Maurice Kirk’s strange associations

After following “flying vet” Maurice Kirk’s “now you see him, now you don’t” adventures last week, we confess we were intrigued. Kirk has been closely linked with Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie for several years, perhaps most notably via his involvement in the notorious Musa case, in which both parents were convicted of child cruelty.

But Kirk is more widely known as a convicted criminal in his own right. As reported in his 2004 appeal against the removal of name from the register of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Kirk had racked up quite a spectacular set of offences.

The judgement for that appeal stated:

Mr Kirk’s problem is with people. He combines independence of spirit and a passion for justice with a flaming temper and complete insensitivity to the feelings of others. He sees conspiracies under every bush and believes on principle that all members of the police and legal profession are dishonest and corrupt. He can be abrasive with animal owners and abusive – sometimes violent – towards any of the substantial number of people whom he regards as enemies of justice.

The result of this explosive mixture of admirable and less admirable qualities has been a long series of incidents which have brought Mr Kirk into conflict with the law. They have also produced a succession of complaints to the Royal Veterinary College. Over the years Mr Kirk, without legal assistance, has defended himself against literally dozens of prosecutions and at least two previous disciplinary proceedings. On many such occasions he has been successful and when he has not, he has indomitably paid fines and undergone imprisonment, only to return to the fray.

Kirk’s first arraignment before the RCVS was in 1984, when the College relied upon 17 convictions, including:

  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm—he threw a tenant of his down a flight of stairs (6 months imprisonment suspended);
  • Imperilling the safety of an aircraft while under the influence of drink (6 months imprisonment); and
  • Assault of two police officers (3 months imprisonment).

The College did not remove Kirk’s licence, but gave him a warning. In 1988 he came before the College’s Disciplinary Committee again, but judgement was deferred.

The 2004 hearing considered cases of assault for which Kirk had been convicted:

  • The 1997 assault of a 17-year-old girl, daughter of a tenant which whom he was having a dispute;
  • A 1999 assault and subsequent resisting arrest; and
  • The 2000 threat uttered against the CPS representative whilst in magistrate’s court—Kirk approached her and said, in a threatening manner, “If you don’t stop being obstructive I will turn you upside down and use you like a moneybox”.

Kirk and Christopher Ebbs

But the case that caught our eye was Kirk’s 1997 assault against one Christopher Ebbs, an aeronautical engineer who was exercising a lien on Kirk’s aircraft’s logbooks and other documentation as security for a bill of about £22,000 related to some work he had done on the craft.

They met in a pub to exchange the documents for the money owed. In the course of that meeting, Kirk punched Ebbs and knocked him to the ground; he then said “I’ve got a shotgun and I know where your parents live”.

Mr Kirk‘s evidence was that he asked for his papers and reached over expecting to receive them, but Mr Ebbs fell off his chair. As Mr Kirk tried to help him up, a drunken customer grabbed him. He denied kicking or punching Ebbs or making threats against his parents.

Kirk disputed his conviction for this crime, and the issue of Ebbs’ psychiatric treatment was raised, both in court and before the RCVS Disciplinary Committee.

Now it so happens that Christopher Ebbs, now known as Christopher Alexander, was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting a young boy:

A choirmaster who got a sexual thrill from spanking an 11-year-old boy chorister has been banned from working with children for the rest of his life.

Christopher Ebbs, 37, put the boy over his knee and spanked him with a slipper, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Aeronautical engineer Ebbs filmed the spanking on DVD – and when his marriage later broke up his wife handed the video evidence to police.

The offence came to light, said the prosecutor, when Ebbs had ‘serious matrimonial problems’ and separated from his wife – who then provided police with the video.

When Ebbs’ computer hard drive was checked by police experts evidence was found of his interest in ‘violent bondage as part of his adult sex life,’ said Mr Davies.

The computer showed he had made internet searches for websites involved with bondage, chains, and caning, he said.

In 2012, Kirk was arrested for making threats to kill Alexander/Ebbs:

Maurice Kirk-Christopher Ebbs.pngmaurice-kirk-christopher-ebbs-2

Fast forward to 2014…

Despite Kirk and Alexander/Ebbs’ enmity, however, in Regina v Maurice John Kirk, 7 January 2014, before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, it is revealed that Kirk offered up as his bail address “28 Sheath Street, Daventry, Northamptonshire”. When a local police officer went to find out whether this would be a suitable bail address, he discovered that it was occupied by one Christopher Alexander, who was known to his neighbours as a convicted sex offender.

Unsurprisingly, the court found that this was not a suitable bail address.

Looking further into this curious choice, we discover that “the address was sent to the court by a Ms McNeil (sic)”, via email.

So we have Sabine “assisting” Kirk by providing the court with Alexander/Ebbs’ address…which she obtained how? Why would she arrange for Kirk to stay in the home of a man he considered responsible for ruining his career? And what would make her think that the home of a convicted paedophile might be an appropriate choice for a person on bail?

So many questions…the mind truly boggles.

We are very curious to know exactly how Sabine is acquainted with Alexander/Ebbs—yet another convicted child molester, adding to the growing list of paedophiles associated with Sabine and Belinda.

And of course we’ve already discussed Kirk’s current involvement with vexatious litigant Terence Ewing, former business partner of Roger Gleaves, the bogus “Bishop of Medway” who indulged in “foul perversions” with two 14- year-old boys and was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1998, according to The Independent:

Gleaves, of Northumberland Park, Tottenham, north London, was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, incitement of one boy to rape another, and three counts of indecent assault. He was cleared of a further rape charge. The offences took place in the final six months of 1996 and in the following January, when the boys were 14.

So explain to us again: where are the real paedophile rings?


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      • To clarify, the only person we’ve come across who recommends DRINKING BLOOD is Araya Soma. Araya, an ex go-go dancer, has talked about how drinking menstrual blood and urine is good for you. Araya is a promoter of the Hampstead Hoax, a flat earther and likes to have her photo take with neo nazi David Irving.
        She can apparently be found working in a Glastonbury charity shop and boring people half to death with her theories in Glastonbury cafes.


  2. For those who missed this at the “tail end of the last post”:



    That video title is totally misleading. There is no interview whatsoever. I think we can take this as proof that Angela does not view her sources. She’s blatantly pretending to have watched a video when she clearly hasn’t even clicked on the link!

    Her mate Andy Peacher over at…er…Truth Frequency Radio must be so proud of her!

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  3. “His problem is with people. He combines independence of spirit and a passion for justice with a flaming temper and complete insensitivity to the feelings of others. He sees conspiracies under every bush and believes on principle that all members of the police and legal profession are dishonest and corrupt. He can be abrasive and abusive – sometimes violent – towards any of the substantial number of people whom he regards as enemies of justice.”

    Wait – which troofer are we talking about now? LOL 😀

    EC, I reckon we should all save that quote and use it whenever anyone challenges us over why we object to any particular conspiritard. It really is a beautiful synopsis.

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    • Agree Spiny.The judge who did that summing up really caught the zeitgeist of the hoaxer mob mentality which trips over itself with every inconsistant step it makes.It professes to making the world a better,more just place but achieves the precise opposite.

      Excellent write up as ever EC.It is pretty clear Sabine,Belinda et al are a effectively a network of apologists and protectors for paedophiles given the now extensive evidence of the support they provide and back up they are emersed in.

      Would love to a full blown police “operation Cuntwaffle” into the network including dawn raids,glare of publicity etc.That may be ultimately only way to prevent these on line terrorists from getting completely out of hand and prevent others from joining the merry-go-round of madness.

      Although there have been some welcome actions at the fringes, too many have been effectively immune from the consequences of their actions and this effectively acts as a recruiting sargeant for care in the community wastrels to vent their angst on whom ever so takes their fancy.Neelus appalling antics being one of the latest examples.

      Until such a clampdown(if ever) efforts such as this blog and others do a great job exposing and countering some of the worst excesses of the fuckwit community.Thank you.

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      • Yes, it’s interesting how the promoters of Hoaxtead turn out to be paedophile apologists and/or protectors of a much more mundane stripe, isn’t it? No eating babies and turning them into shoes for this crowd; just the usual ugly abuse of children. Funny how the baby-eating thing makes the other seem so much less dramatic and exciting.

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    • It would be better if he castrated a few of Sabine’s friends. You never know, it might calm them down.


    • To be fair, MMcM, the College was quite clear that his skills and dedication to animals were never in question. It’s people who need to watch out for him.


  4. I never involve myself in disputes between other commenters, and I’m not going to do that now.
    But I need to put “on the record”, my personal debt of gratitude to Gojam with respect to the subject of SRA.

    1. It was Gojam’s blog article exposing a suspicious character’s involvement with McKenzie Friends that alerted me to the existence of the Hampstead Hoax case in the first place.

    2). Gojam tolerated my attempts to get Tim Tate to debate historic SRA issues with me, in an insanely long comment thread, and also several long SRA discussions with other commenters on other occaisions.
    I’m sure that no one else besides myself understood the importance of those discussions, but they were in fact very significant.
    Here’s why – those discussions brought to the surface and exposed (at least for me) two mistaken assumptions that lie at the heart of understanding why SRA belief has persisted, among some otherwise rational professionals, for decades – despite having been long ago thoroughly de-bunked in the eyes of their colleagues. These assumptions are:

    – that there is something unique about the alleged suffering of alleged child SRA victims, which can only be understood and dealt with if those victims are acknowledged to constitute a unique category of CSA victim. In fact, there is NO valid evidence to support this belief.

    – that the alleged SRA perpetrators, (whomever and whatever they might really be), inflict uniquely traumatizing forms of abuse on their alleged child victims as part of a calculated strategy to prevent the children from disclosing their abuse – and that this strategy has been very successful, because SRA disclosures by children are extremely rare in comparison to SRA disclosures made later in life by adult Survivors with the assistance of therapists.
    In fact, the “data” which SRA proponents have claimed to be proof of wide-spread child SRA victimization in the 1980’s and 1990’s, very dramatically falsifies this assumption. That data alleges at least 10 times as many SRA disclosures BY CHILDREN as other data alleges were made by adult Survivor claimants over the same period. If these SRA perps really existed, and that really was there motivation for inflicting extreme suffering on child victims, that strategy would be proven to have been a colossal failure – and no criminal conspiracy could possibly be so stupid as to persist with a victim silencing strategy which so consistently fails to achieve the goal.

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      • Nor am I. I hope that’s abundantly obvious.

        It isn’t my intention nor my desire to persuade anyone about anything, let me be clear.

        I do have a compulsion for giving credit where I think it is due, however, so I will just add;
        that the aforementioned blog was where I first learned about Chris Fay’s fraud-related conviction
        that I was not censored from baldly stating, there, that I thought I perceived a “movement” to frame Leon Brittan for sex crimes that he was never guilty of, and this was before “Nick” or the woman who accused Brittan of rape
        that I was not censored from exposing, in great detail, the fraudulence of Chris Fay’s claims to having been “an investigator”, and to having been a qualified “consultant” to child protection organizations and police

        However, I will acknowledge that there were a number of reasons why I chose that blog as my UK home for a long time. I was keeping an eye on allegations that certain persons “defended abusers” or were “apologists for pedophiles”, for example. I’m not naive, trust me.

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  5. One should not forget that there are a significant number of links through the truther movement to known child sex offenders. Perhaps the relevant question is why? Is it simply to smokescream their own activities, to hide in plain view?

    Mcneil’s husband was rumored to have links to PIE

    APD – more links

    Butlincat would undoubtedly not stand much scrutiny

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    • @anon – there have been cases involving conspiranoids, where what you are suggesting was blatantly the case. Where a person who made a point of portraying themselves to be a champion of abused children was in fact simultaneously involved in crimes against children themselves. James Bevel would be one example, and Devin Norris is another.

      This can be potentially dangerous ground to navigate however. Great caution should be exercised, I believe. Hard-won credibility can be wiped out overnight if mistakes are made.


      • Just to underline how blatantly & outrageously Devin Norris was exploiting a fraudulent concern for abused children, as cover for his own crimes against them…this is from a notice on World Prophecy, 2010:

        “Devin Norris has been arrested after his radio show with Nick Bryant.

        The FRANKLIN SCANDAL [by Nick Bryant] is the story of a [alleged] nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.

        Within 24 hours after the show [!!] Devin Norris was detained”.

        Detained? Detained in connection to…?

        “Count One–Transportation of Child Pornography (several hundred images) dating from November 2008 in violation of 18 USC 2252 (a)(2).
        Count Two–Possession of Child Pornography dating from July 2009 in violation of 18 USC 2252 (a)(4)(B)”.

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    • Anon, if we deal in rumours and speculation without clearly labelling them as such, we become as bad as the thing we’re fighting. If you have knowledge of any of the above, and can point us to documented evidence of it, we’ll be happy to investigate further.

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    • I agree. Nice bit of research.

      You have neatly made 4 from the 2 and 2 we have evidence for. It would be very easy to make 5 or 6 at this stage with the rumours that have been mentioned and other things we know. I think it is wise to make sure we that any allegations on this page remain founded on good evidence.

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  6. “My 14th engine failure”
    I have a nightmare : I am relaxing with a large drink in my Superior Economy seat in BA 001 high above the Indian Ocean and over the intercom comes a voice : “This is your Captain Maurice Kirk speaking..I’d like to welcome you aboard flight……..”.
    The rest can only be heard on the Black Box voice recorder.

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    • Definately not one of the better nightmares to have there Sam.I would imagine the black box revealed the sound of bits of string snapping amidst captain MK downing his 5th bottle of JD and singing a particularly pissed rendition of “Show me the way to go home”.

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  7. It’s heartening to see pennies dropping… Child abuse (these people don’t love children at all, they merely use them), drug abuse, the trade in extreme pornography (books and videos) and various forms of crime – petty and otherwise – are common bindings that hold these people together.

    These various hoaxes, conspiracy theories etc are created partly as a means of scamming the gullible, partly as a means of recruiting the mentally ill who are useful in various ways… And partly as a means of drawing attention away from the sordid and sickeningly-prosaic reality of child abuse.

    Ask yourself what the sensible public’s perception of ‘a Paedophile ring’ – as revealed via the internet – now is? Whose mission is being accomplished? – Or possibly not as we now turn our attentions at long last to the world of sport and how youngsters might be abused within it; I wonder what efforts will be made to scupper that line of enquiry by dragging it into the realms of foolish fantasy?

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    • Yes, I agree, DDC. Making insane allegations of baby-eating, secret pizza codes, and the like will draw public attention, but the ugly, prosaic reality of child sexual abuse remains—conveniently—hidden.


  8. Chris Wittwer on his UK database names many paedophiles every day. But also on the database is much false crap about M.P.’s, Elms Guest House and Dolphin Square.


      • Yes he still does it, also on his web site he names people who are not paedophiles, but he thinks in his infinite wisdom, they may be a threat to children. Mr Wittwer has also had convictions for violence, breaking some ones jaw, he told everyone at the time he did it because the man was a paedophile. He later admitted he wasn’t a paedophile at all but just an innocent by stander minding his own business, while wittwer was on the rampage, with some other football thugs. Wittwer was the only one of that group of yobs to go to prison, mean while Bill Maloney started a petition, because he was under the impression, that because Wittwer had named judges who were soft on paedophiles, and named other judges who where paedophiles, he was the only one to go to prison, but the only reason he went to prison was, because it was his third offence. He was banned from all stadiums in Europe at one time. He also struck up a friendship with some one he knew was a convicted paedophile. He also claims he has been attacked by paedophiles because he’d named them on his web site, I find this difficult to believe, how would he know they were paedo’s unless they actually went up to him and said they were, I think not.

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    • Someone may be convicted of abuse against a ‘technical’ child- a 15yrs 10 months old or after a consensual assignation that is against the law, human nature being what it is. The media and the Witters of the world have corrupted the word pedophile to cover a wide range of offenses that are not within the range of the psychiatric or even legal meaning of the word.

      Someone may well have been brought up in Spain, Italy or France and had sex with a legal aged teen that under UK law would be illegal but not in those countries.

      I think there is a vast difference between these people and those who have a extreme fascination or fixation on children. Those like Witter and indeed the entire Hoaxtead mob as well as the 1000s fulminating over a newly discovered sensation for them like “Pizzagate” really worry me.

      They are certainly both fascinated and obsessed with child abuse and see it where it may not be.

      I think it’s reasonable to assume these people have a pedophilia fixated mind : the subject seems to dominate their waking hours (and perhaps dreams). In the darkness of their sick minds is there a battle to try and suppress a desire?. Child abuse also covers a vast area not just sexual :physical and mental abuse can be seriously damaging and should be seen for what it is : an older or more powerful person exercising their domination over a helpless younger person. I think they are legion among the so-called ‘truthers’.

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      • Yes, I fully agree, and I think the misuse of the term “paedophile” is dangerous. It is in fact quite a narrow definition, but tends to be used to cover almost any offence of a sexual nature against any person under the legal age of consent. Using it as a catch-all term like this tends to create the illusion that paedophilia is rampant in our society, which just isn’t so. Child abuse, including of the sexual variety, is more often committed as an act of dominance, or simply because the child happened to be present and available.

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        • I’d go a step further. As someone pointed out on here once before, a paedophile is someone who likes/fantasises about children, not someone who’s necessarily committed child-related offences. That would be a child abuser or molester.

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          • Yes, good point. There are certainly paedophiles who are non-offending: that is, they experience attraction to children but do not act on that attraction.


  9. I am now at the point of not knowing what to think about Sabine and her friends relationship to child sex abuse and paedophilia. I have always taken her to be a deluded, stubborn conspiracy loon that really thinks she is helping. However, there are so many of her friends and acquaintances with actual convictions for CSA, that I don’t know what to believe of her anymore. Why does she and her friends seem to be acquainted with, and help out, so many convicted paedophiles?

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  10. Mckenzie/McNeil, their associates and supporters set themselves up as superior and knowing better than the Police, Social Services, Courts, etc. All these organisations including charities will have procedures/policies (including background checks) in place for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

    Its difficult to see why Mckenzie & Co are unable to do the most basic of checks.

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  11. Seeing as we are back on Angie, has anyone seen her comment on Madeline Vermay’s post yesterday 15:36 re ‘Pedo Bros and Madeleine McCann?

    I’m not inclined to link to it or repeat it. Just wondering how low this creature can sink in her quest for …..?

    She uses the term ‘intel’ most people would assosciate that term with something a bit more than malicious gossip. I do hope she has been to the police with this ‘intel’?

    If not, why not?

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      • Has she been to the police about the alleged abuse she became aware of in relation to Ella and one of her children yet? If she has she’s kept it quiet.

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      • Her treatment of the McCanns has been an utter disgrace. And may I just raise once again that in her show the other night she said, “When Madeleine died…” I found that heartless and insensitive, not to mention pig ignorant. Or perhaps she knows something we don’t?


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