The many lives of ‘Dicky Rearman’

Yesterday we noted that Abraham Christie had deleted his ‘Dicky Rearman’ sock account on YouTube, thus erasing many posts that could have incriminated him. (Of course, we have multiple screenshots, proving our point that nothing on the internet ever really dies.)

Imagine our surprise, then, when another ‘Dicky Rearman’ popped up in the comments section of a recent Guidance 2222 video! Dicky Rearman to Guidance 2222-2015-09-20Pardon?

A little poking around easily solved the riddle, though: Dicky Rearman 2Dicky Rearman 2 Screen Shot 2015-09-20If you’ll recall, ‘Dicky Rearman’ Mach I joined YouTube on 21 February, 2015—just as Hoaxtead began hotting up.

But why would Abe remove one account and replace it with another?

Watch and learn, Grasshopper: by removing his first ‘Dicky Rearman’ account, he erases any evidence that he was ever on YouTube at all. He then reverts to his backup account, created a couple of weeks ago, and is able to go about his merry way, doing what Abe does best: distributing lies and libelling people who’ve ‘done him wrong’.

Of course, we know he’ll start f*cking up within days, as he tends to forget which lies he’s told to whom.

Stay tuned…. liar-hand

16 thoughts on “The many lives of ‘Dicky Rearman’

  1. I like how Code says “Dicky Rearman? Nice! Keep them busy!”
    Aby doesn’t keep us busy at all. He’s almost transparent on YouTube! The guy’s a freak!

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  2. Just a note of caution, do we know for certain the first Dicky Rearman is Abraham Christie? Are the two accounts linked?

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    • Christie has several characteristic misspellings and frequently used expressions, all of which show up with regularity in both ‘Dicky Rearman’ accounts.


  3. No ,doesn’t erase it from thee server .All things stay on the server for at least 6-12 months ,even after you delete the account ,or close it ,or clear it off your device,it is still on youtube,google,yahoo server.

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