Savage Cross-Examined

This is the latest bizarre video from Ham Info:


Here, we see that “retired Police sergeant” Ray Savage is once again being wheeled out as “proof” that the children were abused by baby-munching Satanists. (Before the Hampstead Research blog was hilariously banned, it had actually referred to Savage’s words as “conclusive proof”.)

This is what Savage says:

“As a Police officer of twenty years, I had the opportunity of actually sitting with the mother, in this case for for three hours. I can absolutely tell you, in my experience of interrogation over a twenty-year period as a former detective sergeant, she [Ella] was speaking a hundred and ten per cent truth. I know there’s been no investigation. There’s been no proper Police statement taken from this woman, because of the way she’s been harassed.”

Oops! There are a number of snags here:

  • Abe and Ella have recorded pretty much every little conversation and interview they’ve had with anyone, from breakfast chinwags with Jean Clement to Grandma Draper yelling at the Police, and uploaded them all. Yet strangely, this alleged three-hour conversation – this “conclusive proof” – was never recorded. Seriously? Why not?

  • Despite the absence of a recording and despite Savage apparently being a former member of the very organisation that Hoaxteaders have consistently claimed cannot be trusted, they have accepted his word wholesale, without robust checks or cross-examination. There appears to be a default position here: when someone connected with the authorities says something the Hoaxteaders don’t like, s/he must be a member of the “satanic cult” that has infiltrated public bodies left, right and centre. However, when someone – a retired Police sergeant, for example – says something that supports their cause, that’s accepted as “conclusive proof” without question.

  • When did this alleged interview take place? As several members of our team have pointed out, Ella is on record as saying that she wasn’t giving interviews around this time. Moreover, by the time Savage decided to announce their wee chatette to the World, Ella had long fled the country.

  • OK, let’s suppose that this interview did take place. So what? What exactly is it “proof” of? What exactly was Ella supposedly not lying about? That she believed the children’s claims? Yeah? And…? She herself said she never witnessed any of the abuse, so it can’t be proof of that. Some clarification is needed here.

  • How exactly can Savage state categorically that Ella was telling the truth? As many (including the Police, the press and Mrs. Justice Pauffley) have said/implied, Ella is a very very good liar – and a liar who’s determined to cover for her child-abusing partner Abraham Christie.

  • Police statements were taken from Ella Draper. Here’s a detailed report of them (uploaded by Hoaxtead has-beens Sabine McNeill and Charlotte Ward) :

  • A full investigation was carried out. The countless hours of illegally uploaded Police interview videos and the court hearing report appear to have passed Mr. Savage by. Strange, as the rest of the Hoaxtead Fruitcake Brigade haven’t stopped banging on about them for several months! Maybe Ray was too busy playing with his dowsing rods to notice.

  • So what of Ray Savage’s credibility? Is he a reliable witness in whom we can place our trust? Well, this clip should clear that up for you:

At 1:06:35 in this interview, Savage proudly announces that his prime investigative method is “the ancient art of water dowsing” and offers us a summary of his “readings” as proof of a number of alleged child abusers’ guilt. Nuff said?

Incidentally, several of the points/questions above were previously raised with a number of Hoaxteaders. Answers, however, came there none. As Hoaxtead has-been Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward would have said (and did say on many occasions):

“Their silence has been deafening and is a sure sign of guilt.”

For once, Charlie, we’re in agreement.


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6 thoughts on “Savage Cross-Examined

  1. Excellent post. Unfortunately far too comprehensive and concise for the obsessed Hampstead supporters. It will go straight over their heads like any other piece of well substantiated material presented in the easiest way for them to grasp. Why has Savage become involved in this case? What is his agenda?

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  2. To think that the Hoaxteaders use this guy as their star ‘witness’ when he is clearly a joke. Who on earth would really believe that dowsing rods can somehow determine someones guilt or innocense?

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