Did Charlotte jump or was she pushed?

If Charlotte Ward Alton of Hamster Research is as good as her word (and yes, we realise the hilarity encapsulated there), tomorrow her disgusting slop-bucket of a blog will cease to exist.

Wonderful news by any measure, of course. Her vicious violations of innocent men, women, and children over the past several months have been inexcusable, and her malicious glee as she attempts to destroy lives and reputations has been stomach-turning.

But we’re overcome with curiosity: why has Charlotte decided to pull the plug now?

A few possible reasons come to mind:

  1. Writing poison-pen letters to thousands of people at once is a lot of effort for very little return. After all, when an email server sees that an incoming message has 10,000 other recipients, the chances of it actually reaching the intended target’s in-box drop to slightly less than nil.
  2. Aside from chewing over the same old tired bullshit from the Hoaxtead dossier, there’s really not much more to say about it these days. After all, who really cares about yet another exposé on the Human Bullhorn, Christine Ann Sands? Booooring.
  3. Hamster Research gets pitifully few readers these days, and even fewer who can be arsed to comment. A couple of weeks back we suggested that readers of this blog pull their support from Hamster Research…and the effect was salutary. Even Charlotte could see that the only people bothering with her were Hoaxtead disbelievers, who were coming to point and laugh.
  4. Perhaps Suriname takes as dim a view of sharing commercial child sex abuse images as the UK does.
  5. Or maybe Web Sheriff, which has been on Charlotte’s trail for some time now, has finally made her an offer she can’t refuse?
  6. The entire Hampstead Hoax has been a sinking ship for the past couple of months. As its main proponents are served with injunctions, arrested, or on the lam to avoid arrest, it’s become clear that the shining promise of this case, which was to have finally ‘proved’ the existence and prevalence of a ‘satanic’ paedophilic cult in our midst, has vanished. These days, only the deeply disturbed or profoundly gullible can be brought on board as new recruits. And where’s the fun in that?
  7. Perhaps, as we’ve been predicting for some time now, Charlotte has slipped up and given the UK police something to get their teeth into. Let’s face it: she was sloppy when she tried to make the seamless transition from ‘Charlotte Ward, Conspirituality Researcher’ to ‘Jacqui Farmer, Professional Troll’. There’s no reason to think she wouldn’t make similar stupid errors now.

Whatever the case, we’re sure the true reason(s) will come to light presently.

Meanwhile, here’s our final word to Charlotte:

…and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.


28 thoughts on “Did Charlotte jump or was she pushed?

  1. Very good analysis as always, EC.

    I suspect that each of those seven has played its part to varying degrees.

    One word of caution: she’s said she’ll stop running the blog but that it will remain open, rather than cease to exist.

    K: “J will the blog be shut down on the 31st? If so, better get cc, before info goes”

    Charlotte: “No, K – the blog will stay 🙂 And YES – thanks for asking x”

    That said, I reckon she’ll close it once her few remaining supporters have moved on, allowing her to bow out when no one’s watching, to save face. (Sorry, Charlie – too late for that!)

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    • I saw that! So the blog will remain, but…not? Perhaps Charlotte has had Sabine’s help and is now mucking about with the space-time continuum? It’s all very confusing.

      And I suspect you’re right. Charlotte doesn’t like doing things by the light of day, does she?


      • Didn’t commenter Sophie, say the other day that Charlotte had been back in the UK recently and visited her family? I guess the Police missed their chance if she did!

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        • It’s a pity the real victims in Hampstead are not agitating for police action or demanding their local MP request the police to chase up these offenders.
          I can understand many Hampstead people just wanting to believe all this will blow over but it just won’t and every failure : the bungled Neelu case is an example – emboldens them to commit more harassment.
          Perhaps when Sabine appears in court all will be revealed but after Neelu’s case was thrown out ( so much for the co-called power of the “Cult” when a magistrate can ditch a case) I hope the cops and prosecutors are on the ball.

          If not the Hampstead residents should consider a private prosecution of the Cult promoters who have clearly conspired to make their lives hell. I’m sure the CPS would then feel compelled to take over the case.

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  2. well she’s broken privacy and harassment laws so she needs her collar felt if she returns to the UK. I hope immigration has been informed.

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  3. I doubt the police have her as a high priority.

    Abe & Ella got away quite easily, I think I may have discovered why…….

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  4. She has done harm on such an epic scale, that has effected peoples lives forever more, and done so with the intention to harm, hurt, and abuse children, moms and dads, families, that, in my opinion she should be looking at, at least 20 years.

    And I am totally serious about that.

    I thank God daily, and consider myself blessed, to not go to sleep at night with a mind like that. Thank You God!

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  5. I’ve heard from my reliable contact in Suriname. Charlotte is very busy tomorrow as it’s Halloween. She’ll be boiling up large quantities of baby broth in her biggest cauldron. Allegedly it’s her favourite time of year!

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  6. Abe is also salivating over Halloween. Coincidence?

    He writes:

    Halloween—the day itself is of Druidic origin. (Myers, Robert J. Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays, p. 258)The mystic rites and ceremonies with which Hallow’en was originally observed had their origin among the Druids. . . (Douglas, George William. The American Book of Days, p. 566)The Druids celebrated two special nights of the year: Beltane and Samhain. Beltane took place on May 1 and marked the birth of summer. Samhain occurred on November 1 and signified the death of summer. Samhain, a night celebrating death and hell, was the Druids most important ritual. It was a terrifying night of human sacrifices. And it was the original Halloween.The Druids believed, during Samhain, the mystic veil separating the dead from the living opened. The Druids taught these roaming spirits loosed on Samhain went searching for a body to possess. The frightened Celts would masquerade as demons, evil spirits and ghosts, hoping to convince the roaming evil spirits, they were another evil spirit, and leave them alone. The Celts also prepared meals as “treats” to appease the evil spirits from “tricks” or malicious acts; hence our custom of “trick or treat.” The Druids performed horrifying human sacrifices and other vile rituals during Samhain. Let there be no doubt—Samhain night was a terrifying “covenant with death, and with hell.” And let there be no doubt – Samhain was the original Halloween night.
    Nemesis 3 hours ago Reply

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  7. Abe’s post on Halloween shows where his interests lie: ‘celebrating death and hell…horrifying human sacrifices… vile rituals…covenant with death, and with hell’ and so on.

    This kind of reading choice has left a not so dormant foundation of source material for Abe’s wild imagination. This mixed in with his reality to create the Hampstead Hoax.

    We have evidence here.

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  8. Of all the Hoaxteders this Charlotte woman must be one of the most vicious. And her delusions and those of her handful of followers : research ? All she does is surf the net and link to endless nasty dark tales of sex as though they somehow reinforce the Hampstead claims. Does she really think this is work or research?. It does demonstrate the weirdness though of many of the Hoaxteaders whose lives seem to be conducted via the internet. She also dobs in Sabine, Belinda and Ella by publishing their recent Hampstead communications thereby allowing them to breach either bail or the court order. Talk about dumb.

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