Just how paranoid can a Hoaxteader get?

We’re often bemused by the degree of paranoia that Hoaxtead pushers seem to display: according to them, for example, this blog is run by some sort of top secret black-ops organisation…and/or by RD…and/or by ‘the Cult’…though why a post-punk/goth rock band would want to go to all this trouble is really beyond us.

Well, never mind.

The point is that those who promote Hoaxtead seem to share certain attributes. Paranoia, gullibility, and an overwhelming inability to grasp how the world works go hand in hand with this lot.

For example, our Paranoid Nutter of the Week, a Canadian fellow named Kane Slater, offers a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of the average Hoaxtead pusher.

Kane Slater-getting hacked 2016-02-01 at 4.27.51 PMOkay, let’s start with the obvious: there’s no way to hack a person’s computer so that they only have access to one internet site. True story.

It’s possible to have a virus that prevents access to all but one place, but that would be kind of silly. What would be the point?

Of course, it could just be that all the places Kane wants to access have been taken down because they’re shit sites that were breaking the law, and so he thinks someone’s blocking him.

Oh, wait, hang on, we think we might have found the problem:

Kane Slater-BudbuddyBiz-2016-02-01Mmm…yeah. Shit sites…breaking law…online mail-order weed shop….we think we’ve found a winner!

Oh, but look: Kane is still out there fighting:

Kane Slater-hacked-2 2016-02-01

LOL! Believe us, if we had an IT department, and they could figure out some way to keep people like Kane from spreading their illegal lies, libel, and harassment, we’d have done it by now.

And if that were the case, why on earth would we confer amongst ourselves and decide not to allow him to visit his online head shop, while giving him free rein on Facebook, a site where by his own admission he’s been able to spread his hateful message for months now?

If we Hoaxtead-busters really were the all-powerful ‘elites’ that Kane and his friends think we are, would we really allow him to prance about Facebook spreading garbage like this?

Kane Slater-cannibalism 2016-02-01We absolutely would not.

In fact, if we were really that powerful, we’d have nipped this entire hoax in the bud, instead of struggling along for months, exposing and closing down videos, blogs, and Twitter pages piecemeal. Really, if we were GCHQ or MI5 or some bloody thing, don’t you think we’d be just a tad more efficient?

(By the way, for those keeping score: looks like Bobbie Reihe is another potential kidnapper. Just saying.)

Or perhaps we’d just have someone pay him a wee visit at home. As we understand it, that’s standard procedure for those black-ops types.

Kane Slater-Palace-Place-1-Palace-Pier-4




40 thoughts on “Just how paranoid can a Hoaxteader get?

  1. I’ve been accused of changing the date on a YouTube comment I made, quite how I would is anyone’s guess, I was really puzzled as to why I would though!

    There are some truly mental people out there.

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  2. People wonder why we continue??
    The post above is a classic example of why!

    Brainless idiots are still perpetuating the Hampstead Hoax and now want to ‘kidnap’ the children!
    Good enough reason for me…

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    • I agree. It’s a combination of anger at injustice, concern for the children, and frustration at the rampant stupidity that keeps most of us going.


  3. Shhh! I told you not to mention our black ops connection, EC. MI5 will stop our wages if we’re not careful.

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    • Oh, I meant to mention that: I’ve come across this kind of weird spelling before, and I think it’s supposed to keep the ‘Illuminati’ from finding you. You know, they can’t search your stuff using regular search terms, etc.


      • Ha. Kane’s head will fall off in 3..2…1 !!

        Anyhoo, why didn’t he just use the dark web, or whatever its called, to buy his weed?? Seems as though he’s brought the attention on himself. What’s the betting he lives with his dear old ma at fancy pants condo (palace place one palace pier court..bit of a mouthful for a stoner) and he’ll be shitting his pants now. Oh no, what a pity. ;).

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  4. If there was an all powerful Illuminati, it would give me the greatest pleasure to abduct all these Satan Hunters, put them in chains and dump them from an airplane into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seem again. The lack of action by the all powerful Illuminati shows how insubstantial the fantasies of the Satan Hunter aka Truther is.

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  5. More proof that cannabis can cause paranoia. Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty people who smoke cannabis and I used to do so myself. However, they admit that it has negative effects such as paranoia.

    Having said that, many of their followers are fanatics in cannabis, Christianity or veganism. Supporting Ella and Abe because they share common traits. A truly ridiculous reason to support them.

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    • Yes–I used to smoke weed a fair bit too, and I am all for legalisation; but like anything, it has its side effects. And I don’t automatically like someone because they support some of the same things I do…especially if I know that those people have done some truly evil things.


  6. Just think if we were not EX-weed smokers.. we might have become as paranoid as that lot.
    Yep, we’re definitely the more ‘awake’ ones. 🙂

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  7. What a weird sort of Illuminati One World Satanic Cult it is : manipulating world events for centuries for the baby-eating elites (Rothschilds, Windsors, Hitlers etc) including creating the Russian revolution and WW2 and every terrorist false flag event since yet it allows Youtube to flourish so the Troothers can expose it !

    What worries me is just how many Troothers are there out there- driving trains, fixing your electricity, doing all the day to day jobs we rely on. And their fucking insane.

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    • In fairness, the majority of troofers that I’ve come across have been unemployed and living on benefits. You may have tapped into the one advantage of letting them carry on doing so – it keeps them out of workplace-based mischief. The general public can take great consolation from that and breathe a sigh of relief.

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    • Sounds like he likes getting off his face and weed is his drug of choice, and if that isn’t there he needs something to fill the dark void………

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