Alex Jones claims ‘psychosis’ made him lie about Sandy Hook

A perennial discussion point in Hoaxtead Research’s comments section for the past four years has been the “mad versus bad” debate: are those who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax motivated by mental illness, malevolent intent, or some combination of the two? Yesterday we learned that U.S.-based high-profile conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has plumped for the…

Paterson’s annual death threat extravaganza

If it’s November, it must be time for our annual barrage of semi-literate mouth-frothing death threats from our favourite professional anti-Semite—the walking, talking putz with the giant schnozz and ego to match, the one and only John Alexander Paterson. Some readers might recall last year’s round of death threats from the Honker that Bored; this…

Abe goes off the deep end

My goodness, some people have trouble taking criticism, don’t you find? Ever since we began looking into Abraham Christie’s interesting and colourful criminal past, he’s been getting more and more agitated.

Abe Christie, common or garden thug

Abraham Christie’s frequent conflicts with the law have been a subject of much discussion recently. Yesterday we revealed that he’d attempted to rape at least one woman, who gave us permission to disclose this info’ here. A commenter asked us to verify the much-bandied-about rumour that Abe has been convicted of 37 crimes, so we…

Abe resurrects his ‘Drifloud’ persona…again

Here’s the problem with trying to mount an internet/email campaign when you are: Stoned 99% of the time; A pathological liar; Not terribly bright to begin with. Sadly for Abe, he is all three. And that’s what makes his latest round of ‘Drifloud’ posts and emails so comically painful.

Abe gets more than he bargained for

When Abe and Ella set up their new blog (and we’re being generous here, including Ella…it’s unlikely she did much but nod apathetically), we’re quite certain they didn’t expect the reaction they’ve been getting from their readers.