Sabine’s Bail Conditions and Sick Note

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22 thoughts on “Sabine’s Bail Conditions and Sick Note

  1. If she’s had monies stopped since being in “exile” she may have appplied for ESA, which requires a sick note in the assessment phase.
    Personally i think this is more her trying to make this “alleged” assault by the police official. If it’s in black and white, it must have happened innt judge!


  2. You need a sick note if you can’t report to the Police. I have to say three times a week is serious reporting conditions! You don’t see that often!


    • I’m just throwing this out there but there’s a slash between those days, not an ‘and’. Could it perhaps be once a week on any of those days rather than three times?


  3. So..madam has come back to drain our national health system has she ?

    She managed to run away fast enough….hope the DWP are going to keep an eye on that fraudster


  4. I am surprised the police didn’t get an appropriate adult to sign the forms for her. I wondered why she had a sicknote as it’s not like she has to show it to an employer, probably hoping to use it in the future as evidence in a compensation case against the police for hurting her hip supposedly.

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  5. Major significance in the names of the Police mentioned on the warrant.

    Wall – as in hitting brick wall.


    Seekings – as in Seeking the Truth.

    Surely you’ve all noticed this. :O


        • Sorry Faerie, I perhaps came over wrongly. I agree with your onomatological assessment of the names. Is it coincidence, synchronicity, someone having a laugh, or…. 911 is 119, UK style but that’s another bag of vipers. cheers


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