‘Forensic linguist’ or fortune-teller? Another Hoaxtead ‘expert’ debunked

It was brought to our attention this morning that the much-touted ‘forensic linguistics expert’ who Charlotte Ward and others have claimed will destroy the credibility of the Hoaxtead children’s retraction to the police is, in fact, merely a student…and that interested parties currently have only a day remaining in which to comment on the paper he plans to present at a conference in Germany.

Popoola, Olu Essien-Tracey commentA bit of poking around on Google took us to Mr Popoola’s Tumblr blog, where he describes himself thus:

Popoola-Olu Essien-BioSo…an ex-advertising professional whose spiritual journey led him to a new career in numerology and tarot readings. Hmm.

Here’s some of what he says about himself on another section of his Tumblr blog:

I’m a teacher, DJ and pop-up art gallery director. I trained my clairvoyance sense myself because I was interested. I got into tarot and numerology and I went in so deep that for a time I was gambling heavily on sport – and winning!

After the streak came to an abrupt end, I realised that I couldn’t use clairvoyance for such purposes. The best thing I could do was coach and teach people. So Now I do readings, seminars and courses training people to use clairvoyance in their lives.

And hey, if you’re interested in a tarot or numerology reading, here’s a handy price list, with contact info’:

Popoola-Olu Essien-fortunetelling rates

This is starting to remind us of another so-called ‘professional witness’ that the Hoaxteaders dredged up: remember Ray Savage, the alleged ex-cop who uses the time-honoured criminal investigation technique of dowsing rods to determine the guilt or innocence of suspects?

Not to mention Penny Pullen, the pendulum-dowsing ex-schoolteacher, who apparently advises Neelu…but we digress.

We wondered whether Mr Popoola had any prior connection to the Hampstead case, which might possibly create bias in his work. We found it:

Popoola, Olu Essien-TwitterAnd how.

So Mr Popoola is apparently good buddies with Angela Fag-ash Power-Disney, and friendly enough with the notorious liars and criminals at Hampstead Research to be involved in one of their infamous videos?


We’ll leave it to you to determine the academic objectivity of Mr Popoola’s latest work. From where we sit, though, we can detect a strong odour of bullshit.

Popoola-Olu Essien-Twitter

20 thoughts on “‘Forensic linguist’ or fortune-teller? Another Hoaxtead ‘expert’ debunked

  1. LOL ‘After the streak came to an abrupt end, I realised that I couldn’t use clairvoyance for such purposes.’ Read: ‘After I lost a fortune…..’

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  2. Yet another “New Age” freak for Abe and Ella to latch on to!
    Lol… the Hoaxtead lot are full of them, good for a chuckle sometimes 🙂

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  3. It was always odd that this claimed expert didn’t give information that would show why they should be regarded as an expert, unlike the ex police officer who looked at the CRIS information.

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    • I read his paper and it’s bizarre rubbish posing as a ‘serious’ paper. You cannot use previous sources to make the claim other events are real or not real. It would be like authoring a paper about a murder conviction and citing previous murder cases where most of the murderers had brown hair therefore the fact a blond was convicted, that should raise doubts about the current case.
      Anyone can be a student of course and not all students understand what they are being taught but is this Popoola really a lecturer? . I think we should be told.

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  5. Fantastic piece! Great work, folks.

    Utterly unqualified to assess the veracity of children’s statements. And why would he need to bother, anyway, being clairvoyant….wouldn’t that mean he could instantly – magically – know the truth about anything without all the bother of “assessing” anything? What a clown.

    A story in The Mail reminded me that there have always been counterculture/ new age/ vegan/ marijuana advocate loonies who stalk & harass people they perceive to be “witches” or “satanists”. And sometimes, much more. I don’t really want to publicize this story, but it should serve as a reminder to your police contacts that these loons need to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY:


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