Everybody loves Bronny!

It seems that those of us who oppose the Hoaxtead promoters aren’t the only ones who feel a deep and abiding love for Bronwyn ‘Humpty’ Llewellyn. Turns out that wherever she lumbers about, Bronhilda just has a gift for making friends.

Stunning results from Monday’s court hearing

As many of you know, the Hoaxtead pushers had been plugging away, trying to build some sort of public momentum in advance of a supposed court hearing this past Monday, 1st February. The alleged purpose of the hearing varied from one Hoaxteader to the next, but all were in general agreement that this would be…

Abe/Drifloud a victim of mind control?

Abe/Drifloud usually whiles away his days spamming Twitter users with detailed allegations of child abuse, extracts from the police reports, and libellous pictures of innocent Hampstead residents he and Ella have targetted. Ho hum, nothing to see here, people.