The Freaky Mind of a Hoaxteader

Believe it or not, this is not edited in anyway. He (Erol) actually said this. And Sabine was happy to approve it on her blog (arguably in breach of her bail conditions). He’s like a perverse combo of Alan Wrightson, Barmy Bronwyn Llewellyn and Drifloud…




Resisting Provocations in online Campaigning while Remaining Positive


And here are some snippets from Erol’s blog (again, I’m not making this shit up!):

I sent the Following E-mail to “Every” Police-farce in England, including Major & Local Newspapers, plus, so-called Human-Rights lawyers & Who’s E-mail addresses I’ve added Below It ….

To Help You Fully Wake+Up; Simply Feast Your Eyes on the “Events” which take Place, on Set-dates of the following Calendar …. Which inbred Euro-Trash & equally Rabid Detritus; Shat-out of Every Other Country, since the Dawn of Civilisation; “Carry-out” These precise acts of Evil & “Crave” Being Able to go Larger, for Their “Rush” of Neuro-Chemicals & the Buzz They get, in the Megalomaniacs’ other-wise “Meaningless” Hollow life, which “They” ruined for Themselves alone ….

Read & then Reread the following “until” You Wake the fuck Up, I’m “Selflessly” Trying to “Save” the Human Children, of Your Tribe, from the Savage Lunatics & Lunatits Who’ve been “Employed;” by a Back-door Invading Tribe of Scum; Who are “slowly-but-surely” intent on Finishing You off, to Ensure Their “Supply” of Children, for Their primordial-practices ….

I “repeat,” Open Your Mind & Realise that I’m Prepared to take a Live fMRI Brain-scan to “Prove” that I have a “Human,” rather than a Psycho-pathic Brain, which means I “Couldn’t” Con a Lie-detector Test, like They “can” ….

ie Due-to Feelings I have in My Body, which They “don’t” Have “&” I’m HAPPY for You to slow-down My Facial “Tells” to 1/2000th of a Second, where You can Double-check that I’m not lying, which “Tells” give-away, “even-if” the Person lying is a Megalomaniacal Psycho-path ….

ie Despite that, “Experienced” Humans Who Recognise that They’re Witnessing a Magical-Thinking “Bully,” hiding in plain view, They Quickly run & get a Hammer & then whilst the 3 Year old Semi-Simian Girl, in the Wrong Body, Waddles away, the panting Coward Promptly is turned around & Recieves a Hammer through the Head & is “Killed,” regularly, Every Day, All Day Long ….

In 2nd Place, Unitards are Killed by a Baseball bat, for the “exact-same” Reason, due to the Filthy degenerate Beast believing it can Magically Transfer it’s homo-cidal ideation into The Innocent Human Sex-Object & satiate it’s Carnal “Lust” & delude itself it’s got a Magical Power, until it’s Predominately Hollow Skull is Hit like a Baseball & Cracks open like an Egg & shits it’s pants, as it lays dying on the Side-walk ….

In 3rd Place They’re Shot straight through the face, Every Day, As Regular as Clock-work & then Stabbed to Death, in that Order …. Every Day …. All Day …. That’s not Including the Unreported cases …. BECAUSE …. Unitards are as THICK as SHITE, ie They’re ALL or NOTHING …. In other words, When The evil Dunce is Targeting You, Their limited Mental resources “can’t” Maintain ANY Concept of “Themselves” simultaneously ….

Which is “Why” the Invading Tribe of Neanderthal Girls, in Human Adult Form, calling Themselves Ashkenazi Jews, “Groomed” You to “Stop” Executing Shite like that, from Your Own Tribe, so “They” could Blend-in & Their “matching” hate-consumed, Emotionally-incontinent, Self-propelled-Arseholes, could be Used as a Weaponised-extension of the imaginary-Satan-worshipping Moron’s evil intent ….

And there you have it, folks. That’s the kind of mindset we’re dealing with (and which is, apparently, fully supported by Sabine). Hey, what was that? Something just flew out of my window…Oh yeah, there it goes – my faith in humanity.



44 thoughts on “The Freaky Mind of a Hoaxteader

    • you would think with that much power they could control Google & the internet as well. Amazing that they think the internet is the only entity not controlled by the Shape Shifting Lizards,

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      • OOps sorry that was to truth1now, thought he’d posted directly onto here. Don’t reckon he’s got the cajhunas to do that though.

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    • A similar dystopian vision permeates much of Phil Dick’s works, sometimes also linking to the early Christian era, such as in “VALIS”. Themes repeated again in the Matrix movies of course. The heroic, but tiny, minority whose “eyes have been opened” to “the true nature of reality”. It’s an ultimate false bravado, BS scenario that allows ultimate losers to fantasize that they have some importance in our society. But they don’t. They are self-deluded and/or psychotic nobodies.

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  1. I see, so Lord of The Rings is actually a history book.
    And despite his blanket condemnation of all Christian churches and disbelief in them, he still believes people are going to Hell for Eternity !.
    I used to see a bloke years ago on Oxford Street with a billboard saying all that.
    Far more disturbing though is Sabile’s hearty endorsement of this batshit crazy stuff.

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  2. I wish I knew who her solicitor was. Surely he would freak if he knew she was even posting on the net let alone breaching her bail conditions.
    Perhaps he’s just given up on her.

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  3. Erol’s take on Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.

    as he says frequently on his blog “you can’t make this stuff up”
    I think he’s having a giant lend of us.

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  4. Scarlet – Francis E Dec was indeed a genuine, documented, paranoid schizophrenic. He used to bombard the media of his day, particularly radio talk shows, with carbon-copied typewritten rants. Some DJ found them to be so hilarious that he took to reciting them, straight-faced, in his best broadcast voice. Some were subsequently re-recorded by the Church of the Sub-genius.

    What’s not so funny, however, are the give-away similarities between Mr Dec’s rants and some of the rantings directed at you folk. Believe it or not, the obsessive fear of other races & religions as well as of homosexuals or “sodomites”, these really are indications of schizophrenic psychosis.

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  5. Does “Erol” have “shares” in “quotation” “marks”?

    Keep “up” the “Good+work” “Erol”.

    By the way Erol is quite right to say Sabine attracts trolls, here she is with her new boyfriend:

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  6. I’ve just read Deborah Mahmoudieh’s Facebook page and her letter to the Attorney General. with her bizarre claim that suspects are ‘guilty’ until they prove their innocence (a new concept under British law), written in her capacity as “legal adviser”.
    She links to the High Court injunction and mentions it, thereby admitting she has knowledge of it.
    Clearly a Contempt Of Court and breach of that Injunction which is written in plain language.
    I did not realise that under that Injunction Sabine was ordered to remove all internet posts about this case.
    These two are blatantly breaching an Injunction. Do they know how serious that is or are they really crackpots?

    One problem- Ricky Dearman has such a immense case for defamation against so many people, the resulting damages would mean he would hardly need to work again and the costs would bankrupt those he sued.
    But are they all on social security like Sabine? Suing straw men/women is pretty hopeless. But I do hope Belinda McKenzie’s house is in her name. And that flat in Paris.

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    • I would love to see Dearman and/or the parents and/or the teachers and/or the clergy of Hampstead launch a defamation suit against these idiots. However, I’m informed by those who know about such things that while it’s easy to talk about lawsuits, it’s actually very expensive to actually launch one. And as you say, many of them live on benefits anyway. However, there’s always Belinda’s Bunker….

      Maybe we need to run a GoFundMe campaign? 🙂

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      • I’ve contended this all along, from the very first time I learned about the hoax and how it was presented to the world. Maybe it’s because I currently live in the most litigious society on earth, but if this isn’t the perfect embodiment of gross defamation, libel and slander, I don’t know what possibly could be. It’s been a whopping lawsuit waiting to happen since Day One, with LOADS of unjustly victimized innocent people. I for one would be thrilled to help spread the word / get involved in a GoFundMe effort. Justice and karma are LONG overdue. Plus, doesn’t Bellender have a shit – ton of money anyway, given her many scams over time and her Parisian apartment/property in England (whether recently sold or not?)

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    • Yes, Deborah’s claims about EU law are bizarre, to say the least, and we’ve covered the claim you mention, as well as other aspects of her terminal weirdness, here:

      A number of us asked her to cite the law to which she was referring in that ‘guilty before innocent’ claim, as well as her claim that children have to be believed no matter what, and she was unable too. In fact, oddly, she linked us to a paragraph which said the complete opposite, i.e. that there are provisions designed to stop people being wrongly accused of child abuse.

      Very strange woman.

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      • There were allegations that the money went to a terrorist organisation. These were never substantiated. Mainly because no paperwork was available to show where the money went. All the money, every single penny, was transferred to one person. The money was unaccounted for after that.

        The odd thing is, persecution of orphans whose parents opposed the current regime is not something I’ve ever heard of being a particular anti opposition tactic of the Iranian authorities. And the Iranian authorities get up to a lot of awful stuff. Lots of people fled Iran in the revolution anyway, or were abroad and didn’t go back. Lots more left in the years since. And I like reading legal cases ALOT. No mention in asylum country guidance where country experts get to present evidence and lengthy papers to the court to establish the plight of Iranians, nothing. Never seen it being raised in an appeal against refusal of refugee status. The FCO was not aware of the charity operating in Iran, neither were other charities. I know quite a few Iranians too. This sort of thing, sins of the long dead father following a child, isn’t exactly the norm. The regime is both worse in some ways, and better in other ways than most people think. It is even nominally a democracy of sorts. I’ve not seen it mentioned in cases in Canada or Australia. People may actually flee when the whole family falls under suspicion because of the supposed anti regime actions of one member. I’ve never heard of that happening due to someone long dead.

        The other odd thing is Belinda claims to have remortgaged her house to cover the charity’s outgoings, but the charity actually still exists and has no where near the income it did. But Belinda claims to get money to cover the mortgage repayments. Where on earth is this money coming from? It was £75million the charity raised all in all. One of the ex Iran Aid people is with the new charity too.

        I wonder what Belinda’s husband’s name is?

        I don’t know how someone can say with a straight face that the money didn’t go to a terrorist organisation when it cannot be accounted for. Even when the inquiry heard from the charity about how much they could account for, they said 10% couldn’t be accounted for. In addition, lost records can be recreated by getting duplicates. They didn’t and I don’t think they wanted to.

        I just wonder at the people who take her at face value. There’s a lot more going on there. And I don’t mean secret squirrel stuff.

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        • Belinda McKenzie is a shady personality the more I learn about her, I am hoping that she will be nailed either by police or by civil legal actions, and will be disappointed if she yet again gets away with it.

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        • I’m going to ask a British – Iranian friend of mine ( who has an important position with a well-known, highly respected human rights organization (as opposed to Bellender’s) if she knows anything about the story behind this particular ”charity”. She’s one of the smartest, most honest people I know (and even has an O.B.E., so is a part of the diabolical ‘establishment’ !) It would shock me if she were unfamiliar with B’s Iranian scam. So much of Tracey ‘ s post rings true…I also grew up with many exiled Iranians, have done loads of legal asylum work, and the whole thing just sounds ‘off’. At least in the event of a lawsuit, the recipient of the funds would have to be identified during the discovery phase of the process, right?

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