So much for Satanism.

Well, we have some very disappointing news for all those Hoaxtead-hawking conspiraloons who held out such high hopes that the Hampstead hoax would be The Big Case, the one that would prove that a secret cabal of élite blood-drinking, baby-sacrificing Satanists are really at the world’s helm.

Abe and Ella have now officially confirmed that this is no longer the case, so you might as well stand down.

But what happened to all those ‘masodomitic Babylonian Talmudic Satanic cults’? Sorry, they’re totes passé now. In an eye-watering three-hour marathon interview with an American ‘private investigator’ named Ed Opperman, Abe and Ella have revealed that the whole satanic gig is yesterday’s news.

No, the new Gospel According to Abrella is ‘state-sponsored trauma-based mind control’ (which we will abbreviate to SSTBMC in an effort to preserve everyone’s sanity). Here’s how they figured it out:

Abe: We couldn’t work out why [the police and the courts] were so blatantly perverting the course of justice—it didn’t make sense until we realised it was a state-sponsored trauma-based mind control project.

Ella: Satanic abuse is just a smokescreen for trauma-based mind control…

Abe: Trauma-based mind control operatives  always use satanic ritual abuse.

Oh. Well then. When you explain it that way, of course it makes perfect sense.

They talked about a lot of other stuff in the interview of course, but really, this was the message they wanted to get out.

Oh, and do you remember how we were talking a few days ago about why Abrella are even bothering to keep up this charade?

What, then, is the point of all this huffing and prancing and posturing?

From where we sit, it looks an awful lot like two things are happening:

  1. As long as Abe/Drifloud keeps casting doubt upon the police investigation, he can keep the attention of the outer-fringe conspiraloons on Twitter and YouTube. They lap this stuff up, especially when it’s seasoned with a nice dash of Masonic and/or Jewish and/or Babylonian and/or Satanic paedophilia. That’s enough to keep the nutters hooked in almost indefinitely. And…

  2. Abrella have lost and they know it, and so they’re determined to exact revenge on RD. A huge part of their ranting seems to focus on their hatred of him—because on some level, whether they admit it to themselves or not, they know they’ve come to the end of the road.

Looks like we weren’t too far off (except for the SSTBMC thing, of course).

Toward the end of the interview, Opperman asks them (repeatedly, because they keep taking evasive action) what they hope to achieve by continually putting out more information about the case. Would they consider a negotiated settlement if it meant that Ella could have her children back?


“We’re not going to be quiet,” Ella says. And Abe says, “Publicity is the soul of justice….This is why the information will run and run, because the information is already online”.

In other words, the children have become irrelevant.

What Abe and Ella want, what they’ve become addicted to, is attention. And they will do and say whatever they must to keep those page views coming.






78 thoughts on “So much for Satanism.

    • So true!
      How about a song:

      Abe hates children,
      Bouts of bellowing blare, and blows to his young victims.
      Really ratty, rotten, rascal
      Absolutely abusive, abhorrent and abominable
      He’s the dictionary definition of doucebag.
      Absolutely abusive, abhorrent and abominable
      Malevolent man who ejects falsehoods straight out of his [you can finish that line yourself]

      Try singing it.

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  1. Ok. Well, the concept of “trauma-based mind control” is also fraudulent. The IDEA of “trauma-based mind control” seems to have been invented by…taa-taa-taa-daa!…L Ron Hubbard, as part of his campaign to promote Dianetics & Scientology over psychiatry:

    Refer here:


    and here:

    to begin exploring the truth about this.

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    • Oh, brilliant. So from one loony fringe cult belief to another. Please don’t tell me that Abrella are going to stand out on the sidewalks offering to do fake ‘personality tests’ for passers-by. 🙂

      Seriously, JS, great info’ as always. I’ve missed your cheerful voice of late!


  2. LOL, didn’t the whole satanic element of the story effectively emanate from Abrella in the first place?! Silly sods.

    Add this to them going from “no child porn on Abe’s phone” to “MI5 planted it” to “RD planted it”; and rabidly slagging off RD via their ‘Dicky Rearman’ channel for months, then the moment they’re picked up on those inappropriate images of young girls, suddenly switching to saying it’s Ricky’s channel; oh and I see that Sabine has gone from their hero to a charity scammer to an MI5 shill to a “gatekeeper for the cult”. If backtracking were an Olympic sport, these two would be gold medalists!

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    • Yes, in the beginning the children weren’t saying ‘Satanic’ on the videos–the alleged ‘Satanic’ overlay came a bit later, once Abrella had had a chance to massage their ideas a bit and decide what would work best to reach the online crackpot audience.

      But times have changed, all their SRA buddies have fallen (well, been dropped) by the wayside, and now it’s off to the MK Ultra SSTBMC races!

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    • Towards the end of the aftershow, Abe says he ‘fell down the rabbit hole’ – as a way of explaining away the satanic sodomite fire-eating mossad masodomite talmudic bablylonian death cult (sorry, I have probably missed out some of the steps) of the evolution to his current stable version, ‘now we have it’, ladies and gents, may I present to you my latest creation ,state sponsored trauma based mind control Hampstead Case v 2.0. ?

      Abe says: ‘No one else has achieved this much’ LOL

      What have you achieved, Abe? You just fucked up big time. You might be able to convince each other of your delusions, but you have about 5 followers total. And they are with you in your rabbit hole. Yes, you are still in there.

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      • I noted that statement about what they’d ‘achieved’ as well. I fail to see how they consider they’ve ‘achieved’ anything, other than harming two beautiful children and harassing an entire community.


        • And did you *get* the ENVY Abe has towards RD for getting a full 35 mins on the BBC? It’s like he took away his limelight, poor thing, daddy didn’t give him enough attention.

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      • Yeah,, and complaining in the video how the Police didn’t interview him.
        Hey Abe, come back..they certainly want a long talk with you now!

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  3. I listened to the interview last night. How someone who calls themselves a Private Investigator can believe this tosh is beyond me, but then again Ed Opperman has apparently ‘Lived and traveled around the East Coast with a Gospel Tent Ministry as an Evangelist for several years in the early 90s’ so maybe it goes with the evangelical territory. (Info from IMDB)

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  4. no Talmudic influence? They’ll lose the support of that legendary legal mind Patrick Culinane QC (Queer C**t).

    Sorry to inform you Abella but as someone who worked in PR in London for may years internet conspiracy websites are not publicity especially when you don’t have the mainstream media onside. Your conspiracy will simply fade away and die a natural death.

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  5. i was surprised to find myself listening to it, but actually glad to have… much given away…..i lost count of the times Abe was clearly about to say …satanic…..bla bla, n quickly changed to MK bla bla, n Ella a few times too, so fking funny 🙂 now i understand why my new labels have been more about being mind controlled, and as i can’t know, or help it, well then, ………they think that will shut me up ???? if i shut up, or go quiet, at anytime, it’s cos it suits me 🙂 I’m waiting for Angie to blame Eva on me, but i love the rest of the irish more than i can’t abide her, it’s probably her misusing her disney powers, she really reminds me of that mermaid witch…..And that ed, needs his ed examined, if he is gonna support this……..

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  6. All Abraham and Ella had to do was ask the resident “Hoaxstead WordPress Comments” expert on Satanism – me- and I could have saved them a lot of trouble by revealing that Satanist dietary requirements do not include eating babies. Satanists like me are always amused to note that those few Christians that accuse us of eating children in a ritualistic way, tend to partake in a ritual called communion where they drink blood and eat the body of a person called Jesus. I reckon Jesus must get fed up with millions of Christians munching on his body and drinking his blood every Sunday, certainly Satan would.

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    • I’ve actually thought about that–it’s a very odd thing, isn’t it? Of course the other people who get accused of eating babies are Jews–that whole ridiculous blood libel thing. Funny how people can see evil everywhere but in the mirror.

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  7. If you went through all of the interviews that Abrella have done, there are so many inconsistencies. For example ‘James was shocked when he heard all about this’ vs ‘James was in the cult and his father Will was abusing him’. Why would he be shocked, if that was true? But then Ella is getting money from this ‘cult member’, after all, some £1000 per month, so they had to backtrack here. Will got angry and threatened to cut Ella off?

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    • I’m amazed she still gets that money seeing that Hampstead Research Ratbag emailed 100s of people claiming the other father was a cult member. I guess he hit the roof so Abella had to quickly back pedal on that one.

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  8. I sat up until the wee hours of this morning listening to the 3 hours of lies spout from their mouths.

    They almost seemed excited to be talking to someone new and wouldn’t shut up and let Ed even ask questions.
    Ultimately, all they did was come across as paranoid conspiriturds!.. I did want to punch my screen many times though….hard..

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  10. Meanwhile they’re swanning in the sun in Spain and we’re all bloody freezing. I knew I could have made better choices. Satan anyone?

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  11. In fact, I’m so good, I’ve already done it from the comfort of my own couch…so how are the beaches, Big Earl?

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  12. Funnily enough, Abe sounds like he puts himself under hypnosis every time he veers into certain topics. His voice changes. It’s as if he becomes mesmerised by his own thoughts, pulling him ever deeper as he suddenly changes to trance mode.

    ‘Listen to my own voice, listen to my own voice, I am ME , yes I am off, through the looking glass, deep, deep, deep, now, falling into the abyss…..Ella, are you with me?

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