‘Pure Hatred’: The Backlash


Well well well, it seems that MK’s video Hatred Now has caused a little bit of a stir! Excellent work, MK. Controversy is the Holy Grail of all great filmmakers, as celebrated agents provocateurs from Chris Morris to Ted Browning would testify.

More often than not, it’s ultra-right wing conservative Christian groups who tend to whinge and shout about these things – the kind of people who believe rock music should be banned because it’s the music of the Devil and who give genuine Christians a bad name – and this case is no exception. It’s Life of Brian all over again 🙂

First, here is Mk’s crystal clear disclaimer, posted in the video descriptions of his/her last two videos:


So far, the video has caused angry reactions from Hoaxtead fruitcakes including Barbra Collier, John Cantor, Truth1Now, Union666666, Belinda McKenzie, Charlotte Ward and Sabine McNeill. Union666666, who has previously issued Scarlet with death threats, has now also resorted to threatening to kill MK (and all of us too, I think).:


John Cantor and Truth1Now have also both previously issued borderline/ambiguous/actual death threats to several members of our team. Here is just a handful of examples:




And of course, McNeill, Ward and McKenzie are two of the main instigators of the death threats which have frequently been levelled against the Hampstead community.

So with that in mind, care to hazard a guess as to what these people’s main objection to the video is? Yep: the alleged death threat! You couldn’t make it up, could you?! With not even a hint of irony, they’re objecting to the (non-existent – see disclaimer) death threat!

They also appear incapable of reading a simple disclaimer or understanding the concepts of hypocrisy or indeed artistic licence. They are, however, clearly capable of twisting facts to suit their own agendas. Oh wait – we knew that already, didn’t we. In fact, that’s how Hoaxtead – and several other SRA scams – began in the first place.

Anyway, here’s the rather amusing Sabine/Truth1Now thread. Don’t ask us what all that “Satanic Hollywood” and “Bohemian Grove” bollocks is about. Typically paranoid troofer rantings, I guess. But isn’t it fun to watch Sabine et al running around like headless chickens:



And here are two of Truth1Now’s previous hissy fits. The promise of “certain death and destruction” is particularly telling:


So no hypocrisy there, then 🙂

I think that at this juncture it would be highly inappropriate and irresponsible of us to re-post a link to said video.

So here it is:




3 thoughts on “‘Pure Hatred’: The Backlash

  1. The video has a good message for those witchfinders that they are on notice that their actions are never forgotten and they will be challenged at every opportunity. Death threats and other such noise are the actions of impotent people with no teeth. The video is in my opinion a great piece of art as well as its more serious message.

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    • Totally agree. The video is brilliant on a number of levels, and its message clearly eluded the high-doltage Hoaxtead hucksters. Regarding death threats, the poorly – written messages up there appear to have been written by Americans based on style, but I could be wrong. These are all vapid rants as far as I’m concerned. Then again, since I’m temporarily in the Bible Belt (where some of these mouthbreathers likely reside) taking care of my mother, maybe I should head over to Gunz-R -Us and git me a raffle !

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