Sabine plans greeting party for EU parliamentarians

We note with combined amusement and dismay that in addition to taking it upon herself to invite her fellow fruitcakes to the British Computer Society’s talk on online grooming, coming up on 28 October, Sabine is also making a meal of an upcoming fact-finding meeting featuring 10 members of the European Parliament, on 05 November.

On her petition, she writes:

Oct 20, 2015
Dear Supporter,

How many children have been taken away and adopted since we travelled to Brussels for 19 March 2014?

How many parents have been punished without having committed a crime?

How many children are deeply unhappy and may have been abused?

It’s all too much over and over again, BUT: there is HOPE!!!

The fact finding visit has been talked about and is now happening!

The discrepancies in law and practice between different European countries have been documented.

“The issue is above the radar”, as Vice-President Mairead McGuinness MEP said.

Ten MEPs will be meeting in Europe House in London, to meet ‘the other side’, after they have received over 20 petitions from the UK.

We are celebrating our various efforts in Theatro Technis, the home of the Cypriot immigrant community. Cyprus is the birth of Europe. The founder of this gem of artistic activity had already written a play about the forced adoption of a little Cypriot girl in the 80s. He recently hosted the play about an abuse survivor called “The Orchard House.”

So he welcomes us to talk about the UK and EU Dimensions of Forced Adoptions.

The event was proposed by a great Cypriot ‘cyber friend’ who wants to ensure not only videoing but also webcasting, i.e. we will have speakers online from Monaco and Sweden, and others as we share the news.

And the political groups in Brussels are still working on getting the topic discussed in the EU Parliament and Council. Before summer only the largest group was behind the issue.

Now we have to re-join forces – at whatever level we can muster.

THANK YOU for sharing our concerns, passions, outrage and information!

If you can join us, please register on or just show up. The theatre holds 120 people.

You’ll also see an event at the British Computer Society where ‘online grooming’ will be discussed on 28 October!

You see, there may be far more people who ‘know’ than we think!

Here is the text from the leaflet:

The UK and EU Dimensions of ‘Forced Adoptions’
On the Occasion of 10 MEPs on a Fact Finding Visit to London
05 November 2015 – 2.30 – 5pm and 6.30 – 8.30pm
Theatro Technis – 26 Crowndale Road – Kings Cross – London NW1 1TT

“Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent” was presented in Brussels on 19 March 2014 with 30 parents hoping to get their children returned.

The online petition has been signed by over 7,000 supporters on three platforms.

After the election of new MEPs, “Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK” was presented again on 30 November 2014.

As a result, 10 MEPs will come to London for a Fact Finding Visit. Having heard petitioners in Brussels, they now want to hear ‘the other side’, i.e. the institutions who are responsible for taking one child every 20 minutes, as Channel IV publishes on their film about forced adoptions: “15,000 Kids and counting”, and BBC: “Thousands of Children forcibly taken into care.”

The afternoon event is meant to build campaigning capacity through sharing information, news, links and contacts.

The evening will be a panel discussion, where online life becomes theatre and inspires politics via the internet: web casting and videoing will ensure that we share what we are doing with likeminded activists world-wide.

Panellists: Ian Josephs, publisher of
Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Solicitor, Chair of Nordic Committee for Human Rights
Sabine K McNeill, EU Petitioner and Web Publisher
Belinda McKenzie, Human Rights Activist since 1997
Deborah Mahmoudieh, EU Law Specialist and Video Publisher
Maggie Tuttle, Founder of Children Screaming to be Heard

Registration on
Donations to
in service of tomorrow’s world – T: 020 8348 9114

Somehow, perhaps via her multiple blogs, her frantic emailing campaigns, and her ability to work the system by demanding her ‘right to speak’, she seems to have inveigled her way into various Petition Committee hearings at the EU over the years.

We wonder: exactly how seriously did this EU Petitions Committee take Sabine, with her long, weepy, attention-seeking rant? And perhaps more urgently, did they issue committee members with industrial ear protection?

As for the 10 EU parliamentarians, we wonder whether they’re aware that they’re being used by Sabine as a focal point to boost her own loopy agenda?

Do they know, for example, that Ian Josephs has assisted over 200 women to flee the country to avoid having their children taken into care—despite the fact that many have children in care already?

Or that Ruby Harrold-Claesson is hardly a ‘children’s rights advocate’, but in fact has been banned from legal aid work because of her passionate advocacy of parents’ rights to beat their children?

Are they aware of Belinda McKenzie’s extremely dodgy past? Or of ‘children’s rights campaigner’ Maggie Tuttle’s support of convicted paedophile Brian Pead? And we won’t even get into poor Deborah Mahmoudieh’s issues.

In other words, if the EU parliamentarians are expecting to be met by legitimate children’s rights campaigners at Sabine’s shindig, they’re in for a very nasty surprise.

Wait wut

15 thoughts on “Sabine plans greeting party for EU parliamentarians

  1. I’m confused. Ian Josephs seems to support writer Christopher Booker who has written articles criticising previous ‘satanic’ lunacy cases that in many ways reflect what happened in Hampstead yet he is sharing a platform with the very nutters who promoted Hoaxtead. Weird.

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    • We find these relationships a bit confusing, as well. Yet…there’s Josephs, agreeing to share the podium with Sabine et al. Go figure.


  2. Sabine is giving the impression on her website that she is actually the organiser of the ‘online grooming’ talkfest. Some of her supporters say they will attending with banners about the Hampstead case. The real organisers need to be alerted.

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    • Done, Harry–

      Feel free to contribute!


  3. “Children’s Rights First”? Rather ironic when Sabine actually wants to put parent’s rights first.

    Should we be warning the MEPs about this group?

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  4. Ask Maggie Tuttle whether she wants anything to do with the Hampstead Case. In which case, why is she still allied and sharing a platform with Sabine and Belinda. It is galling that Belinda and Sabine have not learnt anything from Hampstead and are happily leaving their mess behind and embarking on further shenanigans.

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  5. It would appear they will hijack any event for their agenda. I spent some time looking through videos of child abuse protests…etc. The same people crop up all the time.Bill Maloney, Belinda, Araya, Fellows, Weaver and others from the perp/wanted poster. There are also many faces I don’t recognise, who never seem to have their voices heard. While these ‘elite’ protesters are banging on about ‘elite’ paedophile rings, all the victims and charities for people abused by neighbours, family and friends, are totally lost and forgotten.

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  6. We can all make a movie in a place that looks REALLY SPECIAL. Just for narcissists.

    Be a really important person and get to play the lead with this complete package that comes complete with free set and extras. In your goodie bag to take home you will get all kinds of treats including an MP4 that can be loaded to YT in a minute. It’s so easy to be a star these days.

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    • Well! Handy info’ for the narcissist in all of us! Anyone out there craving some instant stardom? (Not you, Sabine, you’ve had your turn.)


  7. And as a bonus you also get instant creds, The credibility conferred onto a person who can seemingly represent others in Parliament. So important for the gullible around hoaxes and lies.

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