Abrella’s Technicolour fantasy

A few weeks ago we wondered aloud about Ella and Abe’s end game: how do they imagine this hoax will end for them?

Watching their now-defunct blog, we were a bit bemused by their fixation on the results of their IPCC complaint. They appeared to believe that if the IPCC were to decide in their favour, the case would be re-opened and reinvestigated, their cockamamie story would be vindicated, and they’d regain custody of the children.

Of course, this is not how it works, but in Abrella Technicolour FantasyLand, almost anything is possible.

Currently on his Drifloud Twitter account, Abe has been hyper-focussing on the videos: the set that he and Ella took en route from Morocco to the UK, and the one that was recorded at his brother-in-law’s house.

Quite aside from the obvious question of why one would even bother to make such videos, rather than simply taking the children to the police and having them recite the stories in person (answer: because the police were never supposed to have become involved), we wonder why Abe is so worried (and apparently confused) about whether the police actually viewed the videos during their investigation.

Drifloud re videos

According to this heavily annotated text from Mrs Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding hearing, DI Cannon states that he did not personally watch the Yaohirou videos.

But according to the CRIS report, DS Fernandez did watch the Yaohirou video…and noted that both the children and Ella sounded quite relaxed and not at all distressed about the horrendous abuse they’re describing:

CRIS report-Fernandez listened to video

Ultimately, though, whether the police listened to the Yaohirou videos or not, we’re left to wonder why Drifloud seems so determined to pick holes in the official story…and why the Abrella version seems to swing back and forth to fit their current whim.

What do they really think they’re achieving here? Surely their ‘legal team’, headed by Aseem Taj, would have informed them of the results they ought to expect from the IPCC complaint.

Do they think they have even the slightest chance of having the police go back and start to investigate the case from scratch? (And even if the police were to do such an unlikely thing, their investigation would doubtless point them toward a more thorough consideration of Abe’s abuse of the children—so he should probably count his blessings that the IPCC complaint won’t have that effect.)

More to the point, do Abe and Ella actually think they have a snowball’s chance in hell of Ella having contact, let alone custody, of the children again? They were removed from her custody due to her failure to protect them from Abe; she no longer lives in the country, and has shown no desire to even bother gracing the custody hearing with her presence.

What, then, is the point of all this huffing and prancing and posturing?

From where we sit, it looks an awful lot like two things are happening:

  1. As long as Abe/Drifloud keeps casting doubt upon the police investigation, he can keep the attention of the outer-fringe conspiraloons on Twitter and YouTube. They lap this stuff up, especially when it’s seasoned with a nice dash of Masonic and/or Jewish and/or Babylonian and/or Satanic paedophilia. That’s enough to keep the nutters hooked in almost indefinitely. And…
  2. Abrella have lost and they know it, and so they’re determined to exact revenge on RD. A huge part of their ranting seems to focus on their hatred of him—because on some level, whether they admit it to themselves or not, they know they’ve come to the end of the road.

Eventually, though, they’ll run out of steam, their audience will tire of their antics, and they’ll become little more than a sorry footnote in the annals of conspiranoid fuckwittery.







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  1. Yes, I saw that yesterday. They’re using the same Icelandic web hosting company that Charlotte used to protect her ugly blog from UK law, so when they go live we’ll revert to Plan B for Boycott. 🙂

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  2. These loons cherry pick don’t they ? . All police especially Barnett are part of the Cu;t but no-one in the IPCC is even though they are part of the Talmudic plot- ie: government employed.

    This case also throws the suitability of Abe’s brother-in-law into question. I thought he was concerned about Abe’s behaviour but it appears he believes in the Cult (and delivered the tapes to Barnett Cop Shop who are also accused- nice one there). Doubt his career will flourish.

    And yes what do they possibly think the end game will be? None of us will hear about the Family Court decision next year (or are we entitled to) as it will be a confidential decision but no doubt the ghastly Sabine & Belinda will spread the news and hope to make the children’s lives even more miserable (I’m hoping wherever they are all this has been put behind them).

    ## The children will also have a massive case against the loons as well for harassment and breach of their privacy. I hope to hell they drag these scumbags into court.

    As for Abe & Ella, the conspiraturds will move on to new dramas (the coming of the Mother Ship) and these two sad sacks will have to eck out their days in Morocco. (personally I would love tolive in Morocco but not if I wasn’t able to travel within Europe)

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  3. They’ll leave it ’till it dies down and then sneak back into England when they think nobody is looking, as will Charlotte Ward. Good job we have contacts at all the ports of entry isn’t it. (We do don’t we? We don’t? All we’ve got is Jeremy the baggage handler at Heathrow? Damn!)

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  4. And don’t forget his brother-in-law Ricardo, who is kindly photographing all the buggies coming through customs. So yeah, we have the airports and ports covered but what if Abe decides to come in by TARDIS? What will we do to stop him then? At the end of the day, mate, we’re all just dolphins in a square tank.

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  5. The end game should be played out in a nice open criminal court, they have all been screaming for this all along, except it with Abrella in the dock. I guess this is just a ‘fantasy’ too.

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  6. Really, Babs? Do you have any further details or a link?
    By the way, you never did tell us which person on the perps poster was the armed robber. You’re such a little tease 😉

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  7. I imagine Abraham has made numerous assurances to Ella that he can turn things around and get the children back. That could certainly be one reason he feels the need to keep going.

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  8. The whole ‘who watched the videos’ stuff is just a distraction. It is clear from the CRIS report that Fernandez did watch the videos. Pauffley may simply not be aware of that as the CRIS report is a police log, rather than an object of court evidence. I believe the people who would need to admit it as evidence would be Ella’s legal team. Ella chose not to appear.

    In court DC Martin does mention the videos and appears to be aware of the content. However, it’s unclear whether that was due to being briefed by Fernandez as to content, or having personally watched them. If he did watch them it is unclear whether that was prior to the court proceedings starting, or in response to Pauffley mentioning during the first part of the proceedings that officers hadn’t watched them. In which case, he would be answering that question in the context of what he would have done had he viewed them during investigation.
    It could also be that Pauffley was simply wrong, and that a couple of officers did watch them. Abraham wants to paint that as lies.

    Lies would be something like claiming RD hurt Gs ear, when in fact it was Abraham. There is a difference between confusion, oversights, mistakes, and deliberately lying.

    Otherwise, Abraham’s claim that the CRIS report never mentions Dr Hodes findings concerning scars..etc, would have to be considered a lie. They are mentioned on Page 40.
    Also on page 40 it states “Consider arrest of other named persons”. Yet, Abraham claims that the CRIS report does not consider arrest of KF and LH. Clearly, the other named persons could only be them. Is that another of Abraham’s lies, or just a mistake or oversight.

    In terms of the IPCC I predict the new OIC will satisfy their request and they will take things no further. Leaving Abraham to accuse them of being part of the cult.

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  9. When the IPCC returns their decision, I suspect Abrella will move them into the ‘masodomitic cult’ category. It’s only a matter of time.


  10. To be honest, I think it’s been over for a while for them. What on earth do they still hope to achieve?

    Now all they look like is a couple of internet conspiracy loonies, which only other internet conspiracy loonies pay any attention to. LOL!

    Mr Dearman has remained in dignified silence in stark contrast to Abe and his ranting, raving and rambling incoherent blog and YT comments..

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  11. Abe was obviously gutted when Brian Gerrish and Bill Baloney etc showed no interest in supporting him. I bet he was relying on them to help him get the word out.

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  12. Abraham is a failed criminal. Somehow, he hooked up with a 24 yrs younger woman with an independent income. He is nearly 60, nearing his pension age, but can’t get it for a good few years yet. He has no NHS/health insurance, no dole possibility in Spain, as he has not paid into the system. He is far from home and family, who don’t want to know anyway. They won’t even answer the phone to him, only his youngest, last I heard, and that one may have stopped picking up now, too.

    Abe can’t come back to the UK easily, he has many questions to answer, eg: What was on his phone?There is ample evidence of his attempts to pervert the course of justice, child abuse on UK soil, if the police want to pursue this, which I should think they will. A lot.

    Does Abe have any real friends left? He could be totally dependent on Ella, and needs to be seen to be fighting her corner, being active, in order to preserve his position with her. She might find a much more attractive, younger man, otherwise, and dump him. He is a liability to her now. He has been for a while, really. When that happens he will be in a difficult position. He still has free food, free home, free sex, and an internet connection. It beats homelessness.

    So, who is really in control here, and has been all along?

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  13. I’m pretty sure that Brian Gerrish has promoted this case, reported on it, etc, but i don’t focus just on this case, i get confused at times, between who is who, cos of the piss taking id’s, so i could be wrong, i rarely look at some of these peoples stuff, but i’m pretty sure ?

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  14. I read the IPCC letter again and I am convinced it is a fraud. It’s far too wordy and long ( way too long) and is contradictory in parts and indeed, if it was genuine the media would have picked up on it as this case, shocking that it is, is a very juicy media tale.

    The IPCC like many organisations send out regular press releases and most certainly would have in this case as they want to be seen to be active.

    My guess is that Abe has doctored a genuine reply which would have been a rejection of Abella’s claims- the main reason being that police actually carried out all the right procedure – the screeching claims of the hoaxers re: body tattooes, RD not being arrested etc etc are rubbish. The IPCC does not criticise police if they carried out correct procedure. I would go as far to say Ella genuinely believes it’s a real response and Abe has tricked her as you are correct, Ella is his meal ticket.

    It’s so indicative of a real psychopath. They have an ability to keep a lie alive for a long time because they shamelessly keep lying to cover their tracks. The majority of people are not used to psychopathic lies and games and it takes quite a while for them to finally cotton on, usually when someone has been destroyed. And I reckon Ella is the one who will be destroyed.

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  15. We must let the Icelandic CSA Survivor Community know, see what they can do. 🙂 Icelandics have shown power and integrity before, if they took out the banking controls, i’m sure they can deal with this

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  16. perhaps the press can revisit this case and point out google, facebook etcs’ flaws ? There are some ways and techniques we used to use to take stuff down and out, which could be used again for this, just in terms of getting a group together to mass report, mass take certain actions, ? but the good anons, tech wizards are showing subtle signs that they are looking to help. i think 🙂

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  17. I think a new campaign demanding the re-investigation of this case should be started. Charges should have been brought against Abraham Christie and Ella Draper/Gareeva, if not before, then after the fact finding hearing. There are aspects that were never looked into properly that should have been. The evidence needs to be looked at again. How is it that two people could do what they did and get away with it? Look at how many lives have been affected. I am sure that if I had done something like this, I would be being questioned about it. It’s a cover-up!

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  18. Abe has an unerring habit of alienating anyone whose path he crosses, then turning on them and accusing them of things. I wasn’t surprised when he claimed Gerrish and Maloney were MI5 or whatever, but it was kind of fun to watch.


  19. Excellent points right down the line, Emma. For some time now, I’ve wondered what Ella ever saw in that weasel-faced little man. I think you’re right that he has to work to keep her interested…and it’s in his interest to do so.

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  20. Ella definitely has the most to lose, but I fear she crossed that line months ago.

    As for the IPCC letter, you could very well be right. It’ll be very interesting to see what, if anything, comes of it. My guess would be a big fat goose egg.


  21. Yes, that’s good thinking. I do think the media could have a very interesting time looking at a case like this, and examining how Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter failed to live up to their own professed standards.

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  22. Does Ella still believe his story? I find that really difficult to comprehend.

    I mean, did they sit there together discussing how it would be a good idea to add MK Ultra so late in the mix and accuse RD of mind-controlling the children? Ella must have known that wasn’t true yet she let Abe start leaving it on YT comments. She actually seems as twisted as him now in my eyes,

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  23. Iceland has pretty strong laws against censorship and towards freedom of speech.

    It also ensures privacy for victims of sexual crimes, proven or not, and privacy for children involved in the family courts and care system, if they are Icelanders at least.

    It isn’t the Wild West in Iceland, they can, and do take sites down, particularly if sites are providing images of child abuse.

    They’ve signed up to much the same stuff the UK has, but they aren’t in the EU.

    The authorities may insist on court orders or evidence that something is clearly illegal in Iceland. Libel allegations I don’t think will work unless there is a court order, and as I haven’t been libelled there’s nothing I can do on that front.

    That’s my take on things but I don’t have any legal qualifications.

    Iceland is a small country so the heads of government departments are easily contactable at work. There is a youth and family department. It’s a while since I had a look at everything. I was stymied a little in my research due to not speaking Icelandic, LOL.

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  24. I cannot recall any case where the IPCC have criticised a matter that the courts have already dealt with. This case has been decided in the High Court and an appeal has been heard & lost by Abella. If the IPCC had written that letter it would be a condemnation of how the police and Family Court conducted the case & it would be huge news. The media would have jumped on it. Their silence is deafening.

    Even if Abella thought they had a case the IPCC is the wrong body to approach. Their lawyers would need to try to mount a new case but they would need new evidence to get past first base.

    I think the IPCC letter is a distraction created by Abe to dazzle his handfull of supporters (like Neelu) and Ella. If one thinks logically I reckon Emma is on the ball here : Abe is a 60 year old petty criminal & failed businessman with few options. He couldn’t get a job and he couldn’t get a business up. Ella is his only way of surviving and it’s working at present. It’s bound to fall apart though.

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  25. There certainly appears to be a contradiction between the IPCC stating that they cannot comment on the thoroughness of the investigation, and parts where they do appear to comment on it. For example, that the police didn’t mention other allegations to RD, and didn’t follow other lines of enquiry.
    The IPCC role is to investigate the mis/conduct of police officers, so I suppose they could try argue that the above is part of that.

    I noticed the IPCC stated that their decision is based on the IO report and Abraham’s 20+ page complaint. That the IO report was only 5 pages long and half of that was giving background. I doubt the IO would be able to cover every aspect of the complaint in a few pages. Therefore, the IPCC is asking for greater clarification and that is fair enough, but that is all it is. They are not saying the investigation was poor or inadequate, just the report in response to Abraham’s complaint was inadequate.

    That is why I think a more thorough report will satisfy the IPCC, but will never satisfy Abraham. Though of course, you could be right and it is completely fake.

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  26. Oh my.

    I totally understand that people who claim to have been victimised by him could feel cheated of the opportunity to have their claims recognised as true, and could feel that he has escaped justice, but he was a sick man with a terminal illness that was going to kill him one way or the other.

    What is with all these elaborate conspiracy theories? And they always seem to end up blaming Jews/Mossad/illuminati?

    If there were opportunities to prosecute him that were not taken when they should have been, then that’s not real justice, but I hate all this nonsense.

    How is it helpful to victims?

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  27. Iceland wanted to be a safe haven for wiki leaks style stuff, it didn’t want to be a safe haven for everything.

    They can and do block whole ranges of addresses where necessary to stop illegal stuff. How they would view this case is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t a country where anything goes.

    Iceland has a population roughly the size of Cardiff, or Leicester, and it is a country trying to be at the forefront of Internet gubbins. Most of the English language stuff is aimed at people who’ve recently moved there and isn’t in depth. The internet freedom stuff I found by looking through their parliament stuff. I think it was in Icelandic. Then I had a look for things about children who have social services involvement with their lives, or whose separated parents can’t agree on arrangements. 100% the case that children are entitled to privacy in those situations in Iceland. There’s also been recent soul-searching about the levels of familial and sexual violence. This is a subject that Iceland takes seriously as far as I can see.

    It is doable, putting something coherent together and getting it to the right people. If nothing else their legislators should be aware of what this internet freedom is being used for.

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  28. You’re right, it does seem very unusual to me that the IPCC would be called upon to criticise a case that’s already been settled. If indeed they have been, it would indicate that Abrella’s legal team didn’t have sufficient new evidence to mount a new case; but then why bother going through the IPCC at all?


  29. These contradictions puzzle me, too. We’ve spent a fair bit of time in-house batting the IPCC thing back and forth, and keep finding that no matter which way we look at it, the whole thing stinks. Either it’s a complete fake, as Sam says, or it’s simply requesting further clarification, as you’re suggesting. No matter which it is, we are 100% convinced that it will end up going nowhere.

    And then what will Abe do for his supper?

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  30. I find this hard to comprehend as well. Either she is the most gullible woman in the world, and Abe has been able to take her in with his stories of satanic cult abuse; or she’s the most manipulative woman in the world, knows it’s all a pile of horse manure, and is determined to see it through and somehow win the children back. Which of course will not happen, since she’s already proven herself a complete failure as a mother, and a danger to her children.

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  31. Thats great work, the reason i’m highlighting alerting the real freedom fighters, is that some of the slimeys have infiltrated, when we couldn’t break the wall of silence on CSA, we found out eg, that iceland could provide a safe way to out truthes, but truthes, not lies, was the intention, and i’m pretty sure that other freedom, internetty, techwizards have sometimes helped some of these crazies, without realising

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  32. yeah, but even after being condemned by abe, some of them kept still promoting the case ? including brian gerrish, i think. and hey it took me about 6 mins to get blocked by the new ricky does dearman or whatever it was called page, i just posted a few truthes, to be now told, i am unaware that i work for RD… but as i told them, i was the most attention they would get, and i posted the convo to my fb wall 🙂

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  33. Mysteriously the IPCC’s decision does not feature on their website where they list all their investigations.


    As I say, they issue press releases after every investigation for obvious reasons that the public has a right to know. Perhaps the Cult has finally infiltrated them and removed all mention of the Abrella Case.

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  34. Also remember like every government body they would receive endless demands for PC Plod to be investigated for having the temerity to hand a speeding driver a ticket ( I should think the Freeman Loonies alone plaster their office with letters). I doubt they bother publishing all their nutty rejections.

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  35. I think Ella started the whole thing! Abe wanted what he set his heart on, and so played the helpful suitor role. She manipulated him, by telling him a fake version of events about RD. Abraham sold himself to her by promising a certain outcome, a solving of her ‘problem’, his ‘expertise’ in matters of deception, and the runnings of ‘the system’. Ella was not to know what a dunce he really was, and what an utter failure at everything he had ever put his hand to. Abrella together became what is called a ‘joint enterprise’, legally speaking.

    In further news…

    Drifloud/Abe posted a link to the last retraction video on twitter today implying it was directed and led. What Abraham fails to understand is that girl child was interviewed first, and further glaring inconsistencies in the story-so-far emerged. Steve was compelled to probe and challenge, and to give permission, and encourage, subjects to speak honestly. This is true for any criminal investigation, even children. With all the other intelligence and evidence that was uncovered about Ella and Abraham, these factors had to all be kept in mind simultaneously by the interviewing officer. With children it is appropriate to tell them that they will not get into trouble if they have lied. Steve gave permission to the child to change his statement if necessary, without fear of punishment for not being truthful. As the boy revealed things had not happened as he had stated in the earlier interviews, with no sense of reprisal he became emboldened and gradually pulled back the covers, inch by inch, confident now that he had nothing to fear. That’s why he had the courage to ask to not ever have to see Abraham again at the end.

    Viewing that video again only strengthened my views, and illustrated the very real struggle the children had put up to Abraham, unsuccessfully:

    Steve: ‘So has anyone ever put anything in your bottom?’

    Boy: ‘No’. (shakes head vigorously)

    Steve: ‘Nothing?’

    (Boy confirms Steve’s ‘nothing’? by continuing to shake his head, indicating ‘No’.

    Steve: ‘And have you ever seen a plastic willy?’

    Boy: ‘No, I never even seen one in my life, seen one’.

    Steve: ‘How did you think of that idea, was it you that thought of it, or…’

    Boy: ‘No, no, yeah, I am the one that thought of it, when he found out of us touching he said, he said ‘yes they put real willy’s in my bottom’, Abraham said, ‘yes, he said they put real willy’s in your bottom’, and then I said ‘ no they don’t’ and he said ‘yes they do’ and I said ‘no they don’t’, and then he said ‘don’t argue,yes they do’, and then he says, then he says, ‘they all have plastic willies don’t they?’, and i say ‘no they don’t…’

    Boy continues this with circular hand gestures:

    ‘yes they do’,

    ‘no they don’t’,

    ‘yes they do’,

    ‘no they don’t’,

    ‘yes they do’,

    ‘no they don’t’

    indicating the to and fro/arguing between him and Abraham – congruent body language, again.

    Steve: ‘Ah, ok, so no one’s put any plastic or real willies in your bum?’

    Boy shakes his head, no, confirming Steve.

    Steve: ‘And I heard that from the doctor one of your ears is hurt, as well.’


    Steve: ‘How did that happen?’

    Boy: ‘It’s because he slapped me really hard.’

    Steve: ‘Who slapped you?’

    Boy; ‘Abraham’.

    Steve: ‘When did he do that?’

    Boy: ‘In morocco when, um, he slapped me, he slapped me, as hard as he could’. (emphasises ‘hard’)

    Steve: ‘Why did he do that?’

    Boy: ‘Because he said ‘You’re lying, I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying…’

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  36. Ok. We really need to get major news outlets on this.

    “Google, Facebook, Twitter allow child abuse”
    Exposing the enablers on top their ivory towers.


  37. I did finally watch the videos after refusing to for ages. The girl seems very mature and when she said it wasn’t true she looked very relieved – as telling the truth can release from a terrible burden. Then she seemed more than happy to admit it was all rubbish and described how she got the boy to exaggerate- the secret cupboard from Zorro etc.

    I think that alone would have been very therapautic for the kids . Imagine when they get to that ‘difficult’ age of 14/15 – Abe better keep out of their way.

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