IPCC Appeal 2: The medical reports…again

We confess that when we saw that the latest letter from the IPCC included questions about the way in which Dr Deborah Hodes’ medical reports for the police had been handled, we groaned. Dr Hodes’ findings are one of the main pegs upon which the hoax pushers hang their metaphorical hats. Because she chose to…


‘Hard evidence’ in Hoaxtead and Pizzagate

The other day, one of our team members came across this interesting bit of internet lore concerning “Pizzagate”. It reads, “You can say…”Aliens exist”, “Chemtrails are real”, “9/11 was an inside job”, “Elvis is alive”, “Obama is a shape-shifting lizard person”. But if you discover HARD EVIDENCE of a child trafficking ring operated by the…

stethoscope and medical report

Hoaxtead FAQ: The medical evidence

Over the past several days we’ve been working to build a ‘frequently asked questions’ page on this blog, to enable newcomers to understand the Hampstead SRA hoax better, to clear up misinformation, and to help jog the memories of longer-term Hoaxtead watchers. Today we’re going to tackle a particularly sensitive area: the forensic medical examinations…


Tainted evidence: Dr Hodes and RAD

One of the most contentious—and persistent—bits of evidence that true believers in the Hampstead hoax like to haul out is that ‘the doctor found evidence of anal scarring’ in the children. This is often accompanied with a ‘so there!’ attitude, as though this information ought to end the argument then and there.


Pookster takes on Hoaxteaders

For months now, Hoaxtead promoters have flooded the internet with preposterous allegations and unsubstantiated claims, some of them physically impossible and others just highly improbable, as they try desperately to bolster their ‘case’. They ignore the fact that it’s done and dusted now: the courts have made their decision regarding the veracity of the case,…