ACTION: Which of these things is not like the other?

Carolyn Bunting, General Manager of an independent, not-for-profit organisation called Internet Matters, sounds like a very sensible, intelligent woman. Internet Matters, formed to help parents teach their children to navigate the internet safely, is founded on a solid basis of research about online security.

Claire Lilley is the Head of Child Safety Online for the NSPCC. Her job entails acting as a spokesperson for the NSPCC where she is responsible for all policy and the charity’s work in relation to child safety online. She regularly represents the NSPCC in the media and at a variety of high-level influencing forums.

David Lattimore describes himself as the Technical Manager of the Digital Crime Unit LGC, specialising in the examination of computer and digital media equipment for forensic purposes. He has been involved in this type of work since 1992.

Steve Bailey is a Senior Child Protection Advisor at the National Crime Agency’s CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency) centre.

Will Richmond-Coggan is a partner at Pitmans LLP, a Thames Valley law firm. He is a solicitor-advocate with an interest in technology in general and the specialised disputes associated with that field in particular.

On 28 October, these five professionals will lead a panel discussion at the British Computer Society in London, on the topic of online grooming. We’re sure it will be a very enlightening and interesting evening.


…this discussion is also being promoted as a ‘Meetup’ by Sabine Kurjo McNeill.

Sabine is a McKenzie Friend, activist, and blogger, who believes (among other things) that children are arbitrarily ‘snatched’ from their loving families, and are ‘sold’ by social services to wealthy families who can afford to buy them. She believes that a mysterious cult of ‘satanic’ paedophiles pulls the strings at the highest levels. She believes that there is a huge nest of ‘satanic’ paedophiles operating in the schools and churches of Hampstead, where they regularly rape school-children, murder hundreds of babies, and eat their flesh (after it’s been roasted in a local Mcdonald’s). Despite her claims that she is a ‘children’s rights activist’, she has a history of supporting parents who have abused their children, has fled the country to avoid arrest, and subsequently has been arrested and is currently on bail.

We feel the above five professionals, all respected in their field, as well as the very reputable British Computer Society, deserve to know that Sabine is promoting this event, and that she plans to attend (and, if past performance is any indicator, to hijack it to promote her own loony agenda).

If you’d like to write to the BCS to let them know, they can be reached using this Contact Form.



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  1. But she’s not listed as a speaker is she? Maybe she’s going to gatecrash the stage and give a talk on ‘Joining Personal Dots of Experience and Insights into Atomic Particle Scales and Astronomic Planetary Dimensions’. I think they should be warned.

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    • She’s not listed as a speaker, but she’s been promoting it via her ‘Meetup’ page. Our concern is that she will not only attend, but bring along followers to disrupt the meeting.


  2. It is worth issuing a warning to the organisers that the loony witchfinders are going to attempt to hijack or infiltrate this event. The more feedback they get the more notice they will give to this threat. I have used the contact form to add my own feedback to them.

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  3. I am not so good at this stuff but I submitted a quick, probably ill thought out reply…it went…

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of concern regarding the upcoming meeting about online grooming.
    I applaud your motivations and support any endeavour to address and try and solve such an important and emotive issue.
    I have been a member of various groups online and recently have been involved in a sad case involving child abuse and the reaction/action of the online community.
    Let me get to the point if I may. There has been a call for a ‘meet up’ at the meeting on the 28th of October. This is being organised by a Sabine McNeill. I realise that it is an open meeting and various groups and individuals have a right to have and express an opinion. My concern is that Ms McNeill will use this as an opportunity to find a platform and extend her ‘contact’ list in an endeavour to raise her own profile. She has an impressive CV, which when left to her own device can pull the wool over an unsuspecting recipient’s eyes.
    This submission is really nothing more than a ‘heads up’ for you regards this woman’s past. If indeed she makes herself known at the meeting (which she is likely to do), I would urge you to take a moment and search online for information about her and her involvement in a previous hoax and charity scam. She is at the moment forbidden by the courts to speak about an ongoing case and has only recently returned to the UK after having fled abroad to avoid arrest. Sometimes the wrong people with the wrong motivation hijack a worthy cause and sully it.

    Please take this information in the spirit it is given. I am concerned about children’s welfare and cannot sit idly by and watch dubious characters push themselves into positions of authority, side-lining those that really are genuine and fit for purpose.


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    • You’ve acted fast and you’ve acted in a cohesive and clear manner. It’s hard to explain who bad these people are and come across as rational, as their cover is their oddness and evilness. When she shows up with a load of psychiatric cases in toe, they’ll be incredibly confused and it’s easy to see how she will derail things. They’re a total confusion to normalish people wherever they turn up. Then, when that’s over with the confusion over how they’re allowed to operate will confound the organisers and leave them bewildered. Most people cannot fathom that the government and associated agencies use nut jobs and not normal people to run their operations. It’s very hard to take, and it’s great cover.

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  4. FAO: Claire Lilley
    Head of Child Safety Online for the NSPCC

    Dear Claire Lilley.

    Event in danger of being hijacked by extremists.

    You will be speaking at the following event on 28 October 2015:

    This event is in danger of being hijacked by extremists who seek to use it as a platform in which to pursue their own personal agendas. The extremist group is led by Sabine McNeill, who currently is on police bail in relation to activities of this group. This group believes that a Satanic Cult runs the British Establishment and is ritually abusing and killing children. The group was behind and continues to orchestrate the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax which resulted in widespread media publicity earlier this year.

    We hope that you and the organisers of this event will put into place necessary precautions so that this group are limited in their using it as a platform for their ongoing harrassment of innocent people and the fictions they continue to spread.

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  5. Comment to

    FAO Carolyn Bunting.

    Dear Ms Bunting,

    I understand you will be speaking at an event on the 28th of October on the subject of online grooming; I also understand that at this event there is to be a “meet up” with children’s rights campaigner Sabine Kurjo McNeill. Please be aware that this lady is currently on bail for her actions in the so called “Hampstead Scandal”. It is alleged that, either accidently or deliberately, she allowed confidential documents, including video testimonies, relating to the abuse of two children to be posted on the internet. Ms McNeill’s leaking of information, which she obtained while acting as a “McKenzie friend” to the mother in the case, has resulted in the harassment of a large number of people in the Hampstead area.

    I would caution you against involvement with this lady without researching the details of her background.

    I have no direct personal involvement in this case, but I have been following its development for some time.

    Yours sincerely,


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  6. Excellent work, all! Unfortunately, I’m at work just now (here in my Shill office..having my lunch.)
    I’ll get emails fired out this evening. 🙂

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  7. Comment to

    FAO Carolyn Bunting.

    Dear Ms Bunting,

    I understand you will be speaking at an event on the 28th of October on the subject of online grooming of which one applauds you for giving your time and energy to a very much required topic.

    I want to bring to your attention a matter of real concern regarding the upcoming meeting about online grooming from a stand point of it been infiltrated by a group very sick, deranged and evil people.

    They will be easliy recognised, as the leader “Sabine McNiel” looks like a Bulldog that has had its tongue stung by a wasp, while licking piss off a nettle.

    More than likely, she will also be recognised by having the aid of a wheel chair, 3 walking sticks, and her zimmer frame. If however, this gets past your keen eye while on the look out for these child abusers, (yes she opening admitted to distributing court material in the form of videos, audios and legal court documents, of innocent children and people, of which she somehow dropped her sticks, zimmer etc, ran down to Dover, and swam across the channel, to escape her arrest), ….as I was saying, if she gets past your keen eye, in a moment you find yourself sat holding hands with a complete stranger, while you give them water from a glass….try and break free, and know to take the glass away from her lips, slowly put it down on the ground, and make an excuse to go to the bathroom because all this drip feeding has made your bladdder weak…AND GO GET THE FCUKING SERCURITY!

    They also go by the name “TCAC” aka…The Child Abuse Crew.

    And OH!….She may have a brick in her bag! Yes, that’s right…a Red Brick!?! She carries it around with her, so that she can tell the police that you tried to hit her with it. Its the one from her front door! So don’t be alarmed if it has a door number on it.

    I wish you all the best with your evening, and do hope it goes well, as mentioned above, this is such an important topic that needs to be discussed and laws put into place.

    Best Regards


    PS take a camera just in case you film the evening 😉

    PPS actually, take several cameras, you’ll thank me later 😉

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  9. It has crossed my mind that Sabine will be aware of the attention you have given to her latest ‘meet up’ and the actions taken so far. I wonder what she will make of it.
    I wonder too if she has any followers left. All of her past ‘meet ups’ have been a dismal failure and I can’t see her going on her own. How will she feel knowing that the organisers and panellists have been informed about her nefarious past and internet shenanigans?
    We know only too well that she can’t keep her mouth shut and will screech and wallow at any given opportunity but now she has been gazumped. Will she still attend? Does she have the brass neck?

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    • Dear Midicon,
      I’m afraid she’ll turn up if she’s not physically restrained. These people are deranged and have no sense of embarrassment and if not handled cleverly they’ll end up having people thinking they’re the good guys as people won’t get what they’re up to. Possibly there’s a controller who may order them not to attend, but I’m not sure who that is. I’m not sure that Belinda and her are even controlled by anyone. It’s a very sick and therefore confusing situation, which makes it difficult to combat.
      Speaking up will help, but she knew she’d get rumbled when she put the hang out thing up.


  10. Ok…GOT IT!

    Brilliant idea just came to me…

    We should all go there to the meeting, because when she sees us, and she will recognise us hahaha ;), she will start pointing the finger to the speakers and attacking them, and accusing them of being in the cult! Hahaha

    That would really freak her out!

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