Another completely sane, rational and level-headed Hoaxteader strikes

…And this one, rather like StupidEarther and OneImperfectOutfit, is utterly convinced that I’m someone called Maggs:


So to recap, these are my identities, as categorically stated and “proven” by the Hoaxteaders:

  • Maggs Shaw O’Neill
  • Ricky Dearman
  • Yannis Emmanouel
  • Jimmy Jones
  • “Steven”
  • “Paul”
  • Susan Banga
  • “Sprat”
  • “John”
  • Abe Christie (No joke – one of them is actually running around claiming that!)
  • Danielle la Verité
  • Chris Spivey
  • “Mr. Hollings”
  • Pretty much ever hoax-doubter on both YouTube and Facebook
  • Christine Ann Sands (Seriously, I’m not making this up.)
  • Bronwyn Llewellyn (Yep, two of them have actually claimed that.)
  • Charlotte Ward (OK, that’s enough now!)

And if that weren’t enough varitey, here’s a list of my alleged jobs:

  • MI5 agent
  • MI6 agent
  • Special branch agent
  • Mossad agent
  • KGB agent
  • Police officer
  • Mail journalist
  • Telegraph journalist
  • Ham & High journalist
  • BBC journalist
  • Christ Church teacher
  • Ricky Dearman’s PR agent
  • Videographer
  • IT technician
  • Professional hacker
  • Tavistock employee

With all that multi-tasking, it’s amazing I find time to flit between so many places. Yet these are my “proven” locations:

  • Embsay
  • Skipton
  • Rochester
  • Snodland
  • Aberdeen
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • South London
  • East London
  • Hampstead
  • Bradford
  • Enfield
  • Leeds
  • Southampton
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop there, as all that multi-tasking has left me absolutely knackered and I need a break. Later, peeps 🙂



16 thoughts on “Another completely sane, rational and level-headed Hoaxteader strikes

  1. You’re truly a woman of mystery, Scarlet! I suppose it’s flattering that they believe you capable of being everyone, at all times, everywhere.

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  2. Their world must BE INCREDIBLY SMALL!!! believing that just one person can fulfill all those personas and jobs etc….SAD LITTLE PEOPLE they really are!!!

    Cowardly little bastards too, threaten and abuse people behind the safety of their computers.

    Scarlet hun, perhaps being Mary Poppins might help you too, she has a wonderful bag that is bottomless….what with all the travelling you do, pack more stuff !!

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  3. Let me get this straight, Scarlet. This wanker calls himself a mule-molester, launches an unprovoked attack on you and calls you a freak, a kiddy-diddler and a dog-fucker, a slag and a crack baby…yet you’re the “nasty” one? Wow.


  4. Pssst! You didn’t hear this from me, guys, ok:

    Muley Mulester = SuperEarther = Scott Pattinson


  5. Oh dear what a nasty individual and what a warped mind…sad, he is probably a frustrated paedophile.

    Obviously watches some really sick stuff

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    • And here is Scott Pattinson (form an orderly queue, ladies):

      We’ve done a little digging on this guy and it turns out that during the Hollie Greig hoax, he harassed a very nice lady who was trying to expose the scam. He was extremely abusive to her (online, of course) and even issued several threats of violence. But then the lady herself confronted him at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and according to several independent witnesses, he “absolutely shat himself”. It’s hard to put into words just how satisfying it is to hear that, isn’t it.

      For several months now, this guy has been harassing several of our team in a similar fashion. For fun, many of us have called his bluff and offered to meet with him but unfortunately, he has consistently declined.

      Scott is also a racist and a homophobe and amusingly, he claims (à la Deborah Mahmoudieh) to be an expert on EU law. After pressing him relentlessly to provide a link to cite which law he was referring to (in his attempts to back up some very bizarre claims), he responded with, “EU law, section 26.” In other words, there’s just one EU law, apparently, and his response was in no way the most pathetic attempt at a bluff ever 🙂

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      • From the same journalism school as our Ange, who doesn’t understand first rule of reporting ‘alleged’ crimes is to refer to them as ‘alleged’. They’d both land their proprietors with hefty damages if they ever worked in journalism. Grrr. Where is the factory that keeps on making these idiots?.

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  7. Wonder if the Wildlife Trust know what a ‘fowl’ mouthed jerk they have representing them??

    What a disgusting mouth…. I might just drop them a line and show them what a disgusting person they have working freelance for them.? I am outraged!!

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