Proof: Sabine planned Hoaxtead leaks all along

Looking back through some of our files, we were intrigued to note that even before she’d released the Hoaxtead videos, Sabine had a rather interesting take on the case.

With the help of the Wayback Machine, we were able to find a blog post she’d presumably deleted:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.05.21 PMSabine wrote this in December 2014, just prior to the release of the Hoaxtead videos.

What does she mean by ‘breakthrough case’?

Sabine had spent a couple of years trying to push her ‘child snatching’ and ‘forced adoption’ ideas into the public sphere. She’d acted as a McKenzie friend in a variety of doomed and/or botched cases:

Sabine-doomed casesNow, though, she realised she’d found the One Case to Rule Them All: a case with details so luridly awful, so unbelievable, that people would be forced to sit up and take notice.

At the end of the first post cited above, Sabine hangs out her shingle as a one-woman online publicity machine:

Sabine blog-exposure exposure exposureJust in case anyone wonders whether those videos were leaked intentionally or not…here’s solid evidence of intent.

“Did I really say that?!”

15 thoughts on “Proof: Sabine planned Hoaxtead leaks all along

  1. Looks like a smoking gun. I’m sure Sabine will insist she bears no responsibility for where the bullets ended up after they left the muzzle.

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  2. Abe has a fixation with tattoos and pudenda. Seems like these conspiracy theorists cum truthers have a lot in common, really. Hampstead is a story that has a lot of titillating ingredients in it. A web of lies built on an infrastructure of deceit, the whole movement is a fraud.

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    • Yeah, the so-called Truth Movement is full of Conspiracy Theorists. If you’re trying to push the “truth” as you see it..then you can bet there’s a conspiracy there somewhere! lol

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    • The funniest part about Abe’s obsession with pudenda is his complete inability to spell it correctly.

      And yes, the entire story is a demented fantasy, born of Abe’s obsessions and then embroidered upon by the conspiranoids who helped push it into the public sphere.


  3. Am i missing something here? If Sabine wrote that blog post in December 2014 then how can she then go on to state that the children were taken by Barnet police in September 2015?

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