ACTION: Tackling Hoaxtead on Facebook

This week we’ve been focussing on helping our readers have illegal blogs, videos, and tweets about the Hampstead hoax taken off the internet.

It’s not easy, and can be incredibly frustrating, as platforms like Google, YouTube, and can be very slow to react; and often as soon as a video is removed, someone posts another copy. But we are making headway: you can tell by the volume of the whining and moaning coming from the Hoaxtead pushers about how the ‘large, rich and powerful Satanic cult’ is messing with their God-given right to destroy the lives of innocent children, families, teachers, clergy, and business folk:

This self-pitying bit of bilge comes from a Facebook page called ‘Cannabis Cures Cancers!’, whose Canadian owner, Kane Slater, seems inordinately interested in gang-raping children and eating babies.

If you check out the page, you’ll discover that it’s peppered with posts like this:

Cannabis cures cancer-FB page-post 2016-01-29

The amount of red ink on this page should give you an idea of the type of thing Kane likes to post: he’s fond of putting up pictures of RD’s children, along with as much identifying info’ as he can manage. This sort of page is typical of Hoaxtead posts on Facebook, and trying to get them taken down can be a huge chore–not just because of the volume, but because Facebook itself seems to offer no reliable way to remove this sort of child-abusing garbage.

Here’s why: when you click ‘report’ on a post like this, the following box will appear:

Facebook report process 1 2016-01-29

Okay. Option 1 (It’s annoying or not interesting) is obviously intended to weed out trivial complaints, like “I hate One Direction, stop putting up pics of them”. Option 2 (I’m in this photo and I don’t like it) doesn’t apply to those of us trying to have Hoaxtead posts removed. Unless, of course, we’re RD. Option 4 (It’s spam) doesn’t really work either.

Obviously, the answer we’re looking for here is I don’t think it should be on Facebook.

That response brings up this box:

Facebook-reporting-2 2016-01-29

This is where things get very tricky. Pictures of RD’s children, even though they might include graphic descriptions of sexual acts, can’t be construed as nudity or pornography. They’re not photos of our own family; they don’t seem to humiliate me or someone I know. And while they’re definitely inappropriate, annoying or not funny, we get the distinct sense that choosing this category will doom our complaint to the circular file.

All right, then…could the answer be Something else? Let’s see:

Facebook-report-3 2016-01-29

Again, we’re left with a list of options that don’t really fit the case. The pictures aren’t attacking anyone based on religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation; they’re not advocating harm (except in the broader sense of promoting vigilantism); they aren’t pictures of someone harming or planning to harm themselves; they’re not about guns, drugs, or related products; and they’re not unauthorised use of intellectual property.

Yet these are the only options Facebook offers us. It’s no wonder it’s difficult to have this material removed!

Without some sort of “these pictures break the law” or “these pictures violate a court order” option, and with no space to write a note explaining the problem, complaining to Facebook is like talking to a wall.

That said, it would be unfair of us to completely condemn Facebook without looking at it from their perspective. Here’s an article on how Facebook moderation works, from the point of view of someone whose job it is to handle all the complaints that make it through the algorithm.

Obviously, rescuing people from immediate harm must take precedence over anything else a moderator does; but surely there must be room in Facebook’s complaints process for issues that will cause harm in the future—like when RD’s children are old enough to look themselves up online, and find out what the Hoaxtead loons have been saying about them.

Reporting fake accounts

The news on Facebook isn’t all bad, though. For example, Facebook has strict rules against people using fake names for their accounts; this can be used to our advantage. The reporting procedure for fake accounts is much more straightforward than the procedure for complaining about a post:

Kris DaCosta-report-1 2016-01-28Kris DaCosta-report-2 2016-01-28

It can take a while for Facebook to get around to dealing with this issue, but in our experience, they will pounce on anyone they suspect of not being who they say they are, and will ask for proof of identity. If the person can’t provide it, Facebook will suspend their access to the profile, and ultimately close it down.

We wish we could give you more encouraging news, but right now it seems that the best way to halt the spread of Hoaxtead posts on Facebook is to target fake accounts.

If any of you have had better success, and would be kind enough to share your tips and tricks, we’ll be very grateful to hear them!





46 thoughts on “ACTION: Tackling Hoaxtead on Facebook

  1. Nice work as always, EC 🙂

    By the way, I love that CCC is happy to announce in public that every single website is down except Facebook. That that’s the only website he can access. So this “large, rich and powerful cult” have not only managed to remotely hack into his computer (because hey, CCC is really important and he has “The Man” running so scared) but they’ve inexplicably managed to block his access to every single website in the World except…er…Facebook, the one website where he’s actually speaking out against them. And as I say, he’s happy to spout that in public without fear of what people will think of him. What was it we were saying about these Hoaxtead fruitloops lacking in self-awareness? XD

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  2. Thanks so much for posting this E.C!
    This has been a problem for me (and I know many others) for at least the past year.
    Facebook, along with other social networks should have a complaint category for defamatory or libellous content, but they don’t seem to hold that in much regard.
    Accusing someone of being a child rapist or a child murderer
    are probably the worst things you could say about a person.
    In particular Facebook,
    Twitter & Google need to get their act together!

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  3. Confound it all, what errant young scamps like CCC need is a spell in the army, don’t you know. Make real men of them. Bring back national service, I say. Kids of today have no respect. And whatever happened to corporal punishment? 6 of the best, that’s what these long-haired young ruffians need to teach them some discipline. A sound thrashing at least once a week! It never did me any harm (apart from psychological maladjustment and a fetish for being whipped). Anyway, I’d better dash – they’re doing a two-for-one special on ruby port down at the gentleman’s club. Tootle-pip, chaps – keep up the splendid work!

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  4. If you click ‘Report Page’ there’s more options than just reporting a post.
    Any ideas on what to do from there?

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  5. Given how these conspiracies have spread so far & wide via blogs, Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc and how every nutcase on the planet is allowed to run free via the net it can’t be a very powerful cult that hasn’t got the big net providers onside.

    Not a lot of deep thinking goes on with the conspiraturds just a lot of dot joining. By the way Neelu is now on the case of the Patriots & the Bundys in the USA and is warning that revolution is coming so she’s probably now on an FBI watch list.

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  6. The options on Facebook are very poor aren’t they. At least Twitter has options that are better suited to our needs.

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  7. Nice post Helen. It’s good to see that CCC isn’t getting the response that he expected from people. Hopefully this means more people are waking up to the hoax

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  8. That invasion of hamsters downunder, has created a big lotta light for us here, UK.

    Its has proven the link between all of the hoaxers. The Anti Corruption Page on Facebook are working on this, and last night posted an article by Wake Up World, to show background on one of those recieving death threats, shown by John Brown’s Video.

    There was a message to me that they were now withdrawing support and having realised the damage, would work to help undo it. I have no idea who ‘they ‘ are………But i have found alot of angels out there, they ARE the one’s who rake dark shit out of the dark web, I couldn’t get a comment onto the discussion, but i will post this on that facebook group. My force is strong on facebook.

    eaten lives matter, was allowed to be really foul to me, some copied, by a friend, some by me, i think.

    I pointed people to watch it there, and it was so revolting, any wondering……have had another dose, of reality, …………….

    There is a real realisation going on, for some that couldn’t work out what was what , and who is who, etc….My black and white lists have helped,,,,,,alot….but need to develop into proper, alphabet, country, subject etc groups, I think it shows, that i’m not able. There is a really good website sitting mostly idle, that could be ideal, to invite people to be guest writers, etc….. i just need to speak with someone, If a no,
    my clumsy blog, isn’t up for the job, nor my skills,

    WHO do i think I AM ???? 🙂

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  9. And the Creepy Drama Queen Award goes to…

    By the way, I’ve reported about 10 of this psychotic freak’s posts (as well as his actual page), to no avail. However, now that he’s accused a specific named individual as a baby-eater, Facebook will have to sit up and take notice; so may I suggest that we all report the above post? I think we have an opportunity here.

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  10. LOL! Would that we had even a tiny bit of the power they all seem to think we do. As you say, the Hoaxteaders seem to have a rather large mental block about that: if we were that powerful, would we really let them keep flapping their gums about this thing?

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  11. Good point, AS–I should have thought to include that in the post. When I’ve reported pages, I’ve usually got a message along the lines of “this page doesn’t violate our community guidelines. If you see specific posts that you think should be removed, please report them”. Not the exact wording, but that’s the idea.


  12. Dear CCC: No, you gimboid–because people aren’t coming to your page to find info’ about cults. They’re looking for stuff about curing cancer using weed, and they probably resent having the page hijacked to promote your loony agenda.

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  13. Christ, I’d love to be a fly on the wall if she started shouting abuse at them, calling them Satanists and imposing multi-million-dollar liens on them – American cops aren’t renowned for their patience and understanding!

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  14. i’m doing my best to put the picture together and have also uploaded kellies interview, my latest edition 🙂 which makes a lot of points i think, cos downunder looking here, wake up world, hence, more serious truthers, will etc, we may yet get this sorted, and my dear wish is that all the hollie stuff can be gone as well as hamp and fiona , and any more, we find. Thankyou Helen, and i’m having fun 🙂

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  15. Sheba. There’s some awful allegations being made about someone you know. You’ll have to go over to HWSNBN to see.


  16. i will not click on his shite bog, or bog shite…..anyhow, now apparanty apart from all the weird and wonderful things i am accused of, i also run Anti Corruption Page on Facebook, who, actually provided me with a missing link, ie. Amanda Prosser, investigator, downunder, also slurred disgustingly by him and fiona barnett………but i did just find this there, and so far, they are the first to brave the onslaught, and promote your blog, and mine, and us… made me think that it could be, that we are not following those steps, ie blocking, etc, and maybe if you do , it is taken more seriously ? i must admit, at times, i have broken these steps because i want to continue confronting them…… the more and worse they say about me, the more people are waking up, that thought this was just some minor stoopid, lot of nonsense that should be ignored, and also realising that some high stakes are at play too. Meanwhile tho, i would love some real news from the hampstead residents, if possible, behind scenes if needsbe, and not published, without permission, i ain’t sabine 🙂

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  17. They do, i’ve seen a few posts that think it has been hijacked, but just for good measure, i have alerted another massive network, of the Norml kind that keep it more real, and United Patients Alliance, just so they can warn their members, given the dark sinister threads we are finding, this all leading to


  18. yew i scanned the worst i could see since a few weeks back is that i apparantly supported arthur thingbob, which i think, can be discounted very easily, given that i alerted people to his conviction recently, if i was noticed looking at him, it wasn’t for support, believe me, when i support people they go on my whitelist, or i highly recommend, if they fall foul of normal boudaries, then blacklisted they will go, and i havn’t got round to the inbetweeners list for the dont knows, but i may have to. 🙂 This is all so temporal, like the ugly monster, gruesome diabolical grossness, rearing to cause as much damage as possible as it dies, so please tho we jest, at times, there are various reports i’m seeing of people getting disgusting texts, pms, hacks, violations, of many kinds, so be careful, and let’s also look after each other moreso.


  19. Now i’m unsure, tracy of why you said that, i though you meant a good person i know, so in future, please be more specific, as i do not want to give that site any oxygen, at all. i’ve given it more than usual, but it has worked to really turn the truthers who for some reason were following it all, and reversing the trend, that is now unstoppable, i’m unconcerned about what someone like him thinks of me, but am concerned if new names are being added to the hitlist, as already too many good people have been put in real danger.


  20. I didn’t want to repeat an allegation willy nelly and name names, hence being coy.

    I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, it wasn’t my intention.


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  23. This is not a hoax though, there’s the issue. I have been affected by exactly the same things the children talked about in a similar place


  24. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been through difficult times, Lyra, but I’m afraid that your experience, whatever it might have been, does not prove that Ella and Abe’s story was true.


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