Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ now up on video

Further to this morning’s post about Sabine’s event, held yesterday at the Theatro Technis in parallel with the MEPs’ visit with UK child welfare representatives, videos of the events are starting to be broadcast.

This is really an ‘at your own risk’ situation: the sound quality is pretty rough, and it’s hard to make out what they’re saying at times. All right, a lot of the time. It’s also boring as hell. One might almost think that these people are talking for the pure joy of hearing their own voices, but that would be unkind.

Afternoon session, Item 2

Afternoon session, Item 3

Afternoon session, Item 4

Beginning of the Evening Session, Item 1

LENGTHY Evening Session, Item 2 to the end

Let the good times roll…

Name those monkeys-Belinda - 5


30 thoughts on “Sabine’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’ now up on video

  1. That poor journalist thought she was at a proper meeting until Tuttle ranted about all the ‘foreign’ social workers and that other woman said social workers were all corrupt! I’ve sent her an email directing her to this site and suggesting that if she does want to do a story (she works for Inside Out, a local BBC current affairs strand) she could find a rich seam by digging into the activities of those at the meeeting

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      • Will do. By the way, does anyone know who the guy with the white/blond hair is? I think he said ‘Charles’ but not sure, and haven’t found a surname mentioned yet (only scrolling through this saga, don’t feel much like watching it too closely) He voiced some very predictable guff about it all being feminism’s fault along with usual racist crap about all the foreign social workers. They really are a bunch of idiots but its good when they express their clear political sympathies which, in his case, seems to be a mixture of wholesale misogyny and small state libertarianism.

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        • Oh mind you, he has just upset a few people by saying paedophilia is a human addiction problem and we need to stop seeing it as being in the realm of Hammer horror movies which is a good point for the ‘satanist’ obsessives to ponder..

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        • sounded like yet another aggrieved and pissed off father who didn’t get his way in the family court making absurd claims and implications about his ex-wife which were apparently rejected by the court.

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  2. Evening session at 2.11 Kellie Cottam does a fucking magnificent thing and calls out Sabine, Belinda, Maggie, accuses them of fear-mongering, sabotaging parents’ access to children, giving bad advice etc etc. It really is something to behold, especially when she advises those present to look at the actual legal process as there are many many steps that a parent can take before their child is adopted. She goes on to say that social services procedures are basically sound and working in the parents and children’s best interests and accuses those present of operating campaigns that scare parents into submission. Deb Mahmoudieh looks well pissed off behind her! Great stuff. Well done Kellie.

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    • I wish she had realised sooner, i have often sat at my screen crying, watching parents lose their children, needlessly, if only…. court can be avoided, and pre court a parent retains more rights, i went to see a parent once, who spent her time fighting the system, the social workers etc, and moaned there was nothing to do at the contact centre..well, so buy some games in a charity shop, en route, i suggested, she came back and said ‘best contact ever’, unfortunately she went back to obsessing about what was wrong etc, rather than addressing some issues she did have, i have also watched others gaining more contact, always a sign of a possible, likely even return of children, to then be goaded by someone to do something really stupid, and lose. I hope someone has copied Kellie’s bit, cos belinda also looked down, and not happy, it could be edited out, which would be a shame…. and yes, yelling in the street, also encouraged by some is horrific, yet trying to point that out, has led to me being outcast, anyway, she also mentions the Walk for Justice by Sid, i could not support it, or publicise it, once i saw the hollie banner, he had to plaster on his gear…. so frustrating at times, she cleared some ground, i hope. Good for her.

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  3. It’s a bizarre mutual admiration society repeating the same old myths and exaggerations while reinforcing each others prejudices. The skim the surface with sweeping statements about courts & social services and cannot even cite one case of mismanagement (and I’m sure it happens but rarely).

    An example- Belinda’s silly rant on adoption agencies publishing photos of kids needing a home as though that somehow justifies what happened in Hampstead but also ignores that agencies desperately want to get these kids placed in a secure home and use every method available having moved into the modern age.

    Belinda also implies that this mob have “started a movement” and gives the impression that ‘movement’ is full of sane normal people when all they have done is attract a raft of like-minded conspiracy advocates who surf the net and hoover up lunacies they particularly like. And the end result? A bunch of innocent Hampstead residents and their families suddenly find themselves the butt of worldwide publicity that accuses them of eating babies and performing witchcraft.

    It’s almost enough to make you feel The Devil is real and is working through this mob to create dissension and grief for 100s of innocents.

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    • “All they have done is attract a raft of like-minded conspiracy advocates who surf the net and hoover up lunacies they particularly like”. Brilliantly put, Sam.

      I know that this whole thing hit the Hampstead families like wet sandbags, completely out of nowhere. I find it hard to fathom how it must feel to be under siege like that.


    • Belinda is scratching for her next cause, move, and merely repeating things often said, without really understanding anything. Agree with this, though for parent’s it is painful to see their child displayed, sometimes you have to step back and see the whole picture. I am forever amazed at Belinda’s gall. She is still though giving little hints, to her followers, so they can latch onto and keep hampstead case rolling, and that disgusts me.

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  4. Loved one speaker referring to the undoubted musical genius John Lennon and his superb Imagine song. If ever there was a Deadbeat Dad who treated his first wife & child badly even after he was incredibly wealthy Lennon was it/ Just read Cynthia Lennon’s autobiography & you get a nice introduction to Lennon’s bizarre & inexplicably cruel treatment of his first family.

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  5. Theatro Technis describes itself as venue offering “Fringe” events so they got that right. If you missed Belinda’s gabfest they have an upcoming show : “How to Disappear Completely & Never Be Found “

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  6. I wonder what people think would happen if Family Courts were open to the public? The press would report on events or one of the neighbours would pop in to watch the case, like they do in criminal court. If you were an allegedly erring parent you’d quickly find your neighbours didn’t want anything to do with you and you’d get bricks through the window. Whatever was talked about in Court i.e. all your private business, would be public knowledge.

    The private Family Courts protect the parents as well as the children. I do think they need a shake up and to be a bit more easy going in terms of who you can take into Court with you but no way should the Family Court be open to the public or the press.

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    • I agree. And if I were a child whose parents were doing battle, would I really want everyone I knew talking about what went on at my house? Families deserve privacy, so they can solve their problems (wherever possible) without being under the magnifying glass of public scrutiny.


  7. People talk about being ‘triggered’ by what they hear or read. I have to admit I was ‘triggered’ big time tonight watching the ‘Forced Adoption Event’ when Maggie Tuttle tried to make the case that ‘forced adoption’ is worse than bereavement. I find it unbelievably crass to make this comparison. Nobody can compare one person’s pain with another’s like this. I speak as one who comes from a family where a child died. How dare she. Unbelievably insensitive thing to say.

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    • I think it’s typical of these people: they firmly believe that only the experience they describe has any emotional validity (and that’s measured by the amount of pain caused).


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