Abe goes off the deep end

My goodness, some people have trouble taking criticism, don’t you find?

Ever since we began looking into Abraham Christie’s interesting and colourful criminal past, he’s been getting more and more agitated.

For example, yesterday he posted this on YouTube:

Abe goes over the edge-2015-10-29A few things of note here:

  1. Interesting that he’s writing on his ‘Dicky Rearman’ account, and yet signing as ‘Abraham Jemal Christie, a.k.a. Nemesis’. Not that we needed confirmation, but still, it’s nice of him to be so clear about it. Now, could he please let Angela Fag-Ash Disney know? We think she’s still under the impression that DR is RD. Then again, she also believes she was abducted by aliens, so.
  2. Abraham claims to have ‘NEVER committed a sex act against a child’, but of course does not rule out having committed sexual crimes against grown women.
  3. Abe drops a few clues here that he’s been following the discussion on this blog—and that it’s touched a nerve, or perhaps two.
  4. Then there’s the epic hilarity of this bit: “I MAY NOT BE as good as I should be and am ashamed of much of my past behaviour, but if LOVE wills I may be able to forgive myself and accept responsibility for my actions, and not attempt to blame others”. Oh, Abe, you’re such a card. You’ll only accept responsibility for your behaviour ‘if love wills’? Fascinating. As for being ashamed…it sounds much more likely that Abe is angry and feeling wounded by having his ugliness exposed.
  5. And finally, can anyone tell us what this means: “LOVE is the ONLY solution that can stop THIS REVOLUTION”? Forgive our slowness, but we thought the entire point of the Hoaxtead fantasy was to promote some sort of ‘revolution’, not stop it.

All in all, we don’t believe we’ve ever seen Abe quite this huffy before. Then again, until recently his various criminal exploits were a matter between him and the courts. We expect it’s a rather uncomfortable feeling to see it all spelled out like this, particularly when one is expecting the proverbial knock on the door at any time.

police knock on door


16 thoughts on “Abe goes off the deep end

  1. Yes, I noticed that about him denying sexually assaulting children but not adults. I thought to myself at the time, “I bet Mr. Coyote will spot that too.” And as usual, he didn’t disappoint!

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  2. Those babies still being trucked in… Neelu claims to have seen baby carriages arrive at the Hampstead church but didn’t film it.

    For a bunch who love to film every sneeze on their IPhones and create Youtube channels, not one has ever staked out the church to film the babies arriving. Delivered by DHL etc (somehow surviving the freezing temperatures in the baggage hold)..not a single Hoaxteader has bothered to play real detective and chase up their own claims.

    But then practical common sense is not a trait shared by this motley crew.

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  3. He finally admitted what we all knew. On YT I saw the foul-mouthed user CGI Plains call TorkGirl a “stupid c*nt” for saying that Dicky Rearman was Abraham Christie, under one of Guidance2222’s video.
    Also, I’m pretty certain Charlotte also called the Dicky Rearman user RD in a video.

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