Jim strikes back: ‘Too clever to lie’?

Turns out that Jim McMenamin really doesn’t like having his Hoaxtead fantasies brought to light. In fact, he seemed downright surly when we pointed out that the ‘riot police’ who came to arrest Ella last February…weren’t.

Here’s his initial response:

9-McMenamin-Twitter 2016-01-06

Yes, he really claims he’s ‘too clever to lie’. You heard it here first.

We’re honestly not sure what to make of that winky-drooly emoji; we’re hoping it doesn’t mean what we think it means. And if it does, should someone notify Helen?


In any case, when confronted with his ‘cops in riot gear’ fabrication, Jim tries to worm his way out: “It SoundsLike they’re in RiotGear”, he protests.

El Coyote points out that pictures showing the real situation have been available on YouTube for the better part of a year. However, he’s impressed with Jim’s ability to somehow ‘hear’ that the police were in riot gear.

Jim’s response? Well, we’ll let you decide:


Perhaps realising that his strangely disconnected response won’t quite do, Jim comes back with more self-justifying back-pedalling:

10-McMenamin-Twitter-2016-01-06“You can certainly hear the distress…” But distress doesn’t imply riot cops. Does it?

“…& wouldn’t surprise me if pic was taken after they fled”. Ah, so this is all just speculation, then. Thanks for clearing that up.

Keep digging, Jim old man. Your efforts to squirm out of this one are providing entertainment for hundreds of readers.





19 thoughts on “Jim strikes back: ‘Too clever to lie’?

  1. Strange, because the evidence for no cult existing is the children’s testimony concerning Abraham’s violent coercion, and the medical report proving Abraham’s violence.

    So distress sounds like riot gear… through a letter box….wtf?

    And they wonder why people won’t accept everything they say on face value.

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  2. If he’s “too clever to lie”, that means he’s stupid enough to be misled, I guess. Kind of an intellectual no-man’s-land there, Jim.

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  3. On another matter, Abraham has decided to explain why it took him so long to mention MK Ultra over on one of Bridget the Baboon’s videos (yep, she’s re-uploading complaining her videos are being flagged..)
    Here’s his explanation and yep, it’s truly laughable…

    “The children’s disclosures mirror descriptions of Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) that we had not researched deeply until recently, as we were distracted with the shocking sodomy, murder, satanic blood drinking, cannibalism, child trafficking, child snuff movie & organ trafficking etc.”

    LOL! 🙂

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  4. Well Jim if someone is going to lie to us once then you can guarantee they will lie again(continuously). If you believe the hoax to be true Jim then why embellish the story? Dipstick boy!

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