Everybody loves Bronny!

It seems that those of us who oppose the Hoaxtead promoters aren’t the only ones who feel a deep and abiding love for Bronwyn ‘Humpty’ Llewellyn. Turns out that wherever she lumbers about, Bronhilda just has a gift for making friends.

BREAKING: Bronny switches teams!

In a move that some are calling shocking (others are just standing there gape-mouthed, incapable of coherent speech, and one person had to be hospitalised for shock), long-time Hoaxtead hawker Bronwyn ‘Dumpty’ Llewellyn has decided to switch sides and join the Hoaxtead Research team.

More Bronny brilliance!

Yesterday we shared Bronwynn ‘Numpty’ Llewellyn’s fascinating insights into how Abrella’s disgusting blog got taken down. According to her, it were RD wot dun it. Because of course it was.