Drifloud’s head has officially exploded

As predicted in our post earlier this week regarding the suspension of Drifloud’s Twitter account, the Drippy One’s head has now officially exploded.

Yesterday he was able to briefly regain control of his account, but we reported it again, and within minutes Drippy’s suspension had been made permanent.

Drifloud-head explosion-3-2016-01-30Oh, dearie, dearie me.

Deprived of his Twitter audience, Drippy resorted to his old tried-and-true, emailing everyone in the known universe to vent his spleen:

For the attention of the boss of “Twitter”:

RE: Your SLANDEROUS accusation I have participated in “targeted abuse.”

I was, and will continue, to lawfully reveal NAMED & GENITALLY-IDENTIFIED child-rapists and murderers who are active in primary schools in Hampstead, North London, in order to warn people with children of the danger their children are in. Many police officers are directly involved in these crimes – and indirectly by covering them up. These crimes have already been reported to the police several times, initially by the mother of XXXXXXX and XXXXX, and subsequently by several different other concerned human beings – including myself. Documented and recorded PROOF has already been sent to police, who have deliberately and UNLAWFULLY ignored it, carried out NO investigation, and have avoided taking any action whatsoever to apprehend the PROVEN child-rapists and murderers. ALL the people I have named as child-rapists and murderers, HAVE BEEN – AND CAN BE – genitally identified. Their guilt is PROVEN by their failure to DISPROVE XXXXX’s and XXXXXXX’s assertions of rape.

By suspending my Twitter account, you are, in effect, helping to prevent innocent people from ensuring the protection of their INNOCENT children from these very sick criminals. In short, Twitter is aiding and abetting criminal psychopaths. You have the choice to hide behind Twitter “rules”, or to stand in TRUTH and what is LAWFUL.

Know this: I, Drifloud, have done what I can so far to alert people to these dangerous criminals. First inform yourselves of the FACTS regarding the Hampstead Christ Church School rapes and Murders, THEN attempt to stand in judgement of my actions and what “rules” you BELIEVE I have violated.

Moreover, you have slandered my good self: You state you have suspended my account as: “it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules (https://twitter.com/rules), specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.”

I have participated in NO “targeted abuse” whatsoever, and have done what is LAWFULLY required of ALL conscious living beings, namely, to warn others of the dangers their children face from these very sick people.

I demand that you apologise; I am completely innocent of the accusation you have levelled at me. You have provided NO proof whatsoever for your accusation against me, and have behaved in a foul and contemptuous manner.

You have chosen to commit slander against me, and bow to pressure from the child-raping/murderers and their supporters. I do not consent to, and do not allow, YOUR criminal behaviour.

Again: I demand a FULL and IMMEDIATE apology from you at Twitter.

NB: This email is CC’d to witnesses to your slanderous accusation –  INCLUDING some Metropolitan Police officers –  some of whom are possibly NOT directly involved in, or the cover-up of, these crimes – as well as some of the NAMED & genitally-identified child-rapists and murderers.

To ALL of you CC’d in this email: whatever side you have chosen in this battle against evil, you are ALL witnesses, and are not able to avoid your obligation to testify…

from the conscious living being known as Drifloud

January 30th, 2016

We hardly know where to begin with this one.

For starters, Drippy old chap, it’s LIBELLOUS, not SLANDEROUS. And the only reason anyone besides Drippy and Twitter have access to his notification from Twitter is that he chose to add it to this email, which he then sent to a mailing list of approximately 100 recipients, several of whom forwarded it to us. Is there such thing as ‘self-libel’, we wonder?

Oh, and addressing his screed to ‘the attention of the boss of “Twitter”‘…following up with a long, self-incriminating rant about all the targeted abuse he’s been indulging in…honestly, it took us a couple of hours just to stop laughing.

In the meantime, this addendum arrived and was duly forwarded along to us:

CAREFULLY read what I emailed you, and realise what is being said.

I am NOT APPEALING to you for anything: I am DEMANDING an apology from whoever is responsible at Twitter for slandering my good self with the FALSE accusation that I have “participated in targeted abuse”. I have not, and I do not consent to – and will not allow – anyone at Twitter, or anywhere else – to make such slanderous and unsubstantiated allegations against me. EVERYTHING I have posted on Twitter can be PROVED as TRUTH.

AGAIN: I demand a FULL and IMMEDIATE apology from the staff at Twitter who have made this FALSE ACCUSATION against me.


Oh, Drippy, stop! Our ribs are breaking here!

We hate to rain on his rage-parade, but in fact it wasn’t Twitter who accused him of anything. That honour belongs to us. Twice, actually.

And good luck in getting that FULL and IMMEDIATE apology from the staff at Twitter.

Or from us, for that matter.




32 thoughts on “Drifloud’s head has officially exploded

  1. He will be crying for his mummy soon. Anyone reading his emails will very quickly realise what an absolute fruitloop he is.

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  2. You guys are sooo rude. How remiss of you not to send that nice Mr. Christie a reply after he took the trouble to write such a lovely letter. But don’t worry, guys – I’ve done the honours…

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  3. So a little fact like there is a court order that forbids The Drip’s actions & clears these so-called genitally identified folk is inconsequential.

    As for emailing other officers in the Met, I bet that went down well. The Drip is trying to imply there are other coppers who are taking him seriously.

    What an odd woman Ella must be. She has now imposed permanent self-exile upon herself having breached the court orders & injunction so badly she would definitely get a spell in jail but for no benefit.

    Abe perfectly demonstrates the destruction that those who are sociopaths / narcissists can wreak upon so many around them. It’s a shame such folk cannot be identified at an early age. It is only those who have been in their destructive path who truly understand what shockers they are. Abraham Cristie should come with a Health Warning as sadly, this is one condition cannabis will not cure.

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    • The Big Drip’s motto: court orders are for losers.
      And yes, I doubt very much that the police who received these emails were terribly impressed, although in their line of work I’m sure they get a lot of stuff from mentally ill people.


  4. There’s a nice little example of how this lot re-write history from their own perspective by the never dull Neelu Berry. Sadly she has deleted the exchange.

    She has posted the FBI surveillance video of the recent Bundy shooting & stated that the man was shot dead while on his knees surrendering. The video clearly shows how he gunned his car away after being stopped by Feds eventually careering off the road at a roadblock.

    While he exits the vehicle with his hands up he suddenly starts flailing his arms around and is shot. Without gong into the rights or wrongs, when a poster pointed this out Neelu claimed the FBI had doctored the video.

    She then said this was all about ordinary people being able to work the land they naturally own (as though they are poor farmers not rich ranchers) without evil Satanic Cult Federal government interference. Another poster pointed out that these ranchers should actually then give the land back to the American Indians who were the original owners.

    Neelu never misses a trick : she claimed the shot man was an Indian descendant, unable to see the irony of him actually being a proud ”cowboy”. What a strange mind she has- it rearranges the ‘facts’ instantly.

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  5. “ALL the people I have named as child-rapists and murderers, HAVE BEEN – AND CAN BE – genitally identified. Their guilt is PROVEN by their failure to DISPROVE XXXXX’s and XXXXXXX’s assertions of rape.”

    LOL! No, Drippy, guilt is proven by a thing called evidence. Twitter must have had right good laugh. 😀

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