordsmith – it’s quite clearly the work of a damaged and infantilised mind. Giving you a platform was scandalously incompetent – and would indeed appear to be what finally put the last nail in Mainstream’s coffin! – A shame, because it cost friends of mine ( who were quite innocent in the debacle) their jobs!

    Your 2009 effort – “Searching for Daddy” – which I have also read…

    Let me quote one Mark Seymour on this one…

    “I attended the same Catholic primary school as the author and my family knew her family very well. Therefore, I can state with authority that her account of her early life is a complete lie and total fantasy. If you want to read a book full of fictionalised rubbish then this is the book for you. It is clear that this book was written for sensationalist reasons, born out of the warped imagination of Ms Hart, and the ludicrous antics she is supposed to have experienced stretches the readers gullibility to breaking point.”

    Another reader describes it as ‘more like fantasy fiction’. Hardly surprising because that is exactly what it seems to be!

    The same could be said of your first book… “The Devil’s Daughter”.

    I’m very aware of the “spin” you have given to the story behind the publication of this book. And that by the time it hit the shelves it was floated that you ‘had been told’ you were Ian Brady’s daughter and that this had been ‘picked up’ by a tabloid Journalist who had plastered your face all over the front page of a red top…

    Again, this is opinion based on what I and others remember of the time – but it strikes me that FAR from having been misrepresented by this Journalist, you YOURSELF promoted the story that you were Brady’s illegitimate daughter. Some say you were paid well for the piece, but were quickly exposed as a fraud – thus the spin you later put on things.

    And yes, I have a copy of your first book too!

    Personally I am FULLY convinced of the fact you have sought to abuse the brother of one of the Moors victims – and under any circumstances that renders you a vile and despicable excuse for a human being.

    If YOU are a victim at all madam it is only of your own greed and dishonesty and want for attention and celebrity. Einstein, it’s said, once defined madness as doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result…

    Your behaviour, Christine, does not sit well on a matronly woman in her early fifties… Faffing about like some child on FaceBook and YouTube like some developmentally-challenged pre-teen…

    Really? You imagine this is how serious professional people conduct themselves. Likewise the entirely-falsified profile you have put up for yourself on LinkedIn – another platform that is going ‘down the tubes’ because it provides such an easy platform for fantasists and charlatans…

    Quit lying about yourself and your life Christine. Mostly –stop lying TO yourself. If not for your own sake for the sake of your son… Who’s mental wellbeing is NOT best-served by having a mother who is, as we say here in Scotland not only the ‘talk of the steamie’ – but the local laughing stock too…

    Think of the lad for god’s sake before he winds up as screwed-up as you are yourself!


    • I’ve just seen this woman’s Facebook page ( God! Why to grown adults even HAVE a Facebook page?) can I just add a wee bit to this Q?

      Christine, nobody’s watching ‘everything’ you do or ‘everything’ you say; that’s all part of the sickness in your head. Vacuous playground quotes from moron-central only impress other morons. Nobody’s your ‘fan’. Although the fact you’d post something like that rather points to you having an attention-seeking personality disorder. People are watching you because you’re one of those people who has tried all her life to lie, cheat and bluff her way through it. – And at times you’ve encroached onto territory which has added to the thurt and pain of innocent people, such as the relatives of the Moors Murder victims.

      To be clear Christine, that makes you something of a ghoul… Not a celebrity, although it’s clearly that which you seek… Just a ghoul. And one or two people have found that out about you too late and to their very real cost! As Q suggests, you need to just quit lying… You’ve been at it since the late eighties now and it’s brought you nothing but absolute ridicule. And, truth be told, made you such a liability that the opportunities that might otherwise have been afforded to you have been kept back. Nobody’s “stalking” you or your son. Frankly, you’re not worth the bus fare! – The only person who is doing your son harm is yourself. And you’re doing that by acting out these ‘Jemima Bond’ fantasies and piling lie after lie after lie onto the great festering pile of nonsense you’ve alread ruined your life with…

      As Q said, you cost innocent people up here in Scotland their jobs with that pile of crap you wrote. Although the eijit that bought it in is equally to blame. – Don’t expect us to be ‘fans’. And if you are going to live your life trying to fake it ’till you make it, don’t be surprised when some of those people who really HAVE walked the walk and put in the hours start getting antsy with you, much as the military community don’t like those who indulge themselves in ‘Stolen Valour’. If a camera crew turns up at your door to out you as a Mitty please do remember Christine, you’re the one that’s been screaming for attention all these years.

      Here’s a working title for your next book… ‘Ascent from Madness’ – ‘How Wilma Mitty joined the real world’… Get yourself some proper psychiatic help, stop fantasising and grow the fuck up!


      • You’re so funny – why are you reading my facebook page.. Also I don’t like the turn up at your door. Come on dear coome to attack a woman. As for Jemima Bond. eh? When was that?


        • Ah, the old deflection and projection Q so-often warns people about! YOur facebook page was brought to my attention as exemplar of your fantastical ranting. Your gender is irrelevant, as I’m sure you’re quick to remind people at times. And ‘Jemima’ among your many fantasical lies are claims to Military Intelligence’ type training… Actually, you repeat that crap in the post below.


        • Your last book made them the laughing stock of Edinburgh… Factually, people couldn’t sit in the pub of a Friday night for folk taking the piss out of it.


      • The post by the way was sent to me by my freind to share on facebook to cheer me up – yet you went there and thought it was for you!!!! Also explain yourself by stolen valour.


        • No Christine… I didn’t… ‘Stolen Valour’ – it’s an expression used by American ex-services people to describe the people and the act of ‘Walting’. That is to say pretending to have served in parts of the military where they have not – there is a particularly entertaining chap who hunts down fake seals; do the legwork.

          YOU madam are a fake a fraud and a charlatan… And those who really DO work in the press and media are growing increasingly tired of your kind.


    • Sorry, I don’t take this anonymous interchanges as seriously as you and write it out first in word doc but I take your hint. I have not got the time to do it, but its a good idea. I suggest you inform the police that I have ‘abused’ Alan Bennett.

      As for me callinng cops on Anglea I had no such intention – I didnt want her to hang it and I was advised to say that – looks like it worked hun as its not hung. Me helping the side of right – yet you twist it to mean something bad. Or try to shame me I am thick or retarded..

      In the ongoing relentless row with myself and AB gf Carole Ann Lees – a row over reviews – I was informed by a few other crime writers that she had abused them so when I got a hateful review on mine in her name I assumed it was her. There was a back and fro as you if you are the in the know will know involved Bill and Peter from Mainstream. I also heard Carole saying things about me that weren’t so nice on ABs blog as Minoes. Do you really imagine I could abuse a grown man? A strong man? He and I spoke and I have the copy of it on my docus. He told me to remove a comment under a book re Carole -it was done. When I get insulted or trolled as Del Boy and Captain Crunch same person I respond.
      I am not a saint however, it is not right and I went to confession and was told to ignore abuse – not to respond – from now on I will try to do the Godly thing.

      When I pointed to AB that my highly abusive troll Del Boy had the same phraseology – he deleted everything we had said to each other, but I still have it. I care about Alan and don’t want him hurt. Fact.

      The insults about the show re presentation – it’s a blog to help those who have had abuse in their life and to explore Biblical texts it’s not meant to be ‘slick’ – why do you listen to it if you don’t like it. I’m sure I may not like all you write. People do like it – so I carry on. When they stop liking it I will stop. As for I bought down Mainstream – Bill and Peter closed shop they did not fail.

      When you insult my book – you slag and insult Bill – who edited it liine by line with me. He liked it very very much.

      Is he a scum bag or a liar – he legalled it too.

      No, you are into slagging me off and demonizing me becasue I am a woman. The pic in my show you hurl abuse I need copyright was given to me by Hawk the Revolution Radio host – a V vet – who takes no shit but feel free to contact him with your complaint. I will send him a copy of this.

      Yes you have the dates correct for the years I went to University. It’s called mature student.

      On Amazon – you quote a review of a man who does not exist. I do not know that so called reveiwer nor does my brother a man called Seymour and he isn’t on google – yet he claims he was close to my family. Er no its a troll. As well you know. You are playing to the crowd that is ok. You want to hurt me – that is ok. But leave my son out of it. I don’t know what kind of a father you are – if you are one – but I love my son and give him the best life I can give him. He loves me and his reponse to this is – ‘Mum ignore them – you make youself too vulnerable by responding – they are just out to give low blows bringing up me.’

      Lastly and do excuse the spelling but this is a blog not a presentation for the Queen but you take yourself oh so very seriously. Iif everyone were like you itd be a hard world because you judge others so very harshly. As for the first book I published it was stolen off of me and cruelly named Devils Daughter – that lable was vile abuse in itself and Guy Nathan who propigated it took all the money I had donated on Anne Diamond to the victims. I said I did not want to make money linked to murder.

      There are no lies in my books. – you disrespect Mainstream and Hodder thats your prerogative – I did not write to make money but to heal from child abuse. Yet over and over you spit at me that this did not go on – that I lied. I wonder were you there in the bed when I was 7 years old as my adopted father made me go down on him. Odd I never saw you peeking out of the blankets.

      AS for your odd inablity to believe I worked for the News of The World it is just sad. Despite having read In For The Kill the book that bought down a publisher according to you – there is a copy of a front page story I carried out in there. In it they call me ‘OUR Girl’ I exposed the 3rd in commmand of the Real IRA – again you cannot face it I knew them – why???? Why does it hurt you????? PS I’d be very very careful if I were you on your little well worded devaluations – Panorama are doing a catch up on phone hacking and I am in it so you will look very very silly if this is still up here. But then your anon and you can delete it.

      FYI – FACT very few hacks at the News of the World had any training – I also make it clear in Searching for Daddy I was a private investigator who got in via investigations and hence ended up working with Mazher. Tell me why do my achievements in life threaten YOU in your life? It seems to hurt you. Odd. and yes weird.

      As for Mara – I can call myself anything I want dearheart – if I want to call myself ‘Giraffe’ I can do so – free world. When you ring a newsdesk with a story they do not ask for a ‘website’ – they take the story – legal it then it goes into print. Simples. Yet you seem to think you need a law degree or to be vetted to do this? Odd. and yes weird.

      I also make it clear I worked for ex MI6 agencies. That hurts you too – why? Why do my achievements hurt you????? I’m starting to feel flattered.

      I always saw everything I had done as sad and meaningless – yet you fight so very hard – taking time out of your Sunday despite sunshine – to make out I did not do them – its making me think maybe I have had an amazing life – maybe I should be more happy about the past. Thankyou for that.

      It is sad that you attack my Sunday Times best sellling book ‘Searching For Daddy’ make your case by a fake review and try to shame me. Ring up and check – Hodder and Stoughton sold over 120k copies of it and it was translated into one other language – I get letter form all over the world saying I have inspired them to get past their abuse – if I can get to Fleet Street after all that then so can they. One girl says I stopped her for suicide. Why does that hurt you? Why arent you happpy about that? You do know where you are don’t you – some may see this blg now as an ‘abuse doesnt happen and if anyone says it did there a liar’ that undermines when they are trying to do — yes. Stop people in Hampstead being abused. But you don’t care – you care about me me and more me.

      You are attacking a victim and it is well known I have suffered a very bad childhood – you sneer at that call me names – because i’m more emotional than you.

      You come on here attack a woman bringing up her child. Last time I looked that is pretty bad show. You try to shame me yet I am not ashamed. One point I did like – what sounds like caring for my little boy at the end – thankyou – I appreciate it came from a good place in your heart. Now let me carry on looking after him and let’s end this respectfully here. God bless.


  15. She’s a troll, don’t feed her. She’s absolutely LOVING the attention she’s getting here.


  16. I know exactly who Q is. And you’re actually dealing with a very VERY real (television) Journalist who has been in the game for over 35 years… And within our little group are several other very REAL Journalists who are growing extremely tired at the antics of Mitties like you Christine.

    Being a woman does NOT give you any special rights or privileges. And no-one has attacked “a woman bringing up her child” – what has been attacked is over twenty five years of lying and attention-seeking on your part. Do you actually imagine the rest of the world works to your incompetent standards? OF COURSE phone calle have been made and facts checked!

    You’re almost comical with it…

    “As for Mara – I can call myself anything I want dearheart – if I want to call myself ‘Giraffe’ I can do so – free world. When you ring a newsdesk with a story they do not ask for a ‘website’ – they take the story – legal it then it goes into print. Simples. Yet you seem to think you need a law degree or to be vetted to do this? Odd. and yes weird. ”

    Bollocks… Complete and utter stinking BOLLOCKS…

    – Clearly Q’s right, and you DON’T know what a news agency actually does! Yes, as a sole trader you CAN call yourself whatever you want. But Q actually makes the point that running a news agency is a highly risky business which requires various indemnities and insurances in place – nobody in their right mind does that as a sole trader. Actually in all probability nobody COULD because if you feed a dodgy story that winds up with lawyers bills flying around the results can run into seven figures… Obviously you’ve phoned one or two ‘dead donkeys’ in to the odd newsdesk and had the story stewarded by the duty hack. That happens… But it ISN’T how news agencies or even regular reporters (HAVE TO!) work!

    Q put several questions to you. You’ve evaded them – rather lamely!

    Big tough Journalist and ‘security services’ trained quasi-spy that you are the ONLY thing you’ve done here is try to deflect attention from the very-obvious reality of your being a complete and utter fraud. – and worse still, YOU have tried to play the ‘poor little weak woman’ card! – You’re a disgrace to your gender in that respect.

    As was previously suggested – the ONLY thing you are a victim of madam is your own appetite for attention and your own dishonesty. You need to realsie christine that there are REAL Journalists and creative people out here watching this – and other – cases… And that people like you whose stories don’t stand up to the most BASIC examination fool fewer and fewer people by the day.

    But what is worse is that you seek to feed and aggrandise yourself off the agonies of others. There are people out there who really ARE survivors of sex abuse. And of course the relatives of the Moors Murder victims, on whose graves you dance – You’re a Ghoul madam. A Ghoul, a fantasist and a fraud – to the very marrow.


  17. OH… And BTW Christine, I’ve been asked by a legitimate Paralegal who works in IP rights handling to point out that the random monkey you named who said it was ‘OK’ for you to steal that model’s and photographer’s intellectual property had no right to do so… The couple in question are from Turkey and are being informed of the theft. Additionally, it’s also been pointed out to me that, if you WERE a legitimate Journalist and actually knew the basics of your job you’d know better than to steal someone else’s copyright property – or for that matter imagine that the Police could or would deal with the (alleged) theft of yours.

    If you haven’t worked it out already Christine that rather adds weight to the evidence that indicates yes – you’re a complete and utter Mitty.


  18. All right, folks. Fun’s fun, but this is getting waaaay out of hand. I’m going to close down comments on this thread and give people a chance to cool down a bit.


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