Sabine and the smoking gun

Sabine is starting the year off with a whine: her first post of 2016 is a mercifully brief but still painfully self-pitying rant protesting her innocence of any wrong-doing.

Sabine protests innocence 2016-01-01

We beg to differ. According to the Court Order issued back in February 2015, Sabine was in fact ordered to delete any and all discussion of the Hampstead ‘ritual abuse’ hoax from her multiple blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Facebook,, and MeetUp sites.

Has she done so?

Au contraire: she’s continued posting, in the misguided belief that breaching bail conditions is not in itself illegal. Perhaps not, but breaching them could land her in custody; we wonder if her legal team has explained this to her?

Sabine has also continued to protest her innocence when it comes to having published videos of the RD’s children online. Her defence seems to be along the lines of Bart Simpson’s creed: “I didn’t do it, no one saw me, you can’t prove it”.

And yet, in typical Sabine fashion, she has in fact left multiple breadcrumb trails online…and they all lead back to the fact that she was the original publisher of the videos.

For example, in answering a comment from one of Abe’s abused step-children, she states her intention to ‘upload the Police videos as the ultimate evidence’.

Sabine-smoking gun-2015-12-29

This statement was made on 21st February, 10 days after Sabine had received this Court Order (dated 11th February) specifically prohibiting her from doing any such thing, or risk contempt of court charges, imprisonment or fine, or seizure of assets:

Sabine Court Order 1 2016-01-01Sabine-Court Order 2 2016-01-01

We think that’s fairly clearly stated, don’t you?

We do wonder how Sabine will attempt to weasel her way out of this one, when it’s very clear that she received plenty of warning.

Any guesses?




46 thoughts on “Sabine and the smoking gun

  1. After partially removing some of the stuff under her name, Sabine has nevertheless left other obviously linked material up – and then to top it all, starts re-posting this kind of stuff, against her bail conditions. After just having been re-arrested? She can’t say she wasn’t warned.

    The MK Ultra ‘Holloway video’ has never been as apt as it is now. Sentencing options are as limited as they ever could be.

    I wonder how that dodgy hip will feel after sleeping on a Holloway mattress.

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  2. Sabine listens to no-one but herself.

    An injunction does not stop people like her.

    The only recourse is to lock her up and make sure she doesn’t get the key or access to any phones or computers.

    It’s the only way and it’s about time the judiciary did something about the woman.

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  3. There’s no middle ground or shades of grey with this lot. It’s all Black & White and one conspiracy or dreadful case confirms the other is real. They join imaginary dots.

    Meanwhile child abuse is a real and dreadful problem, but sexual abuse- horrendous as it is – is only about 17% of all child abuse (90% from a family member or relative) & neglect whether mental, neglect or physical is out of control in a society where a huge chunk of people are missing out on the so-called dream.

    I despise the McNeill’s of the world. They divert attention and precious resources and neuter in the public’s mind that abuse is out of control. The vast public has a capacity to switch off when they cannot control a real problem and Sabine McNeill aids in this by sapping people’s natural sympathy which can be limited as their own way of surviving a tough society.

    Children are adaptable. They can form new and loving friendships with foster or adoptive parents. I have friends myself who have made terrible parents and whose children have lifelong problems because of it- from drug or alcohol abuse – yet Sabine McNeill is a fanatic who seems to think all social workers are evil along with family court judges and involved in some vast plot to separate loving mothers from their children. Yet the few friends I know who were adopted seem to be the most stable & successful people I know.

    She needs to feel the full force of the law.

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    • “They divert attention and precious resources and neuter in the public’s mind that abuse is out of control”.

      Yes, I fully agree, especially with the above bit, which I think sums things up very nicely. Sabine et al. are stealing attention from people who really need it.

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    • Abe’s own notes in the top right paragraph say it all:

      “Anyone? Hello, can you hear me now?”

      And a cursory glance at his Twitter feed reveals that his tweets are averaging just one or two likes/retweets.

      As I’ve hitherto said, no one is remotely interested in anything Abe has to say any more 🙂

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    • I hope we don’t have to, but ultimately, if a petition is what it would take to get the videos taken down, I’d be all for it. As it currently stands, they’re being removed, albeit at a slower pace than we’d like.

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      • Not a bad idea: a petition asking Youtube, Google, Facebook etc to respect the High Court judgement and quickly remove videos and material identifying innocent children.

        Media might even pick up on it. Of course if not many sign it could backfire but I think a lot of people would.

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      • I will look into making such a petition. Also if we can get enough money to hire a few popular newspapers to run a story on this… that would truly be awesome.


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  5. I enjoy this site but need to just gently point out one thing to Sam. I used to work for an extremely wealthy family in Scotland; a family with royal connections. All of their estate grounds were dowsed for “energy lines” before any fresh paths/vegetable beds/statues etc. were incorporated within. It was clear that this was no new practice, indeed the entire gardens and 16th century mansion house appeared to have been specifically constructed on this basis. One day, I was asked to dig a foot diameter, three feet deep hole, the centre already marked with a peg. I was not to deviate from the mark. Only a few inches down, stones appeared, large stones. It was clear that some type of construction had been at the site, many years prior. After excavation, the owner placed a crystal at the foot of the hole, a “pillar” was then inserted, and the hole backfllled and compacted

    It’s still there.

    The proprietors were very friendly with one of Britain’s top landscape architects. Apparently, he utilised the same “methodology” for his designs, of which there were one or two on the estate.

    It’s sad when you seen individuals lump many different, allegedly/potentially esoteric, topics into one mass; writing them all off as drivel. They maybe need to do some more research ?


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    • Hi, and welcome–

      I don’t think that Sam is the only person here who thinks that the use of crystals, dowsing, ley lines, etc. are a bit on the wonky side. Many of us have spoken of the above in mocking tones. I confess to having done so myself–despite having successfully dowsed for water on a farm many years ago.

      I think we can all agree that there are various unusual practices that in and of themselves may or may not qualify as ‘drivel’, but when the Hoaxtead hawkers combine them with their own special brand of woo, a practice that might seem quite benign in the landscape architecture context suddenly takes on a more ominous flavour.

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      • Odd isn’t it.

        Perhaps you can detect water sources with your mind. By that I do not mean psychic powers. I mean that you may have subconsciously detected the signs of water. In that case, drowers don’t even need the rod itself. Interesting isn’t it?

        “when the Hoaxtead hawkers combine them with their own special brand of woo, a practice that might seem quite benign in the landscape architecture context suddenly takes on a more ominous flavour.”
        That is very true. Who knows what will they do?


      • I really wish I could feel guilty, EC. But SPM’s anecdote has not swayed me from my view that “energy lines” are a myth with no scientific basis. However, I invite SPM to prove me wrong by pointing me to some robust, reliably sourced scientific research that supports his views.

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        • I should be clear that I don’t believe in energy lines, etc.–as Sassy says, it’s entirely possible that my one water dowsing experience succeeded for other reasons. And the Hoaxtead crew have definitely used such beliefs to support false allegations against innocent people–that’s where they cross the line from harmless eccentricity to hateful superstition.

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        • I had a former boss who designed a scheme to rebuild central Manchester after the IRA bomb based on ley lines and psychic messages related from the wife of his old headmaster. I thought the whole thing was a bit mad but didn’t say anything and drew it up anyway. The competition adjudicators threw it out at an early stage. My boss had been told by the psychic that this was the scheme that would make his fortune; he got quite upset and started ringing the judges to ask them why had they not understood his wonderful plans. It was a very strange episode!

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    • SPM, I think it’s important to bear in mind that our mocking of ley lines and water-dowsing is partially motivated by the fact that they have been (mis)used as a method of declaring the guilt of 70+ innocent people and as a justification for a vicious campaign of hate, slander, abuse, intimidation and harassment. Please try to empathise with our plight and understand where our cynicism comes from.

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      • I’m interested in quite alot of the weird and wonky…… but, what i find with all of the satanic, chalatanics is that they make it easy to mock these subjects, They have done the same to genuine CSA survivors, and those parents that have wrongly lost their children, with the tapestry of worst practice possible, woven, by the various participants, that promote the case, as real.
        Everything they touch or mention gets a tarnish, not a varnish.
        Even Ange with her bible quotes, makes it easy to mock religion, too,
        I tend to bypass the mockery of those topics, and see that they are asking for it,

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  6. Something made me take a look, and i have been called a lurker now…… but all the brilliant video makers get star rating too 🙂 i have screenshot my comment, which is doubtful to get thru, and next step how to put them somewhere: so here;s a copy n paste:

    The hypocrisy, lies, yet again, beggar belief.
    How Fking dare you ? Sabine McNeill, how many cases have you actually helped or done any good to? How dare you create such a matrix of false sites, to suck up victims, to bleed them of energy, time, money, and hope.? And how dare you keep causing so much cybercrime, harrassment, bullying, but most of all child abuse, by releasing those video’s, as is proven, and by blaming Anons’ those who i know of, are not at all pleased about that, and i am surprised you are thick enough to try and repeat it. And I was fully shown in members, at the same time making my feelings bout the case very clear, just as i made my feelings about the hollie hoax meeting, years ago, when you were screaming about tatoos, on hollies vagina!!, Before that meeting, Belinda wrote threatening emails to everyone involved, and also intruded into survivor groups, that she had never shown any support to, to warn them that i was a paedo supporter then !!!!! So much for free speech eh ?
    The Hampstead trolls are all on the side of the hoax, and those who planned it, and are relentlessly determined to continue with, so many fake, sock accounts, so many threats, and curses, bullying, stalking, just as happened from the hollie hoax teams, before……… Those trying to stop this internet menace, including your menacing internet fake presence, use fake id’s mostly, for their safety, from the nutters, that don’t mind making children frightened in their homes, because you encourage nutters to let leash whatever they feel is deserved.
    Have you not noticed that Abe has turned on you and Belinda, months ago ? Did you not take any notice, when Kellie said you had helped her to lose her children, not save them ????
    I also confronted Angela Power Disney, months ago, about the harm being caused, as well as the torture and abuse dealt the children, by Abe, to make them tell these made up stories…..All dismissed, by her as a few slaps, instead of the truth.
    I have challenged all of you openly, in my true id online, for ages, and contributed some comments, to support the Evidence Based Hoaxtead Research site, as well as, challenging on some youtube, and other threads, groups, to recieve an immediated, disgusting, hatefilled, threatening, dangerous, hail of comments, and other potentially threatening false accusations………..
    I hope you are very happy to know that this has all been reported and i will also be taking legal advice.
    Plenty of witnesses to much of my work, as well as to the fact, that both you and Belinda and others have actually met me years ago………

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    • ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’? Oh yeah, I remember them. A whopping 16 likes on Facebook and the blog has received 4 comments since May. They’ve really taken the World by storm. lol.

      And they’re so credible, aren’t they. Apparently, everyone who opposes the Hoaxtead scam is Ricky Dearman. And the smoking gun that gave us away? Er…it was one of us admitting that we have children. And…er…Ricky also has children. So therefore…er…they must be the same person! XD

      Bottom line, Sheva, is that you are a wonderful woman with a great deal to be proud of, so please don’t lose a wink of sleep fretting over anything those losers say about you. They’re just upset about you calling them out on their bullshit. They do the same to us. Sometimes we laugh about it but mostly we just ignore them.

      Speaking of which, may I suggest to everyone that we don’t post links to their blog on here? They’ve been illegally posting the names and addresses of innocent people and their children and a whole load of slander. Let’s not give them oxygen of publicity. Any thoughts, EC?

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      • You’re right, please remove it EC. I usually do ignore, and thankyou for the compliments, infact, i should totally ignore, cos, it will more likely backfire, on them, which is why, they tried to ignore me for so long, i reckon….. i really can’t believe Sabine’s lack of shame, morals, or anything looking like the kind of person, you would ever want to turn to for help ??? And that she displays it so willingly, i don’t get it ?

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          • back then it was a back up i only used short term, but they spammed with loads of the hollie posts, i got knocked offline a few times 🙂 i’m not sure why you can’t find me on facebook, but in the browser it is shevatwo.burton, which was originally a backup, also, but shows just sheva burton, on my wall, if that makes sense ?

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        • Done! And I agree with Danielle. Does anyone actually read that blog these days? Unless it’s just to point and laugh, that is?

          You’re far too good a person to let them get to you, Sheva. I hope you won’t give them a second thought. 🙂

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          • So they did post my comment, and more shite, which is laughable, but now they have shown my predictions to be true, to more than they realise,

            As some of you may know, i piped up alot ages ago, in The Hampstead Group, when it was run by a decent guy and fair discussion could happen, and as per usual, they just ignored me, they have for ages, which suited me as i’ve explained before, so i started to go to them, moreso, and collated the posts on my blog, and sent it round some pretty hefty groups, that ousted them years ago,

            Reason being that so many ignore, don’t feed the trolls, we repeat, and most groups get all sorts, from those that do want to continue abusing children, it can be deeply nasty, i went through loads, years ago, and used to just post everything they did, publically and warn people,

            I usually block, etc and most groups never allow their kinda convo’s to exist in their groups, so i have recently opened the group, had to shut again, temporarily, then re open.

            It means people can see them and their antics, without needing to join, which can put people at risk, and so hardly any are appearing, cos their secret group is too busy telling each other who next to go attack, demean, stalk, watch, let people know they are a………. i think i’m down as a witch now, which is fine with me 🙂 cept i’m not easy to label, really, i’m proudly free spirited.

            I appreciate this blog very much, for giving me a tool to be able to prove to people what i was telling them for years.

            I will say though that i have confirmation from trustworthy sources that Fiona Barnet & co are dangerous and causing harm amongst survivors down under. And when i say that, it means something,

            Damn right i hit hard at times. They deserve it from my judgement, which i feel absolutely justified in making,

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            • What I find amusing is that those in the ‘secret’ group think they’re not being really obvious in their machinations.

              Good for you, Sheva, for standing up for what you know to be right. We really do appreciate your support, especially as we know it puts you in the line of fire.


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