Kellie Cottam video pulled!

Yesterday we noted that parent activist Kellie Cottam had aced it at Sabine and Belinda’s ‘Forced Adoptions’ event last month. We included a video from Belinda’s ‘Knight Vision’ YouTube channel, in which Kellie stood up and described how the type of fear-mongering pushed by Belinda and Sabine cost her her own children.

This morning, we discovered that the video has been pulled from Belinda’s channel, for reasons we can only speculate about.

Fortunately, we’d already taken verbatim notes from the video, and our summary stands.

But to quote Charlotte Ward Alton, “What are they trying to hide?”



13 thoughts on “Kellie Cottam video pulled!

    • MI5 ? Now you really worry me about the security services. She’s a walking disaster and no more a ‘secret agent’ than that career forger Andrea Davison who reckons she has exposed every UK scandal of the last 20 years…about 5 years after the media lost interest.

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  1. Damn, I hadn’t watched it all and was going to watch it tonight. She’s now marked it “Private”. Just shows that they’ve been watching this blog! haha,,

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  2. That’s very sad. I cannot see why dissenting opinions need to be silenced like that. Particularly when that voice is from someone with hard-won experience. If they were happy enough to invite her, why try to delete her? It’s not as if no one has ever told them they disagree with their reasoning, methods and success rates before.

    Sabine in particular posts all over the Internet on other people’s blogs, which is fine, but you try to disagree with her in a pleasant manner about something on one of hers, it will not get published. Trust me, I’ve tried. I even tried posting something nasty and cruel to see if she was just blocking me, she wasn’t, she published it.

    I have noticed much more spoken against Sabine and Belinda recently. They are not very well thought of by many people.

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    • No, I have the feeling that many people are onto them now. They have muddled and destroyed so many cases, in the guise of ‘helping’, it’s hard not to notice.


    • I can’t see why Kellie Cottram who has dire problems with social services and her kids hangs out with these charlatans even if it’s to tell them so home truths. Perhaps it’s therapautic but she should lock them out of her life and look elsewhere for help.


  3. This is the low definition Skype version of the evening session. It can also be found at the Theatro Technis channel on USTREAM.

    Ms Cottam appears at 2:11:30

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