BULLETIN: What was on Abraham Christie’s phone?

Amid speculation about the contents of Abraham Christie’s mobile phone, which was apparently lost, found again, then lost…and eventually wound up in the hands of the police, we have received a startling piece of information: at least some of the pictures found on the phone were of the young daughter of one of the teachers at Christ Church Primary School.

According to very reliable sources close to the case, Abe had been making a habit of covertly stalking children connected with the school, and snapped shots when and where he could.

Would you like this man to follow and photograph your child?

Would you like this man to follow and photograph your child?

This appears to have been part of Abe’s orchestrated campaign to terrorise and humiliate families associated with the school, the neighbourhood, and environs.

We’ve received no further information on the other possible contents of his phone, but we’ll update this story as we receive further news.



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  1. Well. I suppose this answers the question on everyone’s mind: “How low can Abe stoop?”

    My heart goes out to the people he’s targetted. Just horrible.

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    • Well the Hoaxteaders will have some sort of rationalisation or justification for that.

      If they don’t care that he physically abuses children, by admission, as documented in medical reports, as alleged by two of his victims and last but not least according to his criminal history they won’t care that he’s taking creep shots.

      I’m sure that will get dressed up as him trying to save the children.

      Photography in a public place probably isn’t illegal, but why would he do that? To release their images in the public domain perhaps as some of the 20 so-called special children and rape victims? This would be illegal. Or he’s just a pervy creep who doesn’t give a monkey’s about children? Or the harrassment of the alleged cult members?

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  2. Abe is beginning to look like a pervert of Savile dimensions. Photographing children while fantasising about shoving dildos up them, drawing pictures of what he imagines the school teachers and parents privates look like. All this psychological projection on to perfectly ordinary people. Really makes you feel sick! He is a nasty piece of work.

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  3. This wouldn’t be the first time Belinda has supported a paedophile in the name of protecting children. I wonder if Abe has compared notes with Brian Pead?

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  4. If he has actually done this, like I said before, people who think he’s uncovered a cult thousands of years old won’t care or even see anything untoward in his behaviour.

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  5. Grim stuff. Perhaps Neelu might explain tomorrow to all her friends what they see in him.

    Tomorrow 22/09 at 1030 she is due at court 4 at Blackfriars Court : listed as T20150661 BERRY Neelu With a target referral trial date of 02/03/2016, presumably to a Crown Court due to the serious charges.

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  7. It’ll be documenting the children who he believed were the 20 others I guess? The ones with tattoos?

    If they are clothed then no further action will be taken, as pointed out, a crime has not been committed.

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  8. http://theukdatabase.com/2012/05/04/alistair-stewart-barr/

    – Another indirect link to the Hollie Greig case. Alistair Stewart was brought to police attention by Matt Quinn, who was a part-time lecturer at the same college. Quinn (an ex-cop himself) went over his college bosses heads and brought the guy’s odd behaviour (hanging around a primary school near the college) to the attention of his former Police colleagues. Stewart was jailed of course. But Quinn, having apparently rocked the boat at the college by going to the Police first rather than allowing them the opportunity to get rid of Stewart quietly, was later bullied out of his job for his troubles – so much for whistleblowing!

    Anyway, I digress; Abe seems to have played copy-cat in relation to filming the kids “accounts” of abuse in a similar way to Malcolm Konrad-Ogilvy. I wonder if these pictures of other Hampstead kids were taken with the intention of PhotoShopping them in the same way Stewart did? – He having possibly also got that idea from some of the material surrounding Hollie Greig?

    Again; just a thought. – And if he’s been photographing children on school/private premises, surely there is a problem there because they have a reasonable expectation of privacy? i.e. Those premises are not “public places”. Intent is also important too surely? He’s hardly likely to be able to paint a picture of himself as a social historian or artist is he? They’re not his friends’ kids. – So whilst there is no direct offence in taking pictures, surely they evidence a pattern of behaviour that amounts to harassment?

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  9. Like other psychopaths, Abe’s crimes would have escalated, had he not been discovered and exposed. Goodness knows what the photo’s were for, apart from him salivating in fantasy planning. We can imagine the eventual acting out would have been a step up from what he did to P&Q. Chilling. I fear for Spanish children.


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