Coroner’s office threatens Neelu with legal action

A few days ago, Neelu made another of her patented harassing phone calls, this time to the Coroner’s Office in Harrow, demanding that they provide her with details of Patrick Cullinane’s death. They quite rightly refused, explaining that since she was not a family member they could offer her no details. The details of any…


Neelu’s connection to Dr Akena Adoko

Many thanks to our reader JW for pointing this one out: it seems that for some years, Neelu had a long-standing relationship with a Dr Akena Adoko, a Ugandan gentleman with a strange and disturbing history. According to his 2010 obituary in the Ugandan  Daily Monitor, Dr Adoko was “the independence-era spy chief who may…


Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry: Tag-team harassment

If you think it’s painful listening to the Queen of the Malignant Narcissists talking bollocks to herself on the Con-the-Consumer Network, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Yesterday one of our readers alerted us to this episode of BlogTalkRadio, featuring Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry, those two paragons of mental health, taking it in turns to…

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Neelu comments on Sabine’s plea…sort of

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner had we finished writing a post here about how none of the Hoaxtead mob had so much as blinked at the news that Sabine had entered a plea of guilty and had been sentenced to 12 months’ conditional discharge for having violated her restraining order, than we…


Neelu risks a Civil Restraint Order

Yesterday we discussed a case that came before Mr Justice Eady at the Royal Courts of Justice, in which self-styled ‘Equity lawyer’ Edward William Ellis faced contempt proceedings as a result of breaching a General Civil Restraint Order. Phrases like ‘proceedings for committal’ were tossed around, and the outlook seems rather glum for Mr Ellis.