Another Hoaxtead perp identified

Thanks to ‘EB’. Nice tunnelling, buddy😉



Melissa is a vociferous supporter of the Hampstead hoax and a member of the group which has strived so hard to wreck lives and traumatise so many innocent men, women and children. The photo above is from the now infamous ‘Sunday protests’, where Becky was part of the group which committed a range of disgusting criminal acts, including death threats to an innocent, defenceless old lady whom they mistook for a headmistress who looks nothing like her (shame on Justyna Rzeska, Neelu Berry and Mark Haining for that one) and the cringeworthy sight of Christine Sands (cheered on by the likes of Melissa) screaming “They’re cutting off your children’s heads, they’re murdering your children, they’re fucking your children” in front of two terrified toddlers.

Nice bunch, aren’t they.

melissa2 melissa3

From Melissa’s Facebook page



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