22 Questions: Let’s put Abe on the hot seat

All the fun and frolic on Abe’s (and possibly Ella’s, though there’s been no sign of life from her) new-ish blog gave us an idea: it seems that many people have many questions they’d like Abe to answer.

Of course, given his slithery propensities, it’s unlikely he’ll ever give anyone a straight answer, other than “SHOW US YOUR TATTOOS!!” or “HEMP CURES HOUSEMAID’S KNEE AND HERPES!!!1!” or “MASONIC AND/OR SATANIC SODOMITE DEATH CULTS!1!!!”

But still, we can dream.

Here’s a preliminary list of Questions We’d Like Abe to Answer. We’re sure you can think of many more!

Dear Abe:

  1. Is everyone you don’t like a sodomite?
  2. What is a fire-eating freemason sodomite death cult?
  3. Where can I sign up? I’ve always wanted to learn fire-eating. It would really impress the lads down the pub.
  4. Until your new blog came up, there was no mention of Freemasons; now, it’s All Freemasons, All the Time. Why have you changed your tune?
  5. Why have we heard nothing at all from Ella for the past several weeks?
  6. Is she still alive?
  7. Do you allow her to speak?
  8. Have you stopped beating Ella?
  9. Do you use soup spoons, dessert spoons, or serving spoons?
  10. Why has Ella made no attempt to ask after the welfare of her children?
  11. Does she actually even like them?
  12. If not, why did she bother having them?
  13. What’s life like on the run, after trying and failing to frame Ella’s ex-partner?
  14. I’m planning a trip to the south of Spain in a month or so. What sort of sunscreen would you recommend?
  15. Have you heard from Ella’s ex-husband over your libellous statements about him?
  16. Has he cut off Ella’s allowance yet?
  17. Does Ella still have her Jaguar? I used to love seeing it sitting in her driveway in Hampstead. Sure, it was an older model, but still you can’t beat a Jag for that timeless, posh look.
  18. Why did you not want the CPS involved in this case?
  19. Were you hoping to keep it within the family courts so you could just quietly ensure that Ricky never had contact with his children again?
  20. The CRIS report states that the police were not initially allowed entry to speak to the children and Ella. So what did you want, and who did you want involved?
  21. Why were you going to keep a murderous, cannibalistic paedophile cult secret?
  22. Recently you wrote the following: “Satanism. Freemasons. Synonymous. Simples. Satanism. Freemasons. Sodomy. Synonymous. Simpler. Satanism. Freemasons. Sodomy, Infanticide, Synonymous. Complicated.” Is your brain broken? Or have you finally snapped after all that cannabis?

Abe answers questions


10 thoughts on “22 Questions: Let’s put Abe on the hot seat

  1. Abraham is really pathetic. He has been asked important questions that he should really address on his/her blog, eg; ‘were you stoned, disinhibited, out of control’ (I have developed the question some more) when you interrogated the children, etc. Fantasy and/or delusions can intensify under the influence of psychoactive cannabis, impulse control is diminished. Hemp *may* be psychoactive if pollinated by strong strains of cannabis in the open air/wind, either way the kids had THC in their system so it is probably safe to assume it was in his too. this was another query ignored by Abe. Whilst in Morocco he may have been consuming cannabis proper, too. He has not denied it, has just avoided the whole question. Like a pussy!!! His deletion of such questions on their blog can only leave us speculating whether he has something more to hide. It does open up a whole different awareness of what may have contributed to the bizarre ‘Morocco’ production.

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  2. It is a real shame that Abe will never answer any of the above questions but then again, how could he when this whole saga is a lie from start to finish. Karma is a bitch Abraham, just remember that.

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