Just in case you doubted that Abe is insane…

We realise that most readers here understand that in addition to being a professional small-time criminal, Abe is far from playing with a full deck, but every now and then he publishes something so completely over the top that even we’re taken aback.

And we’re used to him.

The following comment, taken from Abe’s blog, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind:

Abe - medical theory of alzheimersAll right, let’s deconstruct this, shall we?

Dearman you deluded nonce, still attempting to convince the public that you didn’t perforate Gxxxxxx’s eardrum long before I materialised and sensed your demonic lack of empathy?

Phew. That’s quite an opener.

First: we very much doubt that every person who’s critical of Abe is actually RD. However, in the World According to Abe, RD seems to be omnipresent, if not omnipotent and omniscient. You might say Abe has a bit of an RD fetish.

Second: no, RD cannot have perforated Gxxxxxx’s eardrum, for reasons explained below:

Abe's theory of medicineThird: Abe materialised? Seriously? That’s brilliant.

Perhaps some day he’ll show us how it’s done. It’d be quite a trick, being able to materialise and dematerialise, presumably at will. Though he doesn’t specify: maybe he materialised in Ella’s life accidentally, and is now trapped there and can’t get out? This would explain a lot.

And finally, ‘(I) sensed your demonic lack of empathy’ is definitely a phrase for the ages.

We wonder if he used the same technique as when he looked into one of Ella’s daughter’s classmate’s eyes, and ‘sensed’ that there was terrible satanic abuse happening at the school.

And ‘demonic lack of empathy’? Best. Line. Ever.

All right, so moving along…past the childish taunts that reflect a great deal about Abe’s preoccupations with extra-large genitalia, gender ambivalence, and cross-dressing….dildos, Masons, TATTOOS…yes, yes, whatever….

Ah, here we are:

You and your melanin deficient Masonic sodomites can eat all the African babies you are able, but that will not prevent or alleviate Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingdons, or any other neurodegenerative diseases that you and your ilk are susceptible to, due to the powerful free radical aminochromes, i.e. Adrenochrome in the blood, flesh, and organs of the innocent victims of your depravity.

Hard to know where to even start with this one.

Does Abe really and truly believe that eating African babies is a cure for Alzheimers, etc.? We’re sure this would come as a surprise to actual scientists who study these diseases. For one thing, where would they ever find a control group? We imagine it would be hard to recruit an at-risk group of subjects, then inform them that they’ll be dining on a steady diet of ‘adrenochrome-rich African babies’ for a few weeks. But it’s for science!

Good luck with that.

Blood is an organ.

No, it’s not.

Melanin will repair CNS, Central Nervous System damage.

No, it won’t.

Guess what food is a good source of both amino acids?

We’re going to take a flyer here…would the answer be ‘hemp’?


Of course it would!

As an aside, we find it an astonishing coincidence that Abe first developed his wackadoo theory about hemp being an amazing cure for baby-eating vampirism…and then went on to discover a pair of children who’d been the victims of just such a cult!

How often does that happen, we ask you?


25 thoughts on “Just in case you doubted that Abe is insane…

  1. I have been accused of all sorts for years by the manufacturers of this hoax,and the previous one, i am clearly not RD. Nor is RD anywhere that i know of, why do they insist that it must be him running this blog, when there is no evidence that he even contributes at all. But they lie, i was told by Angie that i had been conned and there was forensic evidence of who was behind this blog, which there isn’t, they insinuate, lie, and their followers buy it and repeat, without a shred of…… well, evidence.

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    • I think Angie got that info’ from Charlotte’s ‘Hampstead Research’ thing, where they tried to prove that ‘Dicky Rearman’ was actually RD. He’s not–he’s Abe, by Abe’s own admission.


  2. Dear Mr El,

    With phrases such as ‘(I) sensed your demonic lack of empathy’, Frances believes Abe was looking in a (literal or figurative) mirror when he wrote this drivel.

    Frances wonders how much of Abe’s rant is directed at himself. He sounds rather self-hating.

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    • I archived that page, and leave it here with a warning DO NOT OPEN AS YOU CANNOT UNSEE THESE IMAGES. https://archive.is/DRoLr. It’s under the title ‘Ricky, your dinner’s ready’ and features dead foetuses in soup and the like, really disgusting, very disturbing, perhaps even more so than the paedo images Abe likes to gloat with on his blog and attack readers with. I am only really leaving it here as I know it will be easily findable for those that may need to utilize the information to deal or write about Abe in the future.

      I think it may be time to avoid that blog altogether, it has been interesting to see the writings of a mad man from an analytical perspective, useful information for a later day, for example, to give to Abe’s assessing psychiatrist, should he ever return to the UK, so he can be medically managed or, probably safer for all, sectioned. Of course that would be after his necessary incarceration which hopefully would last for years. For this, I urge anyone with information to come forward to enable this to happen successfully. He is a risk to others, especially children and needs to be eliminated from the general population where he can still wreak havoc and harm fresh victims. On the internet, he can still try to cause damage, he is now releasing court transcripts, which will not bode well for Ella and any future court hearings she may want to take part in. although she has now made her bed and so I guess that one is already done and dusted, so to speak.


    • I remember Nemesis Green saying on YT something about melanin. It was some sort of theory that melanin is needed by these light skin Satanists so that it can draw in more light, and by drawing in more light they will not get neurodegenerative disease.

      Sounds very much like his old House of Hemp friend David Wolfe and his male energy from the sun going directly to the cacao plant…the sacred heart.

      At that point I didn’t know it was really Abraham.

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        • I found the comment. The neurodegenerative bit must be part of his new theory. Apparently, hemp juice create melanin, which helps absorb “full spectrum light”, which can produce “rainbow children”. Ha ha ha!

          Nemesis Green 2 months ago

          The unnatural compound THC neutral found in aged, dried or heated canabis can be toxic at very low dosages, however natural THC Acid, ,found in fresh raw hemp leaves and flowers, is one of the most potent antioxidants known, (Love being the most powerful), as well as being non toxic and non psychactive, unless consumed in extremely large amounts.
          The amino acid tyrosine within hempseed oxidises to create melanin via polymerisation , so by consuming fresh raw hemp juice, an ideal plant based blood transfusion liquid, caucasians can create more melanin in their skin, permitting them to absorb full spectrum light thereby becoming “coloured” the mythical “Rainbow Children” or “Golden Ones” destined to lead us all to Tropical Paradise Gardens .

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    • Good point Emma. Yep, of course Abraham would be jealous “of blond haired blue eyed RD”. I’d never thought that before, but it certainly adds up. Not that RD is probably naturally blonde, though who knows and who cares. Imo he’s not attractive in any way, but Abraham, no doubt has an inferiority complex. Stupid man, sometimes you’ve got to know when to give up. Abraham is a sleaze ball. Still don’t understand what Ella sees in him, must be money or the sex. Probably got her so far under his thumb now, she’s stuck and needs a way out, but has no-one to help her. Oh dear…..


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