BREAKING: Bronny switches teams!

In a move that some are calling shocking (others are just standing there gape-mouthed, incapable of coherent speech, and one person had to be hospitalised for shock), long-time Hoaxtead hawker Bronwyn ‘Dumpty’ Llewellyn has decided to switch sides and join the Hoaxtead Research team.

The switcheroo occurred last evening, and was announced on Twitter, when Bronny posted her daily online newsletter…featuring this blog’s headline about Drifloud and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Bronwyn-switches sides-2016-02-01

In an emergency summit, Hoaxtead Research team members met to put together a suitable response to this…how shall we say? Unexpected? turn of events.

A few moments ago, a team spokesperson emerged from the locked room, holding up a single black marble. Slowly, all the other members followed, black marbles in hand. Looks like that vote was unanimous.

Sorry, Bronny, but we wouldn’t take you on a bet.



17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bronny switches teams!

  1. What-ho, chaps! Allow me to offer a mature insight into this international incident…

    Humpty Dumpty sat on her blog
    Pointlessly writing the odd monologue
    But nobody listened
    Or answered her calls
    All she got for her efforts? A pair of black balls!

    OK, carry on, team. Tootles πŸ˜€

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  2. Fagash is off again. I think she’s uncovered evidence that Doctor Who is a paedo or something. Yawnο»Ώ

    It’s an old interview that she’s re-uploaded, complete with stunning shots of her curtains (from 2:09 onwards). The customary Hampstead ramble (mostly verbal violins for Sabine) starts at 27:15.

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    • What a lot of F words Ange is using.

      At the mention of Danielle and Lou Collins, i had to give up.

      Think Ange sounds a bit pissed…

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      • In fairness, Jake, you don’t have to listen. But admit it – you can’t help it. It’s like a car crash or a builder’s bum-crack – as hard as you try to resist, you just have to look. But don’t worry, we’re all fruitloop addicts here. We’ve all succumbed to the irresistible draw of the conspiraloon. You’re among friends now.

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        • LOL! Yeah, I have the same problem with Angie’s buddy, Nina.. and with Debs Mahdmoodyeah..
          Don’t want to listen, let out a weary sigh when I press ‘play’ but it’s got to be done.. sigh.

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  3. A while back she had my blog all over it, i thought it was a cynical move, so that i could auto retweet her, but i’m not sure how paperli works, so is this just an auto thing ? tho maybe she just doesn’t like abe ? maybe she wishes she could switch sides, ? I can’t think too long about this, but my black ball is going in the bag,, too πŸ™‚

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    • You’re right, Sheva– is an automatic news compiler. You just plug in the hashtags that interest you, and it picks things up from your newsfeed on Twitter. You’re supposed to watch over it so it doesn’t wind up ‘grabbing’ stuff you don’t want to publish, but Bronny is both lazy and stupid, so she just leaves it to do its thing…with the result that she wound up publicising our Drifloud post, and your posts before that.

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