ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

Yesterday, in the wake of our successful take-down of Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter page, we talked about how to take down blogs that promote the Hampstead SRA hoax.

As always, our amazing community contributed tons of interesting tips and suggestions, so if you’d like to help too, we’d urge you to check out yesterday’s post.

Part 2: Videos

Today, we’ll tackle the ongoing challenge of getting videos removed.


Some of us have had some success having videos taken down from YouTube, but it’s always an uphill battle.

Here’s our recipe, but please be aware that it’s not 100% reliable…and it always works better when several people object to the same videos.

  1. When you report a video, YouTube offers a number of possible grounds for complaint. In general, we click the ‘child abuse’ category.
  2. It’s important to select a timestamp, especially in videos where the illegal content has been hidden behind a legal-looking opening. In videos featuring images of the children, we forward to the place where those images are shown, for example.
  3. YouTube gives you 500 characters in which to make your complaint, so it’s important to get all the information in there in as few words as possible. We’ve found that including the court order and Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment can be helpful. Here’s a sample of a format we’ve used:
    This abusive video features illegal images of 2 children who are the subject of this court order:
    In the video, the children describe allegations of sexual abuse, including ‘touching each other’. The children were the subject of this judgment in the High Court, Family Division: Please remove it ASAP.

We’re aware that the court order contains the children’s names, but unfortunately there’s really no way around that in this instance. Including it in complaints shows YouTube that this case has been before the courts, and carries a certain amount of weight.

YouTube-complaint 2016-01-27Vimeo

And of course, YouTube isn’t the only place where Hoaxtead videos can be found. Vimeo is a popular YouTube alternative, and is reputed to be even harder to convince that certain videos should be removed.

Sabine McNeill and Abraham Christie (‘Nemesis’) both have Vimeo channels, as does ‘Mister Jones’ (who bears a strong resemblance to Guidance 2222).

Our friend Satanic Views kindly shared his 4-part Vimeo strategy with us:

It was an overkill perhaps, but start by having a Vimeo account.

1. Flag individual videos with their report button.
2. Flag the entire account by using Report this Person flag on their profile page.

In addition:

3. I emailed support. (Here’s Vimeo’s FAQ on how to report abuse
4. I tweeted @vimeo on Twitter – which they monitor.

I have had two responses that they will look into it.

In addition,

5. I referred the entire account to the Internet Watch Foundation:

My argument was that they were hosting child abuse videos that feature images, details of abuse and names of abused children. Plus, that the videos were stolen from the police.

All excellent advice, and we’d add the following:


A common thread throughout Hoaxtead videos is their constant derogatory and inflammatory statements about the families, teachers, clergy, and business-people of Hampstead; and of course, there are very few videos that don’t claim that RD is a paedophile, murderer, cannibal, ‘snuff film’ producer, child pornographer, etc. If the video you’re reporting contains any such statements, it’s a good idea to emphasise this in your complaint to Vimeo.

We know it’s not practically possible to stamp out all the Hoaxtead videos online, but our goal is to make a significant dent in the Hoaxtead pushers’ efforts. We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions as well!

We can do it




43 thoughts on “ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

  1. Thanks, EC.

    And kudos to Vimeo for actually having defamation as an abuse category. Has anyone else noticed that when you report something on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, defamation isn’t one of the options? They clearly don’t see it as an issue (yet I’m sure the likes of Mark Zuckerberg would be the first to sue you if you libeled them in public).

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  2. Great advice on how to report their videos. I am glad you mentioned about the timestamp as sometimes I wasn’t sure what to put in that box as I was reporting the whole video. I am getting better at reporting stuff on Twitter & YouTube and hopefully the advice here will make our reporting more effective.

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    • I’ve always used the time stamp when reporting videos but Google hardly ever react as I see the same videos months later.. still being viewed. It’s really frustrating.

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  3. Thanks for the reporting advice. I’m getting better at reporting stuff on Twitter & YouTube and this advice will hopefully make our reporting even more effective.

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  4. Why do these people still have facebook accounts? (No no no no. I can’t believe she likes one of my favourite restaurants. I mean the restaurant is awfully woo-heavy by the food is fantastic. Never knew I would have something mutual with such a person)

    Oh God, they both like pseudoscience-ridden facebook pages.

    Wait… no no no.

    Damn it. One of my favorite restaurants is unethical and evil.


    • I don’t know Sassy, thanks for the leads πŸ™‚

      I have shelved the NLP post for now, just cos i really am overstretched with some heavy and serious stuff, that needs sorting, whilst that can wait.

      We can come back to it. But i havn’t got time for much convo, either, not meaning to be rude, it is an important tool. used well and misused, so out with the quacks i say πŸ™‚

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  5. I don’t have a Vimeo account so will concentrate on YT vids. Luckily the actual video footage doesn’t appear to be spreading as much anymore as it is mainly interviews with Ella and Abe that get traffic. Though the latest interview video does have audio of the children.

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    • We should have mentioned that: no one should feel obligated to open new accounts just so they can report this stuff. We all work where and as we can. It’s the overall effect that’s important!


  6. Just had a message from Facebook saying that the “Eaten Lives Matter” page doesn’t conflict with community guide lines. I will try again by reporting the specific photo.

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    • Haha, well written and pretty damn accurate. I love the part where the author winds up sounding like the crazy one…so true, if you start hanging about too much with the conspiraloons.


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