Ella: A danger to her children

Sometimes it pays to review older material in the Hoaxtead file: with the benefit of hindsight, certain things that might not have seemed terribly useful initially, jump off the page on second reading.

And so when one of our team was thumbing back through the local authority’s Position Statement, originally written last February, they noticed certain things that explain a few things, such as ‘why was Ella not allowed to see her own children after they were placed in care?’


Position statement-2015-02-09

For starters, there was the problem Ella created for herself when she and
Abe decided to fight their battle on the internet, instead of through the legal system.

Without regard for her children’s future well-being, she and Sabine conspired to upload the original ‘airport’ videos; this was followed, as we know, by the police interviews, and then by various documents that Ella felt might support the insane allegations that Abe forced the children to parrot.

Ten months later, this material has now been viewed millions of times. Whether one chooses to believe the allegations or now (and we most certainly do not), it’s impossible to deny that this highly intimate information will be on the internet forever.

Position Statement-items 4-5

Position statement-item 9

Ella’s children have had their right to privacy stolen from them. This point has been made many times, but it cannot be overstated.

Position statement-item 12

In addition to placing her children’s privacy and emotional well-being at risk, though, Ella displayed a stunning lack of insight into her own part in the hoax.

The local authority realised that Ella was putting the children in actual physical danger, as she could not be trusted to keep their location confidential: having alerted millions of people that the kids were ‘cult abuse victims’, she had created a very real kidnapping threat.


And it would appear that the children were aware that they would not be safe or happy if they were to return to Ella and Abe’s care.

Position statement-item 13.png

Set the scene: Ella comes to the meeting centre and pulls out pens and paper. Whispering, so that the social worker won’t hear her illicit request, she urges her children to tell the judge how much they miss their mummy and Papa Hemp, and how much they long to return home.

As her children refuse, the horrible truth dawns: her children are happier without her!

Some parents would be crushed, but not Ella. She is furious. How dare they treat her like this? They’re just like their miserable father, who walked out on her that day years ago: who do they think they are? No one rejects Ella! No one!

Instead of taking the children’s refusal as a sign that she should take a closer look at her own parenting skills, she takes it as a gross insult—proof, perhaps, that her children are being influenced by others.

That’s it: the cult! They’ve brainwashed the kids, convinced them not to love her.

There can be no other answer.

She is incandescent with rage. More determined than ever to fight their father, to win this thing and get her kids back. No matter what it takes, no matter who gets hurt, Ella will win.

And this is exactly why she will never be allowed to have custody of the children again. It’s clear to everyone (except Ella and Abe, of course) that Ella is a danger to her children.

She’s shown time and again that she doesn’t understand the fundamental rule of being a parent: putting her children’s needs before her own.




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  1. Excellent post. People often forget that Ella is just as bad a parent to the children as Abe is.
    Do you not think the children’s first names should be blanked out on this post though, on the first document above?

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  2. I remember the grandparents video where they complained that the children kept looking at social workers.in the supervision centre, cheching, anxiously. It all makes sense now. After Ella’s inappropriate letter request, Social Services would have told the children what was ok and what was not ok behaviour by visitors, and, after the mind fuck that was morrocco and everything since, they did not know what was what anymore, had to keep checking, touching base, in attachment terms. I feel sorry for the children, everything that should have been natural and enriching has been corrupted by Ella and Abraham. Hopefully they are recovering now and Ella can accept and allow this to happen now. I doubt that though, and this case demonstrates the very real need for children’s services to impose THEIR will on behalf of vulnerable little people.

    Another thing that jumped out at me: The REAL reason Ella’s contact with the children was suspended – a lot has been made of this, and that the fathers contact was increased, by Sabine and her followers, and of course, by Ella. Turns out it is- because she made inappropriate requests to the children to SUBVERT the child care assessment process that was going on, this would have been before the fact finding hearing. Obviously part of this would have been trying to find out from the children themselves what they wanted and felt about their future living arrangements. Their responses could hardly be taken at face value if their mother continued to do what she had been doing in Morocco – directing them to make statements ON HER BEHALF, like in the videos we all saw,

    English children’s services sound like they were acting completely correctly here, wanting to give mother feedback – a chance to stop such requests and continue visits (by making her aware she should not continue to try to influence the children like this, thus taking takinge away their own voice by inserting her own) but ELLA WAS TOO BUSY TO ATTEND THAT MEETING. This would have been before she fled.

    So there we have it: Even before Ella scarpered, she could not be bothered to engage with services, stuck two fingers up to them, and then, unlike any other normal person, waged a campaign of lies from abroad because, essentially, she could not tolerate THE TRUTH and BEING FOUND OUT PUBLICLY, HAVING TO FACE THE MUSIC, in a court, She ran away….

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    • Yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.
      Ella, Belinda, Sabine, and their followers all made a huge deal of the fact that Ella was cut off from her children, but they forget the part where she was actively working against her children’s own interests, and against Social Services.

      As for the ‘Morocco mind-fuck’…it’s emblematic, isn’t it? Basically, Ella and Abe spent a great deal of time teaching the children to do things that confused and upset them, with no regard for the kids’ well-being at all.

      And yes, Ella couldn’t be arsed to attend anything she didn’t feel like attending…but then she’d turn around and claim her children were being kept from her. Turns out it’s a lot easier to play the role of wounded parent from a distance, where no one can hold her to account.

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      • Let’s face it, most mothers wouldn’t have scarpered at the first sight of the police. The kids would have been more important to them. Most people would have stayed in the country and been in the Courts with their lawyer fighting to get their kids back.

        I put up more of a fight when my ex wanted to take the cat with him. And I won.

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        • Yes, and that bears out my idea that this is more about Ella’s wounded ego than about the best outcome for her children. Normal people stand up and fight for their children, they don’t thumb their noses at the authorities and spread their kids’ personal details all over the internet.

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        • The fact that you cared more about your cat than Ella did about her children speaks volumes about her…and congrats’ on getting your cat!

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        • was your pussy in a satanic cult?

          not only did she put her own kids safety at risk she put other parents and children in danger by publicising their names and addresses. The world is fully of loonies as you we see today with some dangerous nutcase slashing a man’s throat at a tube station. The vile creatures who promote the Hampstead lies could easily trigger off a deranged person to try and kidnap a child or attack a parent.

          What a despicable lot they are these hoaxers.

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          • At one point, several of the Hoaxtead pushers were advocating that the children be located and ‘rescued’–i.e., kidnapped, and not in the Neelu sense of that word. There was a very real and present danger, and it was entirely due to Ella’s uncaring stupidity.


      • I’m sure there is something in the reports about a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) appointment that she failed to attend. I assume it was connected to her other son.

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    • Totally agree, especially as the grandparents and children can speak Russian. It would be easy for them to pass on information or try coerce the children in a similar way that Ella did with the pen and paper.

      The court and social services appear to have bent over backwards to accommodate Ella, from offering video links to a chance to discuss her behaviour at the contact described above. A far cry from the social services described by Sabine and Ella.

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      • Yes, according to Sabinda, Ella, et al., social services are fascists who want nothing more than to tear families apart. Yet they found multiple ways to try to accommodate Ella…who promptly turned her back on them and then claimed they were depriving her of her children.

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  3. Having worked with vulnerable people, some of whom had social services input around their children, my experience was that if mothers/parents engaged with the process, these services honoured their needs and wishes as much as reasonably possible in each case, and their priority was to keep families together. Often the details of cases are not known and are misrepresented by those who have something to hide, ie ‘guilty’ parties. It is really the children’s best interests that are looked at, from all perspectives. RD’s children (better to call them that, I think) will have input in any outcome that is decided in their case. Are people aware of how much care and importance is given to this? The British system/culture is very attentive to such aspects, to their credit.

    If social services had really been aware of the full history of Abraham Christie from the start, perhaps they would have insisted Ella curtail any contact with him and the children right from the start. If it was not sufficiently evident before that Abraham Christie should not be allowed contact with children, I hope that this will now be put on his police and social services files, so that he cannot do this again. Perhaps UK authorities should alert the Spanish authorities to him.

    One thing is for certain: Given access to other children, Abraham will bully them and maybe even take what happened in the past a step further. Psychopaths tend to develop their pathology over time. There is rumour that social services were alerted before about Abraham’s behaviour. I think there is now enough to put together a case that Abraham Christie is a very real threat to children and he should be banned from any contact without supervision.

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    • All excellent points.
      And all in favour of henceforth referring to the children as ‘RD’s children’ rather than ‘Ella’s’, say aye.



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