Charlotte Ward Alton backs out…again!

We’ve noticed for some time that Charlotte Ward Alton (aka Jacqui Farmer), owner of Hamster Research, has been getting more and more desperate to find something, anything! to post. So it was with only moderate surprise that we learned that once again, she’s backing out of the blogging biz.

HR is moving on to pastures new. We are handing over to Ella and Abraham. Please now visit their site for Hampstead news.

The blog will stop on 31 October.

Thank you, everybody for all your support. It’s been a wonderful journey. All I can say is that I hope HR has contributed in some way to keeping the children out of the hands of the cult and their abusive father for 6 months. I was talking to someone this morning who reckons that they will never be given back to him; let’s hope that’s true.

Please give all your support to Ella and Abraham.



Of course, a few questions arise:

  1. What, precisely, prompted this sudden change of heart? One minute she’s emailing every citizen in the UK claiming that they or their friends are cult-affiliated baby-murdering cannibalistic paedophiles…the next, she’s moving on to ‘pastures new’.
  2. What ‘pastures new’, precisely? We hope that wherever they are, they’re prepared for the freshly evacuated manure that’s about to come their way. We recommend umbrellas.
  3. It’s uncharacteristically generous of Charlotte to tell her handful of supporters to get behind Abe and Ella, considering they’ve denounced her many times as a shill, a ‘paedo’, and a disinformation agent. Why the sudden change of heart?

We don’t like to look a gift horse in the mouth, but Charlotte has quit and then un-quit so often, we’re getting a bit dizzy watching. Let’s all hope that this is her final exit.

Horse manure

18 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward Alton backs out…again!

  1. LOL “What ‘pastures new’, precisely? We hope that wherever they are, they’re prepared for the freshly evacuated manure that’s about to come their way. We recommend umbrellas”.

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  2. She’s run out of things to say.

    This happened to Danielle La Airhead and what she did was ask people to send her questions to answer. You can only call politicians cnuts so many times and you get boring.

    Does Charlotte think she can disappear and nobody will keep an eye out for her? Or maybe she’ll change her mind and be back like last time.

    And does she honestly think that the nonsense on the internet has made any difference to the decisions made by the courts about the children? Really? Take another anti-delusion pill please. In fact, take two.

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    • ‘Reality’ is not a word in Charlotte’s rather meagre vocabulary. Apparently she has no idea how the real world works, but that’s never stopped her from pursuing her ugly vendetta. And I agree, I think she ran out of material about 3 months ago. It’s all been regurgitation since then.


  3. Greetings all,

    Just a quick flying visit today. Got back from over the pond a couple of day ago and have now had chance to catch up. Gracious me!! I thought all of this stupidity might have fizzled itself out, but I was wrong!

    Charlotte has been to the UK, stayed with her parents, she has a therapist she see on a regular basis, but she had to return to Suriname, something to do with visa/passports, not sure the exact situation, but she had to return.

    The visit was a disaster, her parents were devastated, it would appear her treatment has suffered a set back, and her condition heightened to extreme levels. All of this caused by her involvement with the Hampstead fiasco. She refuses to take the medication prescribed for her, but continues with the non prescribed substances, which, as you can imagine, really exacerbates the problems she has with her mental health.

    Charlotte told the family that her emails and blogs were being monitored and she had been reported to the Web Sheriff, I think that is what he/it is called, so she is terrified now. I see from the information here that she is ‘handing it over to Ella and Abe’ – for the record she has never spoken or been in direct communication with either of them.

    Fingers crossed guys that she might just really take this latest threat of court action seriously and desist from further defamation via ANY blog.!!

    As always


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    • Always lovely to see you, Sophie! Thanks for the Charlotte update…such a sad story. She seems unlikely to learn from her experience, but I suppose one can always hope.


    • Her family should be alarmed. Charlotte posts endless tales & news snippets about shocking sex cases as though one proves the other, and together they all prove that the Hampstead satanic lies are true. She is fixated on seeking out dark & terrible tales.

      It appears from her writings she also lived with an abusive partner. An indication of her extreme obsessive behaviour is her claim to have sent 1000s of emails to people in the teaching business, warning them about Hampstead.

      Of the few emails that did not land in the junk folder or were not treated as possible porn links, she seems to believe the rest of the world does not know about Hampstead. I should imagine every single UK teacher knows the case inside out and thinks just how lucky they are they don’t get falsely accused as well.

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      • Yes, we’ve long been alarmed by Charlotte’s obsession with the lurid and horrifying, and her insatiable need to project her own fantasies onto others.


      • I think they are just waiting for the next sensation to arrive to regroup It’s like a drug but I believe these cases may be the only excitement in their lives and it becomes like a social get-together. Imagine Sabine without her obsession? What else would she do? She’d have to take life seriously. They can then link all these cases together just as they did with the Holly Grieg case. And it’s always about sex. They are fixed and obsessed by strange sex tales.

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