Belinda and Sabine: MI5 ‘cointel-pro’ or just plain fraudsters?

A theme that keeps coming up over and over on both sides of the Hampstead hoax is the question: “Do Belinda McKenzie and/or Sabine McNeill work for MI5 (or MI6, take your pick)?”

Rumours abound, as do rationales.

Somehow, Belinda in particular seems to have been involved in more than her fair share of sketchy dealings—millions of pounds went missing from her Iran Aid charity, and she was suspected of raising funds not for Iranian orphans, but for the MKO, a terrorist organisation involved in murders and kidnappings. Somehow she managed to dodge the Charities Commission investigation into Iran Aid, and instead went on to found the “Association of Charities”, an organisation whose aim was to investigate the Charities Commission! If you look in the dictionary under “chutzpah”, I’m quite certain you will find Belinda’s picture.

After becoming involved in fundraising for the “Starchild Skull” (another hoax that has been thoroughly scientifically debunked), she inserted herself into the notorious Hollie Greig hoax. Of course, each new hoax came with its own prominent “Donate Now!” button.

Then there are the stories about the “Highgate Hub”, aka “Belinda’s Bunker”, Belinda’s home at 83 Priory Garden, where she’s offered housing to MI5 defectors Annie Machon and David Shayler; “church and state” activists Lola and Declan Heavey (whom she evicted in a long and unpleasant process involving threats of physical harm); Hampstead Research blog owner Charlotte Ward; and more recently Tracey “ALL CAPS” Morris (and possibly her children).

Sabine, as Belinda’s willing lap-dog and principal fart-sniffer, has come in for fewer direct accusations of working for MI5, but we’ve heard her referred to as a shill, a gatekeeper, a dis-info agent….


…we’ve seen no real evidence that either Belinda or Sabine is employed by our (or any other) intelligence service.

Please note: we’re no friends of Belinda or Sabine.

Here at Hoaxtead Research, we’ve worked hard to discredit their lies, to expose the frauds they’ve tried to perpetrate, and to ensure that their actions are reported to the police.

However, that doesn’t mean we believe they’re paid dis-information agents.

To quote Scarlet Scoop,

The “Isn’t’ it a bit suspicious” approach is exactly what I’m cautious about. The Hoaxteaders do that, while we do robust evidence. And the reason McKenzie gets away with so much has been covered before. She’s always been careful to keep on the right side of the law technically and let others take the flak, though it’s caught up with her now. And if we conclude purely from the fact that someone hasn’t been arrested that they must work for MI5, my concern is that we’ll sound like the Hoaxteaders. Moreover, most of the other Hoaxteaders have not been arrested either. Do they all work for MI5? And sorry, it would seem a very odd way for the intelligence services to work. And what would be their motive? And why would they have allowed Belinda to be served a gagging order? Sorry but I can’t see it as anything more than a baseless conspiracy theory and we’re better than that.

Yes, we are better than that. Unlike some blogs we could name (but won’t bother because we’re pretty sure you know who we mean), we don’t make sweeping accusations based on “don’t you think this is a bit suspicious” or “this doesn’t feel right to me”. Were we to start doing so, we’d be seriously undermining our own credibility. Our job is to report facts, not supposition; we try to stick to an evidence-based approach, to ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of confirmation bias.

That said, if anyone out there has any physical or written evidence that could tie the Gruesome Twosome back to MI5, MI6, or any other such agency, we’re all ears. We’d love to be able to pin this thing down once and for all, but until we can, we’re afraid we must remain unconvinced.


Besides, if these two buffoons are the best MI5 can do, we are all fucked.







25 thoughts on “Belinda and Sabine: MI5 ‘cointel-pro’ or just plain fraudsters?

  1. My first comment on the site. A bit late to the show im afraid but it has made fascinating reading over the last few days.

    Of course the majority of players are the usual ragbag of the mentally ill, the terminally stupid and probably some rather damaged individuals. But this McKenzie woman is quite different. She has a colourful back story. She seems to be reasonably intelligent and is the most articulate of the lot.

    What is Mrs McKenzie’s game though? Why did she keep up the pretense when it was clear that she was fighting a losing battle? Her heart didn’t seem to be in it anymore but she kept going. That appearance at court when McNeill was arrested was telling. She didn’t make a squeak.

    Why would an MI5 agent perpetuate this stuff. I don’t buy it. She runs a boarding house for whistle blowers suggests that her main motivation is political. Is that her motive for perpetuating panic? Of course I may be reading too much into it and she could simply be stupid. But I doubt it!

    Anyway. Keep up the good work.

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    • Welcome aboard!

      I’m not sure what her game is either. I agree that it’s possible her motivation is partly political, but I also tend to think that there’s not a little avarice mixed in. She’s never been hesitant about bringing out the begging bowl…and then there’s all the missing Iran Aid money.

      Historically, she’s quite happy to let others (Neelu, Sabine, Robert Green) be carted off by the law, while she stands about trying to look inconspicuous. Whatever she’s up to, she seems very good at manipulating others into taking the fall for her various “causes”.

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  2. I can’t offer any evidence but I have made it clear what is my considered opinion: that McKenzie is a long-time MI6 asset probably transferred to some division of Gchq. McNeill I think likely to be also directly employed by British military intelligence. I think it likely that the Hampstead fake cult was both of their last hurrahs, they are retired or semi-retired. Charlotte Ward will return to the psyop fray under a new guise.


    …we’ve seen no real evidence that either Belinda or Sabine is employed by our (or any other) intelligence service” ….

    …. And we never will.
    All we can do, those of us who seek to arrive at a credible interpretation of a very bizarre set of events, is to put the pieces of the jigsaw, those visible to us, together into a picture that makes some, or any, kind of sense.

    I don’t claim to “know” anything but I am fairly persuaded of my conclusions as being the most probable explanation.

    Le Dingue

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    • Thanks, Le Dingue. I know that’s your opinion, and I know you didn’t arrive at it lightly. Unfortunately, it’s not provable in either direction–would that it were!

      I do hope that this is indeed their last hurrah, as they’ve done quite enough damage between them.

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    • I think the Iran Aid thing shows she’s most unlikely to be an MI6 asset. MI6 liability more like.

      If you’ve kept up with the article 10 case in relation to an Iranian dissident resident in Paris, it describes the Home Secretary’s objections to her being able to come to the UK to address the House of Lords, and the Home Secretary’s understanding of the possible fall out in UK/Iranian diplomatic relations, it might be a bit clearer why I think that’s the case. Although those objections are only the ones the government is willing to go public on.

      If you want the link I’ll look it up.

      It would be nice if you are right about this case being their last hurrah.

      I hope things are good with you.

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      • Haha, I like your username! I think she (Tracey) is too thick to be regretting her actions.

        Iran is a very hot topic. The war-monger cartel (the “unholy trinity”) want Iran destroyed and we can but await some kind of smokescreen catastrophe that will precipitate its destabilisation, possibly using IS. McKenzie did indeed leave a trail of “cach” behind her bungled role all those years ago. Her more recent activities must be a sorry demotion. That she has been exposed is her ultimate humiliation. Or was she/is she some kind of private crusader madwoman…?

        I would be interested in reading your link on Iranian matters.

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  3. If someone WAS an MI5 /6 operative then you would never ever be suspicious about them. These are not idiot organisations. They are run by very clever intelligent people. No-one who has worked for them would allow themselves to be identified.

    People seem to think Shayler was some sort of master spy. He was no such thing. Just an office worker. These secret entities have numerous workers who do the day to day work, make no decisions and only maybe pick up scant info in their job.

    Belinda McKenzie is a classic sociopath which is evidenced by her total lack of empathy for those who she has set out to destroy either by purpose or encouraging others. Her complete lack of thought for the 2 kids in the Hampstead hoax – who will be teenagers soon when all those mixed emotions that come with that. She hasn’t expresses a scintilla of thought about them.

    And all around as we see..her followers fall like ninepins. That is the sure sign of a sociopath. They destroy so many as they seemingly sail through life unscathed. It’s also why any shrink will tell you…if you believe a person is a sociopath..just run, run the like the clappers and get them out of your life.

    Her Iran charity days where when it was so much easier to get away with a dodgy charity. While millions flowed through it she would have only ever got a small percentage hence her need to keep being involved in dodgy matters.
    As to her politics.they’re all over the place. everything about McKenzie screams psychopath / sociopath. They can be clever & intelligent people who tend to attract the mad, the insane, the deluded.

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    • I agree, Sam–if Belinda or Sabine really are operatives of any sort, they completely suck at it. I’ve heard descriptions of Belinda, at least, that paint a very different picture: when she was confronted by the enraged parent a few weeks back, she folded like a bad poker hand. She seemed to have no idea what to do, and had apparently not considered that she lives practically next door to the community she’s so maligned.


  4. I don’t think most of Belinda’s followers realise quite how ‘establishment’ she is, although personally I doubt MI5 would be bothered with the crap she’s involved in. I could be wrong of course – Belinda’s motivations are a bit of a mystery.

    Belinda Boswell McKenzie’s family are from around the Milton Keynes area. Historically their family ‘seat’ is a mansion called Crawley Grange. I’ve read that Crawley Grange was used by intelligence services during the war as a residence for those working on the Enigma code. Just google it. Interesting from a historical point of view but I don’t think it means much.

    I’ve been reliably informed that Belinda and her entire family are all public school educated and went to the best universities, so basically they are VERY well off. Some members of Belinda’s family are involved in philanthropic work (appears genuine) and I wonder if she’s trying to keep up with that in some strange way.

    Who knows! I just find it interesting that the hoaxteders mindlessly take to heart someone from the ‘establishment’ they rail against and apparently don’t ask any searching questions about it.

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    • she’s definitely upper middle class and comes from money which I think is why the unemployed / disability pension working class nutters are attracted to her.
      She exudes the sort of quiet strength that those who were brought up around money have.

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    • This puzzles me too. It’s similar to the way they go running to the police (whom they also happily accuse of being “in on it”) whenever anyone looks at them the wrong way.


  5. I think they are nutters, but probably not MI5. I mean, there’s every reason for them to be MI5, I just think they don’t have to be. Plenty of nutters out there. On the other hand, Belinda has spent a lot of time around people like Shayler and Farrell, who certainly are fake whistleblowers who are still spooks.

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  6. My impression is that Sabine may actually believe what she is saying, whilst Belinda doesn’t at all. There is always a little smirk that comes over Belinda’s face – as happens in one of the videos with Neelu – that suggests she is thinking “I’m getting away with it again!”. However, unlike some of the Hoaxers, I don’t claim to be able to probe anyone’s soul over the internet.

    I think I am coming down on the side of sociopath rather than MI5.

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  7. By the way, when they come to make a film of Belinda’s life, do you think Lindsay Duncan should play the part? She was very good in GBH.

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    • Definitely a contender.
      Strip off the makeup, slap a frumpy wig on her, and get her to look both conniving and dim at the same time….


  8. I think she is a witch, the beady eyes and thin lips confirm this totally made up theory. Until she has an examination for the Devils mark, she is guilty. There are fictitious medical experts on standby to carry this out. All she has to do is turn up.

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