Ella & Abe: What’s their end game?

If Hoaxtead were a game of chess, it would be fair to say that the end game has been reached. Most of the pieces have been knocked off the board, and the king and queen are on the run, protected only by a couple of random pawns (we didn’t say it was a good chess game).

At this point, perhaps it’s a good idea to look back and review how Ella and Abe got to this sorry point: how did it all go so terribly, horribly wrong?

To evaluate that properly, we need to go back…way back…to the beginning. In early 2014, Ella had a problem: her children’s father, who’d left her several years before, kept trying to exert his legal right to see their children. Ella had tried everything to bar him, but nothing had worked, and the courts kept telling her the kids had a right to see their father, and vice versa.

Enter Abe—the man with a plan. Abe was a petty criminal who covered his various life failures with a veneer of strutting puffery. He wasn’t good at much…but lying was second nature to him; and he had a gift for sounding as though he believed his own tall tales, no matter how loony. He was just the man Ella’d been looking for.

Together, they concocted a plan. It wasn’t a terribly original plan—basically just “accuse Ella’s ex of having sexually abused the children”—a strategy that has worked many times in other acrimonious child access cases.

Except that Abe just couldn’t keep it simple. What if, instead of just plain, common-or-garden sexual abuse, they could accuse Ricky of something so heinous, so blazingly horrific, that no judge in the world would ever allow him to come near his children again?

What if they accused him of Satanic ritual abuse?

It was foolproof, Abe thought. And it offered him the perfect opportunity to smack down all the posh snobs at the children’s school who’d looked down their noses at him when he and Ella became an item. He’d accuse them, too, all of them. See how they liked being looked down on, for a change.

Abe-quote re collusion with Ella

According to the judgement,

In August 2014, at a time when he was on holiday in France, Jean-Clement Yaohirou received phone calls and messages from Mr Christie in which he said he had information regarding the abuse of children. In evidence, Mr Yaohirou said that Abraham ‘had not been coming forward with specific information.’ Abraham Christie had said that a church, a school in Hampstead and a police station in Haringey were involved. Mr Yaohirou had asked whether Mr Christie ‘had evidence’. He said, ‘Yes’, and ‘that was it for July.’

That was it, then. If they needed evidence, evidence they would have.

Abe and Ella began brainstorming: “Ella and I, we will begin to discuss further aspects of the situation and by discussing it we brainstorm and together we come up…we work out…we work things out”. (Whoops, almost let the cat out of the bag there, Abe.)

The problem, though, was the children. Abe and Ella knew the kids would need to provide statements; and they’d need to be able to tell the same story to several different people, as convincingly as possible. How to ensure that they’d do it right? Well, Abe happened to have property in Morocco, where they could go for a nice little family vacation while the kids learned their lines.

At first, the kids were reluctant to say their father had done anything wrong, but Abe had certain…techniques to help them change their minds. He was no stranger to violence against children: his own kids told stories of being lined up to read aloud, and anyone who stumbled over the words would get his ‘special treatment’: they’d be beaten into submission.

For her part, Ella kept quiet and allowed Abe to threaten, punch, kick, suffocate, and burn her children with heated metal spoons…because she wanted the kids to be fully motivated to tell the story she and Abe had concocted, and get them away from Ricky forever. The torture was just a means to an end…and the scars would heal eventually.

They rehearsed the kids mercilessly, over and over, for a full month. On the way back to the UK, Abe had a brainwave: he’d video the kids in their little performance pieces, in case they happened to forget their lines while they were telling them to the social workers back home. He’d be able to whip out his phone and play the videos: proof!

Once they were back in the UK, their first stop was at Jean-Clement’s house, where Abe put the children through their paces again. J-C had wanted evidence? Here it was. Two sweet-faced children, their cuts and bruises mostly healed, telling their stories like champs.

J-C recorded this marathon three-hour recitation, which offers a glimpse at Abe’s continued coaching:

Towards the end of the recording there is a passage when the children and Mr Christie are all shouting, excitedly, “Kill, kill, kill.” Mr Christie urges the children to “Say it… Say it how they say it.” A. “Kill, kill, kill.” …. Mr Christie, “What’s the word that you say?” A. “Kill.” Mr Christie, “Say it more for me. I want to hear it…. I like the sound of it. Can you say it together, say it, let’s all say it together.” There is then repeated chanting of the word “Kill” and a little later of the phrase, “Kill the baby.” Once more Mr Christie urges the children on saying, “Let’s say it together. Let’s say it together. Kill the baby.” And they do.

It should have gone so well. Abe and Ella set it up so perfectly: they had the children saying exactly what they wanted, and J-C seemed genuinely concerned by what he’d heard.


But here’s where it started to go wrong: J-C insisted on them going straight to the police and reporting the ‘abuse’…and after an initial investigation that turned up no evidence of any sort, the police began asking some very awkward questions. Worst of all, it turned out that one of the officers is someone Abe had met before, when he’d assaulted his own son. Whoops.

It was time for Abe to exit, stage left, leaving Ella to handle things for a while.

The main problem, you see, is that neither of them had factored the criminal justice system into their plotting and planning. They’d concocted their story for the benefit of the Family Court, but hadn’t taken the police and CPS into consideration. They’d thought as far as ‘get Ricky out of the kids’ lives’…and no further.

And once the police realised that the kids had been abused—but not by Ricky—the whole thing began to go pear-shaped.

Everything that’s happened since then has been damage control, as the case spiralled out of control and Abe and Ella desperately tried to salvage it. From leaking the videos to doing interviews to alienating all but a very few hardcore supporters, each time they’ve tried to take control of the thing, it’s deteriorated further.

Which brings us back to the original question: what’s the end game for Abe and Ella?

They’ve been living in the south of Spain for several months now, and aside from their shots over the battlements at the police, and Ella’s ill-fated appeal attempt, they seem to be doing nothing whatsoever to get Ella’s kids back. They can’t return home without facing arrest, and even if they managed to jump that hurdle, they’d have no chance of getting the children back.

Perhaps they have no intention of coming back to the UK; it may be that by this time they’re just going through the motions, too used to insisting that their fabricated ‘cult’ is a reality, to stop the farce.

Do they really think that this will end any other way than with Ella’s children in the care of the partner she tried so hard to destroy?

At this point, we can all see that the game has played itself out.

When will Abe and Ella acknowledge the hash they’ve made, and move on?








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  1. Sociopaths don”t have extended plans, just plots that when they go pear-shaped, they simply tell more lies and their original plan becomes more complex. Most people don’t think people will lie so easily and consistently and it takes a while for them to realise they have been had.

    You are correct to say numerous people have invested so much time in this plot they are reluctant to back out.

    I congratulate Kellie Cottam for that reason- she saw the truth and disengaged (she’s wasting her time though trying to lecture at Belinda & Sabine’s gabfest- she should be looking for genuine people who can assist her)

    Abe is a classic psychopath and I believe a very dangerous one. Ella? Is she suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? It seems like it as seen by the way she speaks in unemotional monotone terms. Ella should return to the UK and throw herself on the mercy of the courts. If she thinks the petty criminal Abraham Cristie has a solution to gain victory she is seriously deluding herself.

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    • You’re right, Sam–I think the thing I left out here is Abe’s utter sociopathy/psychopathy. He can’t see past his next lie, which is why he’s been such an unsuccessful criminal: after all, how many arrests has he had? 65? And 37 convictions? That’s a lot of really bad planning there.

      I am becoming more convinced that Ella is not Abe’s victim, but rather saw her chance and took it with him. She wanted someone who could stand with her against RD, and Abe was her choice.


  2. The alternative media plan is actually in place in part when they were in Morrocco.

    Odd, do Abraham and Ella rush back to the UK, get the children to the police and get them some medical attention, and furthermore try to get help for he eldest child who is still a minor, or do they look up and contact alternative media people? The answer folks is in an interview they did in February.

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    • Yes, good point Tracey. I left out the bit where they decided to make use of their alternative media contacts rather than the police…but of course, that figured heavily.


      • Their end game though, who knows? I can’t really understand the mindset of people who would do all this in the first place.

        Perhaps they will go the route of Mr Ebert and litigate for many, many years.

        They have been decidedly quiet about the results of their litigation so far. Preferring instead to post odd emails from their “legal team” (probably Ella’s solicitor).

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  3. Great post, which will be required reading for any person that has the misfortune to be exposed to those videos – and the case – in future.

    The videos seem to at long last be disappearing from sight.

    One comment in the screenshots seems a particularly crucial one, and one in that the judgement seems to be a bit unclear: the bit in para 30: ‘and that was it for JULY‘. JULY? If so, we have the proof it was all premeditated! I noticed this comment on Abe’s blog at the time, and hoped he would respond, but he deleted it, rapido!

    So far I had given some allowance to the possibility that mad Christie got high on Moroccan dope and paranoia caused all of this. The scenario where his pre-existing beliefs – fuelled by the writings of Crowley etc – and the children bowing to pressure, Ella making the mistake of agreeing with his suggestions, it all spiralling out of all proportion triggered the tsunami we experienced. But this line: ‘and that was it for JULY’ puts a whole new light on the matter. One which shows an even deeper level of evilness, of venom, for poor RD.

    Sabine and Belinda may have also had a part to play in this? Perhaps they had given Ella a ‘hint’ of how to handle the pesky problem of the irritating father who had an interest in his children. Is that where the idea originated before ‘JULY’?

    Maybe Sabine identified Ella as a candidate/victim for the long awaited ‘breakthrough case’:

    Sabine: ‘Bels, I know a woman, she teaches me bikram yoga, she keeps whining to me about her ex vanting to see the kids. Those kids are sooo beautiful. Blond and blue eyes’.

    Belinda: ‘REALLY?’ Tell me more!’

    Sabine: ‘She really hates the ex. The yoga and meditation don’t seem to help this problem. I think ve need to advise her. She is serious!!!! I think she could be the one. The children are GORGEOUS!’

    Belinda: ‘Hmm. Accusations of sexual abuse generally work.’

    Sabine: ‘Vell, I think this could be special. A ‘spectacular’. We could ‘help’. You know what I mean?’

    Belinda: ‘Does she believe in satanic ritual abuse, by any chance?’

    Sabine: ‘No, but I know a chap who does. And she could be taught!’

    Belinda:’Is she single? And vulnerable?’

    Sabine: ‘Well, she is Russian, she has no family here, and not many friends, so she is isolated. But even more perfect is her MOTIVATION! She is foaming at the mouth when she talks about the ex. He is an actor. You can’t get her to stop once she starts ranting about him.’

    Belinda: ‘You know, you might be onto something. I think I have just the chap. Shayler told me about him. Met him in prison. Earmarked him. Charmer with the ladies. Big cock. And most importantly, for us, I think he is available. He told Shayler he is looking for ‘work’. He would be dirt cheap!! We don’t even have to teach him, he already reads all the right stuff! This is so exciting! At last, it could come together for us! HQ will be pleased!’

    Sabine:’Let’s think how we can bring them together. They must have some common interest we can find.’

    Belinda: ‘He is a raw vegan. Total nutter with the hemp thing.’

    Sabine: ‘Whaaaat! I can’t believe it! She is a raw foodie too! Belinda, I am getting excited. Pass the tena pads!’

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    • LOL! Thanks, Sarah–as you know, I don’t subscribe to the MI5 version, but I do think it’s entirely possible that Belinda and Sabine seized upon this case as their “big one”, their “spectacular”: ever since the demise of the Hollie Greig case, they’d been looking for another Big Case that would prove their belief in the ‘Satanic Illuminati”, complete with child sacrifice and paedophilia. This looked like it could be a winner, especially with such lovely photogenic children.

      When it crashed and burned, Abe and Ella scapegoated Sabine and later Belinda, which makes it hard to tell who was using whom, but I tend to think it was mutual.


  4. That really is the big question. They are maybe deluded but I don’t think even they are deluded enough to think they can turn this around. It’s not even as though they have the whole ‘truth’ movement on side. Especially as they have accused most of them of being MI5.

    As you describe, I think much of their actions now is damage limitation. Though I do sometimes wonder if Abraham is enjoying the lime light. With Ella content sitting in the background, free to do what she wants, without the hassle of children.

    Whatever they choose to do now, it is extremely unlikely that Ella will ever have full responsibility of the children again. I doubt her relationship with them will ever fully recover either, because with age, they will gain a better understanding of just how badly she let them down.

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    • Yes, I agree. Abe cannot stand the narcissistic wound of being poked fun at, though he does still have a few admirers amongst the conspiranoid crowd, who are willing to buy his “hemp guru” shtick. However, I notice he’s taken down the comments section on his blog, which of course was a free-for-all for some time, where people could ask pointed questions and have them removed by Abe.

      Ella will never have custody of her children again. Whether she is able to have any kind of relationship with them after this remains to be seen–the children were old enough when she let Abe at them, that they’ll remember and probably not want much to do with either of them. I’d say that’s a healthy choice on their part.


  5. no more comment facility on coverup:

    What happened?

    Was this the last comment?

    Did Belinda pull the plug, or Abraham? LOL

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    • Oh, I suspect Abe: he can’t have liked having to come in every hour or so and erase all the comments that challenged his authoritah.


    • Not quite removed! Go to each post and comments are still up. Bronny’s trying to give him some advice again.

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    • The removal of the comments section is another chess piece down. Abraham recognising that he lost that particular battle. Pretty much every comment was against him.

      The real problem for Abraham is if Ella decides she’s had enough of him. She may choose to blame everything on him, and all her ‘spiritual’ and yoga associates will believe her.

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      • Yes, right now they’re in some kind of folie à deux, but that may end at some point when Ella realises she’s lost everything she wanted, and more.


  6. What Is Shared Psychotic Disorder?

    Shared psychotic disorder, also known as folie a deux (“the folly of two”), is a rare condition in which an otherwise healthy person (secondary case) shares the delusions of a person with a psychotic disorder (primary case), such as schizophrenia. An example: A person with a psychotic disorder believes aliens are spying on him or her. The person with shared psychotic disorder will also begin to believe in spying aliens. The delusions are induced in the secondary case and usually disappear when the people are separated. Aside from the delusions, the thoughts and behavior of the secondary case usually are fairly normal.

    Shared psychotic disorder usually occurs only in long-term relationships in which one person is dominant and the other is passive. In most cases, the person in whom the delusions are induced is dependent on or submissive to the person with the psychotic disorder. The people involved often are reclusive or otherwise isolated from society and have close emotional links with each other. The disorder also can occur in groups of individuals who are closely involved with a person who has a psychotic disorder.
    What Are the Symptoms of Shared Psychotic Disorder?

    The person with shared psychotic disorder has delusions that are similar to those of someone close who has a psychotic disorder.


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  7. I’m in the US and discovered the videos of the two children some time ago when the mother still had a website up documenting their “case”. What I was compelled by on the website (which I can’t see anymore and hope I’m recalling the information correctly) is that after the children were asked by Ella and Abe about sexual abuse the two children were taken to a clinic for therapy where Valerie Sinason used to work at (I can’t recall the name of it). Is it possible the SRA narrative was developed through therapy? Do any of you know of the website I’m referring to, or have any information to debunk/support my theory? I feel like a conspiracy theorist on this idea of mine, and would just like the evidence to prove me wrong so I can get it out of my head. I haven’t looked through this wordpress thoroughly yet, but I haven’t heard anything via the media about my theory.
    If it didn’t develop in therapy it would be compelling to know if the SRA narrative was encouraged (or disabused) by any therapist. I know it’s a stretch but there have been so many cases where children were guided to the SRA narrative through therapy. It’s hard to rule out dubious behavior of a therapist, especially anyone who’s worked with Sinason and not report her for practicing fringe therapy and perpetuating delusions in the therapeutic setting.


    • Personally, I think it is unlikely because Ella would have mentioned something like that as proof.

      Also, a therapist is duty bound to act on something like that. They would have got in touch with social services.

      The children went for therapy because Ella and her ex were having difficulty having a decent relationship, and because Ella was having trouble coping with the children. This was before that fateful trip to Morocco.

      Lastly, there’s more than one Tavistock clinic.

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    • SPR, I don’t think the mother ever had her own website, unless I’m missing something critical here. You might be thinking of the old Hampstead Research site, that was run by a woman calling herself ‘Jacqui Farmer’–that site was fed quite a lot of ‘insider info’ from Abe and Ella at the beginning, before Abe began alienating every supporter they had.

      I do understand what you mean about some therapists feeding their clients the ‘cult abuse’ narrative, but I don’t think that’s what happened in this case. In fact, I believe that before Ella met Abe, she was referred with the children to some sort of counselling programme, as her parenting style was quite remote and indifferent, and the children were having behavioural problems.

      I fully agree with you that Sinason is a menace, and should not be teaching her ridiculous beliefs to other therapists and their clients. In fact, I know she was up before her professional body for a hearing in early October, but I have not been able to find what that was about, nor what the outcome was.


      • It’s possible it wasn’t the mother’s website, and I am just misremembering the situation. I wish I would have taken a screen cap. of the website.

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