Gerrish friends with convicted child abuser


Thanks to an anonymous source who sent us this info’, uncovered whilst having a wee Facebook rummage.

First, the context. I’m sure you’ll all have heard about the Norwich paedophile ring case in the news this week:

Norfolk child sex abuse case: Marie Black guilty…

…Carol Stadler, 60, from Atkinson Close, Bowthorpe, Norwich, was found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm but cleared of nine other charges, including serious sexual assaults….

Brian Gerrish, of course, is a UK Column “presenter”, mouthpiece of the alternative media movement and a vociferous – if somewhat misguided and credulous – campaigner against child abuse. He has been instrumental in perpetuating the Hampstead SRA hoax.

One of Gerrish’s Facebook friends is Carol Stadler, a woman who was linked to the Norfolk paedophile ring. As outlined in the excerpt above, she’s been cleared of a number of child sex abuse charges but found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm. Just to reiterate, she is a Facebook friend of Brian Gerrish:



Of course, it would be unfair and unreasonable to draw kneejerk conclusions from this friendship. However, as Gerrish himself would (somewhat hypocritically) put it, it’s important to get all the facts out there.


Gerrish: friends with child abuser Stadler

7 thoughts on “Gerrish friends with convicted child abuser

  1. Interesting that one of Carol Stadler’s Facebook friends is John Hemming MP of Justice for Families.

    Angie’s take on this on Facebook is that Norfolk is an ‘outpost of Hampstead’. :O


  2. It becomes clear that most of the perpetrators of the Hoax are not so much against child abuse as against the family courts and their decisions.


  3. Indeed!

    One of our regulars sent us this:

    Naturally, Sabine was too much of a coward to approve it but it’s nice to know she saw it 😀


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