Another epic whinge from Sabine

Pity poor, poor Sabine.

She shares confidential videos online…and is hurt and shocked when she’s called out on it.

She harasses, and encourages her followers to harass, innocent people…and cannot understand why this is a problem.

She is arrested and placed on bail, breaches it regularly…and cannot understand why the police (and her unfortunate solicitors) see this as a problem.

Here’s her latest self-pitying whinge, for the record (all emphasis Sabine’s…of course):

This is just to let you know how my victimisation continues, as I had a distressing email from my solicitor yesterday, after he spoke with the main Police constable:

I was given another 3 months of bail conditions, because there are supposedly so many telephones by terrorists that all have priority over analysing mine.

Meanwhile I am GAGGED for supposedly having published something that I’ve never done!

I can only attend my meeting online, as I must be seen to be ‘low profile’ due to my mobility issues.

Otherwise the Police will want me to attend a Station 3 times a week.

The ‘innocent abusers’ supposedly continue to feel harassed as they claim I continue to publish about the case, even though that is CLEARLY not true.

But the father whom the children accuse keeps being nasty on his blog that I do not visit. I just know, because I get the occasional ‘pingback’, i.e. link to my blog posts.

He even published my bail conditions and sick note, which he got either from Police or my Google drive…

Long live human rights in the UK and the internet!

A few points to ponder:

Sabine has been gagged because of a crime she very demonstrably planned, and then committed.

Her solicitor wants her to attend her upcoming meetings (at the British Computer Society and with the 10 visiting EU delegates) online, because if the cops could see how easily she really does get around, they’d want her to come visit them more often. Does this suggest to you, as it does to us, that Sabine is perhaps less crippled than she would have the world believe?

The children’s father has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. Period.

And we did publish Sabine’s bail conditions and sick note, because she put up a link to them on her blog. That, dear Sabine, is called ‘publishing’ your own bail conditions. We simply followed your lead. You made the material public, so we assumed it was in the public domain. If you don’t like that, perhaps you should consider keeping that sort of material to yourself.

Incidentally, ‘someone’ protested our publishing that material, and WordPress has since removed it. Fair enough. But we didn’t get the documents from the cops, the ‘cult’, Lord Ashtar, or a passing UFO: we got it direct from (ahem) the horse’s mouth.


19 thoughts on “Another epic whinge from Sabine

  1. How quick these self-righteous declare themselves victims of injustice after they have subjected countless scores of people to unjust harrassment and infringements of their own liberties. I have no sympathy.

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  2. They also cry that everyone in authority must be corrupt..but they are the first to run to them when they think they have been hard done by.

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  3. Hey, you never know, perhaps she had no one to go with and didn’t have the brass neck to go alone, knowing too, that the ‘gig’ is up and the organisers know all about her!

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