BREAKING: Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter account suspended

Chalk another one up for our side!

Last week, we launched a formal complaint about the @drifloud Twitter account. They responded, asking for further details.

Yesterday morning, we sent the following email to Twitter’s Support team:

Hi, and thanks for getting back to me.

The DrifLoud (@drifloud) account holder has been on a relentless campaign of harassment, libel, and abuse since the account’s inception.

The anonymous person who runs the account publishes multiple libellous and harassing posts daily, most related to the Hampstead ‘satanic ritual abuse’ hoax that was debunked last March in the UK High Court. In that judgement, Mrs Justice Pauffley stated very clearly that anyone who continued to publish images and/or the names of the two children involved would be considered to have broken the law.

Here’s that judgement:

Not only has DrifLoud consistently tweeted pictures of the now 9- and 10-year-old children and excerpts from stolen and highly confidential police investigation and medical/psychiatric reports (which I’ve complained to Twitter about in the past, many times), but he also posts images of private citizens whom he routinely accuses of rape, paedophilia, murder, child trafficking, and cannibalism.

Here are a few examples of his abusive and defamatory tweets from the past couple of days, in which he shows pictures of named private individuals who have never been charged with any crime, along with personal information about them:

Here are some examples of his use of illegal, confidential, and sexually explicit information concerning the two Hampstead children, whom he routinely names: (includes graphic description of anal rape of a child)

Here are some examples of his tweets of excerpts of the police report, which was illegally obtained and disseminated:

While I am primarily concerned with DrifLoud’s gross violations of the law, he has also directed some of his abuse at my @HoaxteadR account:

I hope this information is helpful to you. I believe DrifLoud’s account should be suspended, not for my sake, but because of his relentless campaign of libel and harassment. If you’d like any further information on this, you might wish to get in touch with DC Paul Speer, the officer in charge of this case. He can be reached at As well, I’ll be happy to answer any further questions.

Thanks for your consideration!

Last evening, we received the following notice:

Drifloud-Twitter suspension-2016-01-25Coming on the heels of yesterday’s mysterious mind-control episode, we’re sure this will ramp up the paranoia factor chez Abrella, but right now we’re too busy celebrating to care.

Countdown to Abe/Drippy’s head exploding: 3….2…1….



91 thoughts on “BREAKING: Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter account suspended

  1. Congratulations although slightly annoyed with how slow Twitter, Facebook and Google are at removing what are blatant violations of law. Complaining now about Araya Soma who is one of her racist anti-Semitic rants accusing an entire race of people as being inbreed.

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  2. It’d be interesting if Abe did whine about that Twitter account being banned, as Drif Loud’s been telling us for some time that he’s definitely not Abe 🙂

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  3. Nice work El Coyote, it is good to know that places like Twitter do actually pay attention to the reports they get.

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  4. Well done El C and well done Twitter. A thoroughly deserved suspension, especially for the pics of the children and innocent people. Abraham’s frustration and anger has been palpable lately. This may send him into overload.

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  5. Isn’t it strange that she has almost 500 followers on her Facebook page? Perhaps some people find her entertaining. She is also a holocaust denier, which I am sure is a crime in some places. She describes herself as a yoga teacher and singer. Hey, you couldn’t make it up.
    She goes on about the establishment etc. I bet she has never worked a day in her life. She is one disgusting, flat Earthing urine drinking bitch.


  6. “Abraham’s frustration and anger has been palpable lately.”

    Indeed, “Ella Draper” comments on YouTube have increased in level of desperation for some time now, mostly a copy and paste spam about TBMC that makes your brain bleed and doesn’t receive any replies because nobody gets past the first paragraph.

    There is the occasional you are RD comment, which can’t be true as El Coyote was that week, it wasn’t my shift! Reply asking him a question and the silence is deafening.

    You can tell from these desperate comments that Abraham’s support has evaporated and his attempted break into the US has ended up a damp fart. I have taken great joy in trampling all over the recent Jeranism idiotic YouTube comments and I note some usual suspects also there too. 😉

    I reckon you can count on one finger the number of reliable (to him) supporters he has, people have moved on and he feels it and his money making scheme slipping away into obscurity.

    The writing is on the wall regarding his relationship with Ella too.

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  7. Heads up, on facebook, i’ve been alerted to a new page ‘Eaten Lives Matter’, Hampstead……i’ve put a callout to mass report and there’s a bit of bish bash bosh going on, as i tackle them a bit, while it lasts,

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  8. It’s been around a while. I think it’s run by that creepy no-mark Aaron Dover and a few others.

    I’ve gone in to back you up and am also having a dust-up with their glorious leader in the PMs. Always got your back, Sheva 🙂 x

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  9. Great news to come home from work to, EC!
    Brilliantly constructed complaint containing EVIDENCE…something Dri Floud doesn’t have a clue about.

    Well done!

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  10. I can’t even count the number of her posts that I’ve reported; Facebook’s response is always “this doesn’t violate our community standards”. So it’s okay to post hate speech about Jews, but not okay to post pics of women breastfeeding their babies? Facebook’s “community standards” clearly need a hard look.

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  11. They do eventually, yes. I did this by going to Twitter’s home page (not the actual Twitter stream) and looking for their long-form complaints section. That seems to get their attention a bit better than just reporting individual posts, as I was able to give them some context, and demonstrate a pattern of abusive posting.


  12. Yes, I think Abe made a critical mistake in trying to shift from SRA to TBMC. He’s broken the cardinal rule of communications: don’t change horses in mid-stream!

    I want to write more about this in a post, but for now I’ll just say that when you confuse your listeners by suddenly switching messages, it’s the second-biggest sign that your campaign is moribund. The first: you start selling t-shirts and mugs with your logo on them. I have this from a very experienced source. 🙂


  13. Good going, Sally! I’ve reported multiple posts on that page, as well as the page itself. More on this to follow, but the short story is that Facebook’s reporting protocol really limits what we can do. I’m going to see if I can find a better way, and will report back if anything turns up.

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  14. Oh, there were some howlers. This is a mere snippet!

    By the way, I think it was when I said I have a mate who’s a DHL delivery driver who gives me special discounts on packages from Africa that she really saw red.

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  15. My initial attempt to close Abraham Christie website came to nothing.
    Fair comment by those who provided software to Abraham Christie.

    Subject: Re: Child abuse
    Date: Sat, January 23, 2016 3:23 pm
    To: xxxxxREDACTEDxxxxxx
    Priority: Normal
    Options: View Full Header | Print | Download this as a file | View as HTML


    We are sorry to read this.

    b2evolution is FREE software that anyone can download and use to build a website
    that she can host anywhere. Most people use it for good. Unfortunately some people
    use it for bad.

    We have absolutely no control over who downloads our software, the use they make of
    it and their websites. They use their own hosting.

    We like to help but complaining to us is similar to complaining to a paint
    manufacturer because someone used their paint to make a graffiti. It doesn’t mean
    that paint is bad in itself.

    In our case it’s even more tricky because our product is freely available. We cannot
    even refuse to “sell” to them or take it away from them.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  16. We need to find out who hosts Christie’s site. I think it is possible for it to be a server in his own house, but I can’t imagine him having the skill to run such a thing on his own.

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  17. Good point. I think the best place to complain about Abrella’s latest bit of dog turd is the company that hosts their site: I’m working on a post on how to complain to various sites, and hope to have it up by tomorrow.

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  18. She said that my Aunt Sally picture was creepy and looked like a paedophile, lol. The irony is that her own profile picture is of two vulnerable, abused children, used without their permission.

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  19. Well done 🙂

    I have just sent this:

    Subject: A site on your servers hosting child abuse
    From: xxxxREDACTEDxxxx
    Date: Tue, January 26, 2016 8:23 pm
    Priority: Normal
    Options: View Full Header | Print | Download this as a file


    I would like to report a site that is promoting child abuse, and is hosted
    on your servers.

    The site is

    The children who are identified on the site have been subject to various
    forms of child abuse, and were taken into care, these children have been
    named, and various images, video and other humiliating details of the
    abused children have been displayed on the site. You can see the image of
    the two children when you first enter the site, the girl has bruising to
    her head, inflicted by the owner of the site.

    The children are subject to various court orders trying to protect their
    identity, and the owner is a fugitive wanted by the UK police in relation
    to his torture of the children. The owner of the site is also using the
    site to wage an intense campaign of harassment and defamation against
    innocent teachers and parents in the Hampstead area of London.

    Details of a High Court conclusion involving the owner of the site is here:

    Can you please consider closing this site down?

    Best regards.



  20. TOS:

    ” 2.) Content
    Sites hosted on’s service(s) are regulated only by Icelandic Law. is not in a position to investigate and validate or invalidate the veracity of individual defamation claims, which is why we rely on the legal system and courts to determine whether or not material is indeed considered defamatory. In any case in which an Icelandic court order indicates material is defamatory, libelous, or slanderous in nature; we will comply and remove or disable access to the material in question.

    If in doubt regarding the acceptability of your site or service, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

    Potential harm to minors is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to child pornography or content perceived to be child pornography (Lolita):

    Any site found to host child pornography or linking to child pornography will be suspended immediately without notice.

    Your services will be terminated with or without notice. Violations may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.”


  21. Where Iceland is concerned, it’d be best to provide the court order telling Ella to remove stuff and the fact finding judgement, rather than rely on defamation. They’ll just say take it to court. Also, make it a child protection issue, focus on that, and sexualisation of the children, child pornography if that’ll stand up. I don’t know what they’ve actually put on their site.

    Iceland has specifically positioned itself as a haven for free speech and when things are libellous they will almost certainly want to see a court order.

    This is something where someone actually named could get a court order.

    Iceland is strong on children’s rights and child protection, but it just a problem how this conflicts with ideas about free speech.

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  22. ‘Nice one, EC. You’re my hero’

    Seconded. Truly, kudos for your hard work.

    I have been caught up and not been able to comment due to commitments this week, but have been following events. Many thanks for your efforts. I will be back contributing to the group v soon. Thanks to everyone here who makes this blog what it is.

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  23. I’m not sure what’s worse, Araya’s singing, or Abraham’s TBMC crap.

    Abraham ignoring the questions will not go unnoticed by people who are truly interested in the truth. His small band of hard core supporters don’t care about the truth,Including Jeranism.

    I think everybody has been RD at some point, or at all points according to Abraham, lol.

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  25. Shit, can someone hear that cat? Sounds like it’s really suffering. Is there a vet in the house? Preferably one with a “goodnight” syringe?


  26. Sorry Araya but drunken wailing spinsters are sooo 1992. It’s a no from me, I’m afraid, and you won’t be going through to boot camp. Now get off the f*cking stage, luv – there’s an old man with a dancing dog waiting to come on and he isn’t house-trained. And neither is the dog.

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  27. Not only have none of the chairs swivelled around, but Boy George and Will.I.Am have slashed their own throats to avoid listening to any more of this!


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  29. I notice it is listed as Comedy. Is Araya for real or a character created by Diane Morgan?


  30. Awesome work, well done. I also like the saying (which I heard for the first time today) that ‘you can’t ride two horses with one arse’

    Or promote two different hoaxes whilst being an arse? Or something.


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