Abe/Drifloud: Is he or isn’t he?

A few weeks back, we discussed the strong probability that two Driflouds exist. Or at least, that two people seem to be sharing the Drifloud name.

The first is Alan “Mad-Eyes” Wrightson, who dwells in a shepherd’s hut in Portugal, from whence he spent last summer sending out mass emailings of libellous, defamatory, and harassing material to pretty much everyone he could think of, and then some.

Drifloud Mach II, we posit, is none other than Abraham Jemal Christie, who seems to have appropriated the name for his Twitter account, which he’s been using to illegally publish confidential court and police documents, along with his own special brand of pornographic accusations against the innocent parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.

Yesterday, Drifloud II refuted this, claiming that we ‘have no idea who Drifloud is’ (because it’s not at all wankerish to refer to one’s self in the third person): 1-Drifloud-Abe-2016-01-06…and yet.

Abe/Drifloud seems to have access to an astonishing amount of confidential court and police material—documents which should by rights belong solely to Ella.

For instance, he’s been releasing cherry-picked segments of the CRIS report, with annotations by ‘Arthur Kirkland’ which he claims ‘prove’ that the hoax is in fact a cover-up:

2-Drifloud-Abe 2016-01-06(What it does prove is that Arthur is altogether too fond of yellow highlighter. But we digress.)

Drifloud’s access to Ella’s legal and police documents seems pretty much unlimited. However, when a Twitter follower asks him to produce the interview which Ella gave to the police…Drifloud stalls out. He claims here that ‘nowhere in the CRIS report is there an interview statement from the mother!!! WHY IS THAT?’

3-Drifloud-Abe-2016-01-06And yet, he seems to have lost track that he tweeted about that very self-same interview with Ella…earlier in the same day!


Oh, and if you look on p. 34 of the CRIS report, the interview with Ella is in fact mentioned:

5-Drifloud-Abe- 2016-01-06Whoops, Abe…maybe all that hemp is affecting your short-term memory?

What if we’re wrong, and the Twitter version of Drifloud isn’t actually Abe? Well, if that’s the case, then Ella has a much larger problem: it’ll mean she’s committed contempt of court by releasing confidential police and court documents to some wanker on the internet…and this time, she won’t be able to point her finger at Sabine.

So what’s it going to be, Abrella?

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22 thoughts on “Abe/Drifloud: Is he or isn’t he?

  1. So it’s either (in addition to all the other stuff, quite a pile is now accumulating):

    Option 1)

    Contempt of court for Ella: If she says she gave the court transcripts to Alan Wrightson, and says that it is he who is the twitter Drifloud. He is a blogger, and we all know what happens when you send bloggers stuff, even things that are not ‘officially’ part of court proceedings. Even ‘inadvertently’ (cough). But the leaked court transcripts ARE part of that, and to boot a gagging order was imposed on Ella already, so no excuses. She can’t pretend she didn’t know, was naive or inexperienced in these matters. Who more than she should know the consequences of spreading contraband info on the net? She’s had to flee the country already precisely because of that. She’s as bad as Sabine. Continuing no matter what.

    What are the chances, statistically, of so many nutty and extreme people coming together, as we have seen in this case? What’s really going on? Do these people somehow know there will be no comeback to their actions? They all seem to behave with a sense of impunity.

    Option 2)

    Abraham takes the rap. He says he ‘stole’ the material from Ella’s possessions. and takes responsibility.

    ‘Who carries the can?’ and the ensuing finger pointing that would occur in the event of Abrella’s return to the UK would be something we can only entertain ourselves with in imagination, for now. As they are cowards, and on the run already, Ella and Abe will never have to be questioned, or answer charges, unless they are extradited back to the UK.

    How do they know that won’t happen? Have they been advised on what is an extraditable offence and what isn’t?

    For the record, I think the Twitter Drifloud is Abraham, there are too many indications: His passive, third person reporting style attempting to cover himself as Abe when called, and other slip-ups, point to the fact that he is indeed he.

    Additionally, would Ella ever trust anyone with sensitive documents or evidence again, given what she says happened? She keeps harping on about ‘I really didn’t do anything’ whilst continuing to breach her gagging order in the same breath . She seems oblivious to the fact she is doing something, something quite serious when she happily continues to talk about this material via the internet. It just does not seem to compute. It’s clear she has no understanding, qualms, or cares, really, about the consequences, and she is really quite brazen. ‘Very defiant’ would be an accurate description. Or stupid. Maybe she is just really really stupid. Or something else.

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    • Pc Andrew Harris said: “This the first time I’ve come across cannabis cakes in Camden. It was a lucky chance to come across it.”

      I suspect Pc Harris hasn’t been in Camden for very long!

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