Abe and Ella’s desperation grows as followers drop off

With followers abandoning the Hampstead hoax like yesterday’s leftover porridge, Abe and Ella are scrambling to rebuild their fan-base while they attempt to squelch any visible dissent. It’s actually pretty funny, if the thought of a tiny enraged man playing Whack-a-Mole is your cup of tea.

On their Hampstead CoverUp YouTube page, Abrella have carefully erased any comments that don’t actively support them, but have left their own comments intact…which leaves one with the impression of a madman mumbling to himself in an empty room:

Abraham talks to himself 2016-02-22

…and so on.

When anyone does venture a dissenting voice, their efforts are almost instantaneously removed. Shades of Abrella’s old blog! But we suppose no one’s visiting their new one, so Abrella must get their fun where they can.

Abraham-Pookster-saved by CP

Clearly, Abe is not about to allow the idea that Dr Hodes’ findings of RAD might just as easily be attributed to him…so this gem from Pookster78 was hastily removed within minutes of its having been posted.

That’s par for the course when it comes to Abe. We all know he cannot stand to be challenged, as he is incapable of defending his indefensible actions.

But things get even weirder: reader Deb C. pointed out the other day that Abrella seem to have taken to visiting YouTube users whom they perceive as possible allies, and trying to suck up to them:

Abraham-to DebC- 2016-02-19

Abraham-to DebC-2 2016-02-19

We wonder whether Abrella even bothered watching the video upon which they are heaping such fulsome praise.

In fact, repulsive troofer Chris Everard, who recently jumped back aboard the Hoaxtead bandwagon (presumably not noticing that the wheels had fallen off several months ago) is the target of Deb C.’s video, and she has nothing kind to say about him. Why Abrella would deduce from this that she’d be amenable to their approaches, we really cannot say.

However, the word ‘desperation’ does come to mind.

Abraham-to VenusLucifer 2016-02-19

Here, they’re claiming to be fans of vEnUs LuCiFeR’s work…though five will get you ten they’d never seen anything s/he’s done.

In fact, Abrella is jumping into a month-old conversation, in a pathetic attempt to suck up to someone they don’t know…because they’ve run out of suckers who’ll believe their ludicrous story. Well, other than Everard, that is.

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37 thoughts on “Abe and Ella’s desperation grows as followers drop off

  1. Indeed, yet more evidence that Abraham is practically isolated now. The more he posts, the more desperate he appears.

    I wonder what Ella thinks of all this? Assuming she is capable of independent thought she must secretly be thinking to herself, what have I done?

    I reckon she’ll eventually dump Abe, latching onto the first bloke that comes along.

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  2. Great post, thank you all for collating stuff I would otherwise miss, and for keeping it all together for the future.
    I think this case originated in Ella’s narcissistic rage against her ex, RD. He left her. Yet she was ‘special’. How dare he! He would have to pay. Ella recruited Abe who happened to share some of her whacky ideas. Kill two birds with one stone. He could juice, baby sit and control her children who were now displaying signs of discontent/rebellion at her cold parenting style and her other (major) deficits.

    The few facts that emerged shine a light on the reality of the children’s lives when they lived with her: She denied them the food they wanted/needed, starving them, essentially, till they had to rummage through bins for sustenance. She pushed them out onto cold balconies in their underwear despite tears and crying. What type of mother is capable of this? She allowed a criminal thug into the intimate environment of her vulnerable children.

    Instead of protecting them when she saw his behaviour, she tolerated it. She even encouraged and supported him. She saw him hitting, intimidating, and even sexually abusing them. (Talking inappropriately about sexual matters to a child is considered sexual abuse). As RD’s child said at the police interview: ‘My mum thinks this is a GOOD thing’.

    Abe is someone who has a lifelong history of dishonesty and violence. Even firearms. Everything that he is doing now is a cover for his own fuck ups. (Hampstead Coverup: Really apt, Abe!).

    The coverup attempted by Abe is just part of his repertoire of manipulation tactics, his method of survival. He is probably reliant on Ella for money. He is on the run, too old. Unskilled. He has to be seen to be useful to Ella. He probably deliberately makes her feel dependent on him. So he falsely gives her hope, sets up interviews, writes the blog, comments. At the same time these efforts have a dual role, he attempts to defelct any blame away from himself. He creates doubts in the minds of those who want to believe in conspiracies.

    Abe is desperate to point away the finger of suspicion from himself. He needs to be doing something to keep the anxiety at bay. So he writes crap, tries to use big words, fails.

    What is really behind this all? Fear.
    Fear is the mindkiller, Abe.
    Abe is very, very frightened, truth be told.

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  3. His paranoia makes him sabotage any relationships he has. I can only think the reason he has been with Ella so long is that he is keeping her drugged and compliant to his wishes.

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  4. Things really haven’t gone the way that Abe planned have they?
    He probably thought he would be the big new name in troofer media and everyone falling over themselves to talk to him.

    Due to his paranoid behaviour he has lost his main supporters and now it is funny to watch him scrambling around in the gutter trying to find a new friend.

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  5. What a long post but a very good one. I agree and I think it would take a team of shrinks led by the eminent Sigmund Freud to unravel the mysteries of Ella’s mind.

    As for Abe- just your everyday garden variety sociopath but influenced by too much indulgence in wacky baccy. After all, there is no point in indulging in the weed unless it has an effect and I reckon with a true psychopath, those affects will enhance the darkness within, as opposed to say, your every day trippy hippy.

    Abe is discovering that with the nutbag truther troopers, they are a movable feast and soon tire of one drama and move onto the next exciting conspiracy.

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  6. The vast majority of times I have commented directly to Abraham, he has ignored it. In the last few days he has started replying to comments I made months ago, on various videos. Abraham has also been commenting and replying to other commenters. It must be pure desperation. There are only so many interviews he can do, peddling the same stuff over an over. He has also burnt bridges with so many people that he hasn’t many avenues left.
    The fact he has regurgitated the ‘ CRIS analysis’ again is another sign of how desperate he is, along with releasing the JC recording. Abe is finding out the hard way that these conspiracy nuts need constant feeding, and he is really struggling to provide the food. There’s only so much hemp juice they can take,lol.

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  7. I’m not so sure that she’d dump him that quickly, as they’ve both put a great deal of time and energy into this little project. However, her inherent narcissism and vanity may eventually drive her to reassess why she’s with an old, ugly little troll like him.


  8. I think he’s discovering that without a constant stream of new material to dangle in front of his intended audience, he quickly loses their attention. They’ve all gone on to flat earth theories now, leaving him in the dust.


  9. I once knew an old, ugly, bad-tempered man whose wife was young and attractive. We used to call him ‘John Crook-Dick’ as no one could imagine what else might keep her interested in him.

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  10. I think you’ve hit on something important here: Abrella have wrung every last drop of drama out of this thing, and have become boring and repetitious.


  11. It sounds wrong to say, “He must be desperate, he’s started talking to you!” but yes. In the past he could ignore pointed questions because he had a willing audience that didn’t care whether he could justify his ridiculous claims. Now he’s nearing the end of the road, he’s become Captain Try-hard, but that’s not working for him either.

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  12. I agree, Emma. Very well said. Ella’s coldness toward her children can be easily seen, as you say; and her rage at RD pre-dated this hoax by a long time. Like the proverbial dog in the manger, she didn’t really want the kids, but she was damned if RD could have them.


  13. They can’t provide new material as it would be blatantly obvious that it had been manufactured after the alleged events – just like the “diaries” and the drawings.

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  14. I was shocked to see them commenting on my YouTube channel. They obviously never watched any of my videos HAHA All of my videos are dedicated to putting Everard behind bars. I’ve blocked them from my YouTube channel.

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  15. You’re very welcome. Another thing Everard has in common with Abrella is the fact that they all flee locations (countries even) when they feel law enforcement is closing in on them. Everard fled locations three times in less than three years.

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  16. Everard was in Spain in 2013, then France, and now we think he’s in another location in France. The way they run from the law just screams GUILT!

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  17. Moving up in the world with all the money they made selling their T-Shirts and tickets for their online seminar I presume? LOLOLOL!!

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  18. A friend said to me recently, “You can tell they’ve lost when they start trying to sell t-shirts”. Looks like he was right, LOL!


  19. In all this time, Abe has never replied to any of my comments and even blocked me from one of his many profiles…until a few days ago, when he at last answered me, to call me RD! LOL! Then he promptly deleted my comments and left his own up.
    Looks like we’re virtually the only people for him to talk to now. 🙂

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