Meet Scott Pattinson

…AKA SuperEarther, AKA Muley Mulester

And here he is, the keyboard warrior himself (form an orderly queue, ladies):

John Pattinson

We’ve done a little digging on this guy and it turns out that during the Hollie Greig hoax, he harassed a very nice lady who was trying to expose the scam. For many weeks he was extremely abusive to her (online, of course) and even issued several threats of violence. But then the lady herself confronted him at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and according to several independent witnesses, he “absolutely shat himself”. It’s hard to put into words just how satisfying it is to hear that, isn’t it.

For several months now, this guy has been harassing several members of our team in a similar fashion. For fun, many of us have called his bluff and offered to meet with him but unfortunately, he has consistently declined.

Scott is also a racist and a homophobe and amusingly, he claims (à la Deborah Mahmoudieh) to be an expert on EU law. After pressing him relentlessly to provide a link to cite which law he was referring to (in his attempts to back up some very bizarre claims), he responded with, “EU law, section 26.” In other words, there’s just one EU law, apparently, and his response was in no way the most pathetic attempt at a bluff ever 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Meet Scott Pattinson

  1. Oh deary me….he is not the full shilling is he… pillowcase short of a duvet set.

    I have seen much of his writing on youtube…they guy is a whackjob and should not be allowed to use the internet.

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  2. Apparently, Scott works at McDonald’s. Hey, it’s the perfect career for him! His ambition in life is to get all 5 stars on his badge and get promoted to chief baby-fryer.


  3. I have seen him on a few videos with some other weird people shouting and bawling, what is it with these idiots???

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