Sabine Watch: Arrest #4 for failure to attend court?

Several of our readers asked us over the weekend what Sabine’s current court status was: while a case with her name on it was booked for Monday morning at 9:30, she and Belinda had also stated that this date was no longer valid, and that Sabine’s charges of witness intimidation would be joined to Neelu’s in court on 8th April.

So we were as surprised as anyone to note the following update on Sabine’s Victims Unite! blog:

Sabine-1 2016-03-07Sabine-2 2016-03-07

Well, nothing like being prepared, we always say. We’d also suggest that Sabine use the toilet before leaving home, and wear a warm coat. It can be chilly in those cells at night, we hear.

In any case, we apologise for inadvertently misleading our readers; and JW, you did tell us so. We should have listened!

I know but sorry


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  1. I am almost certain that what she wrote on her website is just to mislead. The live Xhibit listing showed her case starting at just after 11 and finishing approximately 20 minutes later.

    She is listed for further mention and plea and directions on 8th March at Blackfriars

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    • Wouldn’t they have just run the case in her absence?

      You would have thought Sabine would have made sure when she should attend court, especially in view of the amount of times she has been arrested.

      Do either Neelu or Sabine have any criminal convictions?

      If not, I can see the pair of them just getting a very small fine, that’s if they are found guilty.

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      • Yes, how can Belinda keep taking in the cash if Ella keeps saying she’s not really associated with the case any longer? Those donation buttons aren’t going to push themselves, people!


  2. Re: Maggie’s “Screaming to be Heard” conference …. a quick look at the Charity Commission says that the registered charity was wound up on December 3rd 2015, you can see it here:
    Maggie must have forgotten to mention that in her regular blog posts.

    The website is still up, claiming to be a registered charity on the page for the conference:

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  3. I’m pretty sure I saw a youtube video of Maggie from ““Screaming to be Heard” wandering through a graveyard wearing all black and rambling on. It looked like something out a Hammer Horror Film.

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  4. I’ve also heard that Ella is back in England and has seen the 2 children.

    Not sure of Abraham’s whereabouts and the father has seen the children but has been frightened to spend too long with them because of death threats. Mmm…

    I’m not sure if any or all of this is true/accurate, but it’s what i was told yesterday by a friend of Belinda’s.

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      • I have to agree. It would be wise to make yourself aware of the old ‘smoke bomb’ trick. Deliberately false or misleading information is fed to a solitary suspect- often this is just some small skewed detail. A watch is then kept on where the ‘smoke’ emerges. And thus the informant is fund. There is no reason why the Father’s visits would be cut short because of fear. If that were the case there are steps which can be taken to ensure he would be able to see them in peace and safety. – The man has done nothing wrong. And if Ms Draper were indeed back in any part of the UK I feel that she would find herself with much to discuss with various agencies and authorities long before she ever was made aware of where the children are.

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        • Yes, very good points–I’ve long wondered whether Belinda is savvy enough to use the smoke bomb trick. She’s certainly paranoid enough that it would make sense.


          • As I’ve suggested before, Belinda is a professional. As such she is skilled in many manipulation techniques. I believe she spends much of her time ‘weighing and measuring’ all of those around her looking for the next mark. – And of course making herself aware of who might sell her out and expose the game either for cash or glory. It’s a dirty trade after all; ridddled with criminals and people you just cannot trust!

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  5. The sentencing guidelines for witness intimidation are interesting:

    Upto 5 years custody at crown court

    Examples of nature of activity Starting point Range

    Sudden outburst in chance encounter 6 weeks custody Medium level community order to 18w custody

    Conduct amounting to a threat;
    staring at, approaching or following witnesses;
    talking about the case;
    trying to alter or stop evidence 18 weeks custody 12 weeks custody to Crown Court

    Threats of violence to witnesses
    and/or their families;
    deliberately seeking out witnesses Crown Court Crown Court

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  6. I actually find All this very odd and bizarre!!!!!!

    The whole situation, to my opinion, off the charts tbh?!?

    People have been threatened, deaths threats, and the rest…

    Trolling online, intimidation, i mean the list goes on and on…
    Yet NOTHING…no one has been PUT AWAY yet with this case?

    Trolling now has been in/on the main stream news, and people arrested, last week (another case)
    People in the USA, sued. Action taken against people downunder in Oz. Yet there in the UK…nothing!?! We are taking about the most disgusting slander, and defamation of character(s)! We are talking about people firing a gun at pictures of the said innocent people, pictures with wording to kill people, and so much more…

    And we talk about 5 years in prison? WTF! The pain, upset and dispair this has caused to many. Do the actions of these sick and twisted people not deserve more?

    If just ONE person had been arrested and made an example of, don’t you think that this would have stopped like 99% of the others, thus putting a stop to this?

    Btw, this image of the father with this disgusting text to kill this person, was this someone from the UK, or from outside the UK?

    It’s like….get a grip on things UK! Come on!

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    • Yes, very good questions. I’m at a loss to explain, as to my mind that type and level of harassment and intimidation is completely unacceptable.


    • I think that was Dildohead Pratt, suspected to be from USA from his/her spellings and times online iirc. But could have been any one of the nutters associated with this case. The police really do need to do more in the UK. For example, John Taylor, the paranoid liverpudlian making death threats via gun footage on fb, well, the police could make a start right there. Scenic Liverpool

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    • I’m hoping this will be a case of the wheels of justice grinding slow but fine. It may take until April when Belinda and Neelu stand trial for things to really move. I suspect the police really want to make sure they get the ring leaders and not just their muppet followers. There may be work going on to smoke out those with real responsibility – I do hope so.

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    • The meme calling for people to murder RD was the creation of Tina Kachina, who runs the very sick Facebook group (of about 3 people including Aaron Dover) ‘Eaten Lives Matter’ (whatever the feck that means). She’s made a number of death threats to innocent people and has even posted child porn on her page, as well as a photo of the feet of aborted babies soaked in blood. There really is not one redeeming thing you could say about this woman. She is sheer evil. Even fellow psychos like John Taylor, Kane Slater and Maria McMahon have turned against her. Oh and she’s a mother of two. Warms the cockles, doesn’t it.

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    • The image of the father with the text ‘If you see this thing/Kill it’ came from Tina Kachina, the US-based toothless hillbilly who started the ‘Eaten Lives Matter’ FB page. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she was also Dildohead Pratt, the obsessed commentator on Abrella’s old blog…though in some ways, I think DP was a great deal smarter than Tina, who makes Bronny look like a Nobel prizewinner.

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    • Unfortunately the laws differ in other jurisdictions. i follow internet libel quite closely as a friend on mine just won her case in an Adelaide court in South Australia after suing Google for not removing links to a really nasty website defaming her.

      You would not believe how Google fight these cases even though they have lost several in Oz. She ran out of money in the end (after 5 years) and faced 5 Google barristers but still won her case. Then of course Google appeal and there’s another year out of your life. It’s why I hate these internet giants with a vengeance as they will do everything to decimate a litigant and that includes Facebook & the others (the exception : Yahoo who have lost big time and remove defamatory links asap).

      The internet caught lawmakers / politicians on the hop and they are playing catch-up. A court ages ago in the UK decided Google was not a publisher so did not share responsibility for published libel – I think it was an incorrect & shocking decision – so politicians really have to tackle those who defame , falsely accuse and harass online.

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      • Yes, I think it’s urgent and long overdue for governments to address the implications of the internet on many aspects of the law. It’s a huge task, but that means it’s all the more important to tackle.


  7. It now appears that its a fact that Sabine did not attend Court yesterday – she would have been bailed to appear back at the Court, it will no longer be Police Bail but Court Bail.

    Its normal practice for the Court to serve a new notice upon a defendant if the Court changes a date. If its very short notice then often the Court will ask the Police to serve new documents

    Sabine is a fool, she treats any Court with utter contempt and sooner or later that’s going to bite her. I hope for her sake if she was ill then she has a doctors note – the Court does not accept self certification.

    Section 6 of the Bail Act 1976 states:

    1) If a person who has been released on bail in criminal proceedings fails
    without reasonable cause to surrender to custody he shall be guilty of an
    offence; and

    2) If a person who:
    (a) has been released on bail in criminal proceedings, and
    (b) having reasonable cause therefor, has failed to surrender to custody,
    fails to surrender to custody at the appointed place as soon after the
    appointed time as is reasonably practicable, he shall be guilty of an

    An offence under subsection (1) or (2) is punishable either on summary conviction or,
    in the Crown Court, as if it were a criminal contempt of court. The maximum sentence
    in a magistrates’ court is 3 months imprisonment.1 If the matter is committed to the
    Crown Court for sentence, or dealt with there, the maximum sentence is 12 months
    custody and the sentence is subject to the usual appellate procedures.

    As it was simply a PAD hearing its likely not to have caused much disruption at the Court, but it will certainly result in a Judge expressing displeasure and often results in harsher bail terms until such time as a trial.

    No doubt Sabines solicitor will have told her that – but will she bother to listen?

    After all she is an elite supreme being of a master race, at least that’s how I think I heard someone describing her, or was it that she was the result of a masterba…. something or other, I cant remember she was bleating on to much for anyone to properly hear

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  8. At 9.43am yesterday Sabine was busy posting on her twitter account. So busy in fact that she had to get BM to contact the Court for her.

    Poorly – NO WAY.

    FINGERS UP IN THE AIR to the Court – definitely

    I do hope the CPS get a copy of the screen shot of her post on twitter, to show the Judge she was posting on twitter rather than answering to her bail in the Crown Court

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    • I sincerely hope that Sabine isn’t going to try and get her grubby hands involved in the ESA claimants fight with the government as nothing good will come of that and a lot of innocent folk could quite easily be taken in by someone who appears to know their way around the court system

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  9. Belinda says: ‘Despite Ella blackening our name….and thereby showing HER true colours….’ – is she coming to an awareness/admitting/revealing/ that Ella is, yes, a spiteful and vindictive cow?

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  10. If only the court would not give Sabine bail. A few weeks in a cell to reflect on things is maybe what she needs.

    I doubt Ella has returned to the UK, but you never know. If she wants to have any type of relationship with her children it is the only way forward. It is perhaps beginning to dawn on her that sitting abroad making videos for crazy people and SRA obsessives, is not helping her case at all. In fact, it can only be making things worse for her in the long term.

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  11. I wonder what the reason for Ella not being with Abe at the latest interview was. Maybe they are in different countries now.It could be that they were not together in previous interviews, but only appeared so. Maybe they played the two phone game all along.

    Abe and Ella recently showed their faces with the MK Ultra butterfly mug pictures, and now Abe dares to show his face on video too. I guess he had no alternative but to appear in the same way the other panelists did

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    • He does himself no favours, showing up in person. He’s an ugly little man from the inside out, and it shows.

      As for Ella–I’ve been wondering whether she might have made a trip home to Russia recently. Abe, at least, does seem to be still in Spain.



    Some interesting extracts of comments about Belinda and her role in the ‘truth movement; the comments relate to David Shayler, mostly.

    But would you recognise a covert spook when you saw one?

    The circles you move in must be full of them. Are you able to spot them?

    You may not believe they would bother, but believe me they would and they do, and they usually make sure they’re the ones running things.

    I know them instantly, there are certain mannerisms, and a general presence which they have. I got to know the type because I was in with that crew in Tokyo and was nearly sucked into their world.

    As I say, I may be mistaken about Belinda, but she sure does have a suspicious track record. Became Shayler’s ‘guardian’ then he starts talking about holograms and then he totally lost it and became sexy-legs Jesus? Why does she want to run every-single aspect of the London truth movement including StarChild alien psyops with the Military Intelligence agent Lloyd Pye (check his CV: Psychology and Govt Ops, perfect for creating a New-Age alien scam). It looks suspicious to me that this one person is trying to run everything. She effectively has become a gate-keeper for the whole London truth seeking movement. And ask yourself? Are we getting anywhere? Haven’t the 9-11 London groups and the Holly Grieg group disintegrated due to in-fighting and manipulation.

    Back to Shayley, in my experience they try to ensure that errant agents have someone present in their immediate entourage keeping an eye on them. Living with them in a communal flat is extremely common, particularly in London..

    ….I’ve met Mckenzie a few times.

    She was shifty and uncomfortable (and I tried to be charming and put her at ease)….

    I get the impression with Belinda that she has created an inner clique within all these movements she is now organising and with that inner circle you are part of the ‘in-crowd’ and are privy to what they get up to.

    I have a friend who used to be part of the 9-11 London meetings along with me. She left eventually because she knew something was going on and she was sure that our mutual friend MS B was part of something she wasn’t disclosing.

    I do not know for sure. But there were many operatives who attended those 9-11 meetings, as most of the time they seemed to be the ones who were running and organising everything. One gentleman got his book about Hemp published and was due to appear on radio 4, his character changed overnight, he became shifty and evasive and looked to me like he’d sold out for the moderate fame.

    Also there was another group organised by another lady, which Shayler also attended. The organiser reportedly overheard him being asked by another spook (one of the regulars who attends all the meetings around London) if he still worked for MI5 to which Shayler reportedly said he did.

    I say the same thing about the We Are Change members I met at another activist’s dinner-party. They became strangely threatening when I started bringing up what I had learned about the freemasons, they told me I would be in danger if I continued and they were also secretive and cliquey. We Are Change has also been infiltrated, at least in the London area……

    …….I’ve known Belinda for years, always found her to be very nice; I’ve stayed at her place a few times when I’ve been in London.

    Like all of us, she was very sad when Shayler went la la. As you know he lived at Belinda’s for a while. It’s my personal opinion they drugged him and used some kind of hypnosis on him while he was in Belmarsh. Just before Shayler announced he was Jesus the lady living in the flat below him kept on hearing voices saying “you are the Messiah”, which apparently was driving her nuts. So I definitely think there is some skullduggery at work by the shadowy forces. Once minute you had Shayler who was a credible articulate exMI5 officer going around saying that governments do do false flag terrorism, the next minute, you had a cross dressing loon who claimed to be Jesus Christ. How convenient for them. If you consider what they likes of Derren Brown and Paul McKenna can do on the television with people for our mere entertainment, what do you think the Security Services can do when they have someone locked up with the use of mind control techniques and the ability to administer drugs.

    I knew David Shayler before he went nuts, when he was on form, he really was quite an inspirational speaker who knew what he was talking about. Dave no longer talks to me, because I refused to accept he is Jesus and told him to seek professional help, which he took offense to. I have a 14k word email exchange with him where I tried to help him, but in the end he just became very abusive; I told him didn’t he find it strange Jesus would come back and spend so much time trying to convince me of all people, a devout atheist, that he is the Son of God.

    It’s been 5 years now since Shayler lost it, which is a long time, normally you’d expect someone to come out of it by then, as I said, I suspect some kind of hypnosis / mind control, but on the other hand, he could have just gone nuts, it does happen; there’s even a medical term for this, it’s known as Messiah Syndrome or Messiah Complex, google it. They have a ward in a mental hospital in Jerusalem specifically for people who think there are Jesus as they get so many of them.


    But why wouldn’t it be? It’s the easiest thing in the world for a covert mason or spook to get into these groups. All he has to do is show energy and enthusiasm and buy everyone drinks and he can start running the show.

    What I’ve observed, and what has come to me reported by friends of mine about these people I cannot ignore.

    Ms B seems to be taking over the truth-movement and become the centre of all activism in the London area.

    What better way to put the truth movement under the control of the security services by having such a dynamic and apparently effective presence there.

    It isn’t healthy. And we have seen what a disaster has come of 9-11 truth London, it is spook central down there.

    But again, I do not know for sure. I may be completely wrong and may have totally misjudged the situation.

    But Shayler has done a grand job of totally discrediting the 9-11 truth movement.

    If no-planes wasn’t silly enough then how about become a transvestite Jesus.

    Someone may have got to Shayler and driven him round the bend, or it may all be an act.
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    Belinda would be a perfect spook recruit with her arabic languages. Apparently Universities are good recruiting grounds, and one of her lecturers was a writer of spook novels…..

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    • I’ve entertained this idea from time to time–that Belinda is employed by some intelligence agency–but always come round to the conclusion that if they’re paying her, they’re dumb as a sack of hammers.

      If I were in charge of, say, recruiting for MI5, would I really want to hire someone who’s best known for being a charity scammer? From Iran Aid through the Starchild and Charles Seven cases, up to Hollie G. and the so-called ‘Knight Foundation’ (which is not now and never has been an actual charity), Belinda has taken it upon herself to pass the begging bowl…but somehow, there’s never any accounting as to where the money actually goes.

      This is all a matter of public record.

      It seems to me that if MI5 were to consider hiring her, they’d at very least insist that she clean up her act, get her alleged charities in order, and try to look respectable. The last thing they need is someone who draws attention to herself for her shady dealings.


    • Personally I am not inclined to go too down far the ‘security services’ route. To me that seems part of an aaggrandising fantasy generated largely in the imaginations of those who author rather lame, if sometimes entertaining, novels. Use may well be made of certain types of idiot as per legend. But I feel intervention in conspiritainment is probably limited to the odd prod – much as a child might poke a ‘Poo Stick’ to keep it moving downstream. The ultimate planned destination for these vessels is a small island named Stupid.

      “But would you recognise a covert spook when you saw one?” – Surely if one would that would mean the said “spook” was particularly bad at their job? If they do exist they are most likely to be unremarkable – I imagine.

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      • I agree wholeheartedly. Belinda is clever enough at looking after Belinda, in the guise of ‘helping others’. And I think you’re right that she’s a bottom feeder in the conspiratainment industry.


    • No, sorry, BW – as I’ve said before, the theory about Belinda being a secret MI5 agent, with all due respect, is silly and unsubstantiated and risks making us sound as credulous and paranoid as the other side.


  13. Joinder bundles – as mentioned by Sabine

    So what is a joinder?

    From the CPS website:

    Two or more Defendants in one Count

    It is an established rule that all defendants involved in a single offence may be joined in a single count. This applies not only to principal offenders but also to those who assist or encourage the offence.

    Those defendants, therefore, who aid, abet, counsel or procure the offence should be indicted jointly as principal offenders. For example, a defendant who acts as a lookout in a burglary committed by another defendant will be indicted jointly with the principal offender.

    Defendants charge jointly can be convicted of separately committing the offence: see DPP v Merriam [1972] 56 Cr.App.R.766.
    Where the principal offender is under a legal disability (for example a disqualified driver) but an aider and abettor is not, the following is suggested:


    DRIVING WHILST DISQUALIFIED contrary to section 103(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988.


    A.B., on 1 January 2009, drove a motor vehicle on a road while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence, and C.D. on the same day aided, abetted, counselled or procured A.B. to commit the said offence.


    Different Defendants in Separate Counts

    It is possible for an indictment to include two or more counts which charge different defendants with different offences, even though there is no one count common to all defendants. However, there must be a sufficient linking factor between the separate offences to justify their joinder in the one indictment: for example, a series of assaults during a gang fight.

    Any number of persons may be charged in one indictment, with reference to the same theft, with having at different times or at the same time handled all or any of the stolen goods, and the persons so charged may be tried together. See section 27(1) of the Theft Act 1978. A thief and the handler may be joined in one indictment on the principal.

    When drafting an indictment, bear in mind the possibility of an application at the Crown Court for severance of the counts into separate trials. Severance may be ordered where the admissibility of the evidence is not the same against each defendant or where the case would otherwise be too long and complicated. Arguments in favour of a joint trial would include not just a saving of time and money but also that fairness dictates that the same verdict and same treatment be given to the defendants.


    So how many of us would want to be tried in the same Court as Neelu?

    Having her present seems quite a liability, perhaps next time she will run up to the Judge naked, offer sex., and then proclaim she is the messiah.

    After Neelu tried to arrest a Judge who knows whats next? Anything seems possible. Forget the reptile aliens, they are much worse – SM, BM, NB……

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    • Neelu has a video link to the latest court appearance by Patrick Culinane QC ( Quixotic Campaigner) over council tax. Needless to say arrest warrants for judges have been issued for operating illegally.

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  14. Neelu has a video link up to the latest court appearance by Patrick Culinane QC (Quixotic Campaigner) over council tax. Needless to say, arrest warrants have been issued for judges.

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